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The author, a 20-year-old lady, took her own experience as an example to show that today too much care is paid to the Chinese children by their parents, even when they have alrea

dy grown up.

2. The author feels unhappy at first because her mother kept calling her. But later when she found so many middleaged parents to be busy doing everything
for their children, she understand her mother's love.


1)请举一个你或你周围同学得到父母 的过分关爱的事例 This passage is so instructive that after reading it I can't help beginning to think more. It reminds me of how my mother gives me love. As the author describes, my mother loves me so much that she always tries to do everything for me. For example, although my home is not far from school, she always insists on

driving me to school. Whenever I go out to meet my friends at weekends, she will go with me though I feel unhappy. As a result, I become dependent on my mother no matter what I do. I can’t decide anything even if now I am an 18year-old middle school student.

2)谈谈你对此事的看法 Though I know my mother is the only person who loves me most in the world, I think she should find another way to show her love. For one thing, I think such love as my mother gives me is to spoil children, or such love won’t help children grow healthily. For another, too much love is equal to spoil children. If children get too much love, they can’t be independent of their parents. Therefore, I believe that too much love is to spoil children.



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