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The architecture of Greece

The architecture of Greece

Ancient Greek architecture
? The sourse of western architecture ? Classification of the architecture ? The three orders of the beams ? The main architecture of Greece:

? Ancientry(古风时期) 古风时期) 古风时期 古典时期) ? Classicality(古典时期) 古典时期 ? Hellenization(希腊化时期) 希腊化时期) 希腊化时期

? Her hair is snakesand it is too big,she was running and there were two lying leopards. ? 飞行着的蛇发女怪梅 杜萨,她的头很大, 身姿呈屈膝奔跑的样 子,在她的两侧有两 只对称躺着的豹。

Parthenon Temple
? Parthenon Temple is located in the centre of Athens Acropolis. It is around 46 marble beams. ? 帕特农神庙坐落于雅 典卫城, 典卫城,有46 根大理 石石柱环绕着它。 石石柱环绕着它。

The main acheivement of this period is sculpture.

Corinthian order(科斯林柱头) 科斯林柱头) 科斯林柱头 Doric order(多利克柱头) 多利克柱头) 多利克柱头 Ionic order(爱奥尼亚柱头 爱奥尼亚柱头) 爱奥尼亚柱头

Corinthian Order 科林斯式柱头

Ionic Order

爱奥尼亚式柱头,又称“ 爱奥尼亚式柱头,又称“女性柱

伊瑞克提翁神庙(Erechtheion ) 伊瑞克提翁神庙

Doric Order
多立克式柱头,又称“男性柱” 多立克式柱头,又称“男性柱”

The ruins of zeus temple

Parthenon Temple

雅典娜胜利女神庙 Temple of Athena Nike

伊瑞克提翁神庙 Erechtheion

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