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unit5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero

Unit 5 Nelson Mandela

-a modern hero


Albert Einstein

Sun zhongshan


Marie Curie

What qualities does a great person have?
hard-working generous reliable honest
easy-going friendly determined wise






Elias’s Story

My name is Elias. I am a poor black worker in South Africa. T he time when I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult p eriod of my life. I was twelve years old. It was in 1952 and Ma ndela was the black lawyer to whom I went for advice. He offe red guidance to poor black people on their legal problems. He was generous with his time, for which I was grateful. I needed his help because I had very little education. I bega n school at six. The school where I studied for only two years was three kilometers away. I had to leave because my family c ould not continue to pay the school fees and the bus fare. I co uld not read or write well. After trying hard, I got a job in a gold mine. However, this was a time when one had got to have a p assbook to live in Johannesburg. Sadly I did not have it becau se I was not born there, and I worried about whether I would b ecome out of work

Q1.What did Mandela do when Elias met him in 1952?

He was a black lawyer and offered legal guidance to poor black people. F Because his family couldn't afford the school fees and bus fare.

Q2.Why did Elias have to leave school?

Q3.Why was Elias not allowed to live in Johannesburg?

Because he did not have a passbook.

短语: 1,advice 忠告, 劝告; 建议 advise + n. advise sb. to do advise doing advise + that sb ( should ) + do 2,offer sth to so 为某人提供某物 offer sb sth 3,be generous with 对…慷慨,大方 4,continue with 继续做 continue to do 继续做某事 continue dong 一直做(同一件事) 5, worry about 担忧 6, out of work 失业 句型: 1. This was a time when...这是一个...... 的时期

1 I advised _____ until the right time but they wouldn’t listen . A. to wait B. waiting C. waited D. on wait 2. Everybody likes to get along with someone who is gener ous _____ his money and dislikes ____with someone wh o is mean with it. A. with; to get along B. for; getting C. with; getting D. to; to get along 3.

A(n)_______ of 10,000 dollars was _____ to anyone who coul d provide any clues leading to the catch of the criminals who tri ed to murder the president. A. award; offered B. reward; given C. prize; provided D. reward; offered

1,Read the rest of Elias story on P38 2,Thinking who is your own hero and writing a composition with 200 words


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