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高中英语 Unit 5《Music》-Vocabulary课件 新人教版必修2

Words and expressions

Listen to the tape and sum up the main idea of each
paragraph. Para 1. _____________________________________ Dream of being a famous musician or singer.

_____________________________________ Para 2. _____________________________________ How musicians form bands. Para 3. _____________________________________ How the Monkees got their start. Para 4. _____________________________________ How the Monkees became serious about the music business.


1. attractive adj. 有吸引力的,引人注意的;使人愉 快的,引起兴趣的 attract v. attraction n. at attractive prices Ex. 1. The goods are ________________________. (价格低廉诱人) has no attraction for me 2. He ________________________. (对我没有 吸引力) attracted my attention 3. Her beauty _________________________. (吸引了我的注意力) attracts steel 4. A magnet _________________. (吸钢铁) 5. The attraction of the city’s bright lights ___________________________________ (城市繁华灯火的吸引) is hard to avoid.

2. match vt. 和……协调,适合,与……搭配; 与……匹敌,势均力敌 match, suit, fit的区别:
match: 多指大小、色调、形状、性质等方面的搭 配。 suit: 多指合乎需要、口味、性格、条件、地位、 款式等。 fit: 多指大小、形状合适。

match 1.I want a tie that will ______ this suit. 2.Do you have any material to _______ this match dress? 3.If the army and the people are united as match one, who in the world can _______ them? suit 4.Does this time ____ you? 5.No fish _____ all tastes. suits fit 6.The coat doesn’t ____ me very well; it’s a bit too small. fits 7.Try the new key and see if it _____ the keyhole.

1. break up

1、分开,分解 2、使结束 (come to an end) 3、使焦虑,痛苦 4、(美)笑破肚皮 5、分开,离开(separate) 6、开始放假

1. The ice will break up when the warm weather comes. 2. The police broke up the fight. 3. He may break up under all this pressure. 4. Her funny story really broke me up. 5. What will happen to the children if Jim and Mary break up? 6. When does your school break up?

break away break down break in break off break out


突然结束,中断,解除,打断 突然发生,爆发

break through 突破,突围,冲垮

break into


2. by chance 意外地,偶然地;碰巧 1)他们在飞机上不期而遇。 They met by chance on a plane. 2)我意外地发现了那件珠宝。 I found the jewel by chance. 3)他碰巧是她哥哥吗? Is he, by chance, her brother?

get a chance give sb. a chance by any chance by some chance chance on/ upon on the chance of

得到机会 给某人一次机会 万一;碰巧 由于偶然的机会 碰巧遇见,偶然发现 怀着……的希望,期望能

sb. chances to do 碰巧…… It chanced that… 碰巧……

We went to the cinema on the chance of seeing Peter there.

I chanced to be out when he called. It chanced that I was out when he called.

3. above all 首先,尤其,最重要的是=most important of all; especially,强调程度。 first of all 首先,第一,强调顺序,相当于at first at first 最初 for the first time 第一次;在句中作时间状语。 the first time 第一次……时,用作连词,引导时间状语 从句。
e.g. 1) He longs above all to see his family again. 2) First of all, let me thank you for your present. 3) At first it was very hot, but then it got cooler. 4) I came to this school for the first time. 5) The first time I came to this school, I didn’t know how to get along with some one else.

4. come true

实现,成真,达到; (不能用于被动)

When I won all that money it was as if all my dreams had come true.

I did not think it would be my hero.
本句为否定转移现象。英语中有些动词,如 think, believe, expect, suppose, guess, imagine ________________________________________等,当它们 后面跟具有否定意义的宾语从句时,通常要把主句的动词 变为否定式,而宾语从句的谓语动词用肯定式。

在反意疑问句中,若主句的主语为第一人称,则反意疑 从句 问部分应与_____中的主语和谓语保持一致。第二人称和 主句 第三人称,则应与____的主语和谓语保持一致。 would it I did not think it would be my hero,________? does he He doesn’t believe I can pass the exam,__________?

think 等的一般疑问句的简略回答是 I think so; I don’t think so/ I think not. 同样,hope, be afraid等,也可说 I hope so, I hope not; I am afraid so. I’m afraid not. 但不能说I don’t hope so 和I’m not afraid so.

Classical music does not have words. It tries to with describe feelings ____(介词)notes and instruments. It is called classical music because it was written ____(介词) a time when there was no country, pop at or rock music. The music had to be very carefully composed to fit a special pattern. Only the cleverest musicians_____________(compose) beautiful music could compose with this pattern. Mozart was one of these special composers. He began to write his own music when he was very young. His father was a musician _______(music) and he encouraged his son to play music. Mozart played so well that he became very famous while he was still a young boy. He always had the most wonderful music in his head. When he grew older he wrote music for operas which told stories in

music. Some people think he is the greatest composer that ______(引导词)has ever lived. Another _______(限定词)very important classical composer was Bach. He was not famous in his lifetime but became very as famous after his_____(名词). He worked ____(介词)the death music master in a small church and had to write new songs to sing every week. He also composed music for people to ________(listen) as they left the church at the listen to end of the service. Some of his music is very mathematical, with different parts that repeat each other in a very peaceful way. All his music was written for God and some of it is very_______ (move). He never became a rich man moving but his music has a special place in classical music.



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