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修改版Book 5 Unit2 大课文教学案

高二英语第五模块第二单元课文教学案 制作人:邵瑞 审核人:李洪燕 使用时间:2014-9-23


Do a quiz and find out how much you know about the UK. (见课本 P9 warming up)


一、检查反馈,导入新课。 Dictation of the new words. 二、目标定位,确定重点。
1. 通过阅读了解英国的历史和地理位置,国家构成及名胜古迹。 2. 掌握文中出现的语言知识点。

I. Careful reading Task 1. Read the text quickly and find the main idea of each paragraph Para 1 Para 2 Para 3 Para 4 Para 5&6 Something about the greatest historical city ----London. How Great Britain and the United Kingdom came into being. The relationship among the four countries (similarities and differences) Why people use different words to describe the four countries. Something about the largest and most important country ---- England.

Task 2. Read the passage and judge the following statements true or false. 1) Wales was linked to England in 15th century AD. ( ) 2) When King James of England became King of Scotland and Wales as well, the three countries united peacefully. ( ) 3) The four countries work together in all areas.
高二英语 学案

( )
1 (二级部)

4) Most of the population settled in the South, but most of the large industrial cities in the Midlands and North of England ( )

5) If you want to find out more about British history and culture, you have to go to the big cities. ( )

Task 3. Summary The full name of England is the _____ ________ of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It consists of four parts, they are __________, __________, _______ and ________________, people always think ______ is a part of England. The flag of the UK is called the ______ _____. The four countries have different ___________ and ____ _______ as well as different _______ ______. _______ is the largest of the four countries and it is _______ ___ three parts. Most of the people settled in the ______, but most of the large industrial cities in the _________ and the ______. The capital of the UK is ________, it has many great places of interest. II. Language Points Task 1 : Phrases. 1) 被用来做。 。 。 2) 用…联系起来 3) 提到;涉及 4) 加入…;和…联合起来 5) 和平地;无冲突地 6)脱离;挣脱 7)值得赞扬的是 8)共同合作 9)也,又 10)为了方便 11)被划分成 12)作为…而出名 13)定居 14)像…一样大 15)很遗憾 16)找出,查明 17)查看,参观 18)密切注意,留心观察 Task 2: Long and difficult sentences: 1. To their credit the four countries do work together in some areas …… ________________________________________________________________ 强调结构指在句子当中 ,有时为了突出句子的某些成分以加强语气 , 增强情感色彩或加 强对比 ,需要改变句子结构 , 这种结构叫做强调结构 . ① Do(does/did)+ 动词原形表强调 在一般句型中,do(does, did)常用来强调谓语动词的语气,在句中要重读,且需符合下列两个 条件: 1 句子是肯定句; 2 句子中的谓语动词是一般现在时或一般过去时。 此时的 do 可译为“真 的”、“果真”、“的确”、“确实”等。 例如: You do look nice today. 杰克说过他回来,并且他真的来了
高二英语 学案 2 (二级部)

② “It is/was+ 被强调成分 +that(who)+ 句子其他成分 ” 结构表强调除了谓语以外的部 分。 试着对下面的句子进行各种成分的强调 : Eg: ① The teacher will go to ② the library ③ this morning.

2. You must keep your eyes open if you are going to make your trip to the United Kingdom enjoyable and worthwhile. ( 翻译 ) 使役动词是表示使、 令、 让、 帮、 叫等意义的动词,主要有 leave. get. keep. make(使,令), let(让), help(帮助), have(叫)等。其复合结构中宾补的构成有① 带/不带 to 的不定式(短语)② 现在分 词(短语)③ 过去分词④ 形容词⑤ 介词短语或副词名词(词组) eg:用单词的正确形式填空 What let you your idea?(change) He went off and left Tom alone in the room.(sit) There was so much noise that the speaker couldn't make himself .(hear)

四、尝试演练,合作解疑。 1.The Union Jack flag unites the three flags of the three countries in the United Kingdom.
Which country is left out? And why? (p2)

2.Look at the language, the writing style of this passage. Is it formal or informal? Is it a personal opinion or presented factually? ________________________________________________________________

五、当堂检测,拓展延伸。 同步练习册 六、课堂小结,布置作业。 Summary 部分,复述文章。

——课后巩固案—— 1.—Shall we have a talk with her and try to persuade her not to see a movie tonight? —There is no in talking to her. She never listens. A. good B. value C. point D. worth 2.It was with the help of the local guide ______ the mountain climber was rescued.
高二英语 学案 3 (二级部)

A. who


C. when

D. how

3. The old couple often take a walk after supper in the park with their pet dog ____ them. A. to follow B. following C. followed D. follows

4. Alexander tried to get his work _______ in the medical circles. A. to recognize C. recognize B. recognizing D. recognized

5. When we saw the road ______ with snow, we decided to spend the holiday at home. A. block block C. blocking D.blocked

6. Mrs.White showed her students some old maps ______ from the library. A. to borrow B. to be borrowed C. borrowed D. borrowing

高二英语 学案

4 (二级部)


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