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导学案 1
第一部分: 【自主预习】

warming up and reading

①You like sports, while I prefer music. (

) ) ) )

②I was reading the book while you were talking to me. ( ③While it is very cold today, we decide to go out for a walk. (

预习自测:在文中找出下列单词、短语、长难句,并进行填空和结合语境理解其含义。 一、 单词 convey v. __________ tease v. ____________

④While a spark of life remains, it is a doctor’s duty to save the patient. ( 【温馨提示】while 引导时间状语从句时,指一段时间,不用来表示时间点; when 引导时间状语从句时,既指时间段,也指时间点。 【达标检测】 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.A steam engine ________ (转换;转化) heat into power.

1. aspect n. ____________ 2. 3. concrete adj. ___________ 4.

5 pattern n. ____________ 6. 7. exchange v. ___________ 8.

underline v. ____________ sponsor n. ____________ vt. ____________ 1

答案:方面;样子;外表 2 传达;运送 3 具体的 4 取笑;招惹;戏弄 5 模式;式样;图案 6 在下面画线;强调 7 交换,交流 8 赞助人;主办者 vt.发起 二词语辨析 1.poem/poetry 2.transform/change 3.appropriate/suitable/fit4. run out/run out of 三重点词组 take it easy 从容, 不紧张, 松懈, 轻松 make up of(多用于被动)构成 try out 试验, 考验, 三、句型: 1.Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will give the reader a strong impression. Others try to convey certain emotions. let out 发出, 泄露

2.The company's head office is in the city, but it has ________ (分支机构;部门) all over the country. 3.The ambassador personally ________ (传达) the president's message to the premier. 4.Which dress is more ________ (适当的) for the party, this one or that one? 5.She found a company to ________ (资助) her through college. 6.You need to be more ________ (灵活的) and imaginative in your approach. 7.He hanged himself in ________ (悲伤) after his wife died. 8.________ (装载) with heavy goods,the truck ran very slowly. 9.It was a long journey, but we ________ (最后) arrived. 10.She won a ________ (奖学金) to study at Oxford University. 答案:1.transforms 2.branches 3.conveyed 4.appropriate 5.sponsor 6.flexible 7.sorrow

———————————————————————————————— 第二部分: 【教材导读】 Underline the wonderful sentences in the book and fill in the blanks. 1. There are various reasons why people write poetry.\ ◆ the reason that (不用 because)做某事的原因是…。 [即境活用] The reason for his success is ______ he worked very hard. A.why B.that C.because D.for



Ⅱ.选用方框中适当的短语填空 1.Singing is a good way to________our emotions. 2.The book is said to have________many languages. 3.If I were you I would________and go home early. 4.We're________water; please go and fetch some. 5.As we all know, the United States is________50 states. 6.They were________the ship________a lot of furniture. 答案:1.let out 2.been translated into 5.made up of 3.take it easy

2.Some rhyme(like B) while others do not(like C). 【合作探究】 ◆ 阅读下面的句子,体会 while 的含义。

4.running out of

6.loading; with


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