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一、Psychological Problems among Students’ Mind 1. 当今,大学生心理健康问题值得重视; 2. 分析大学生产生心理健康问题的原因(可从同学关系紧张;恋爱遭受挫折; 贫困产生自卑;学习和就业压力等方面加以分析) ; 3. 作为一名大学生,我认为… Psychological Problems of University Students Nowadays, psychological problems are (1) becoming more and more common among university students, severely affecting their academic performance in the campus as well as their social performance in the future. (2)It is high time the schools and the whole society paid their full attention to the psychological health of the university students. (3)There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Some students are tortured by not getting along well with classmates or roommates, (4)more than too often they tend to settle the misunderstandings over violence, or choose to hide their emotions, which always lead to more serious psychological problems. Being frustrated in love can make the students think of extreme ways of ending their misery, taking revenge or committing suicide might happen in that case. Poverty can deprive a student’s confidence,making them feel inferior compared to their peers. And pressure from the study and the job-hunting competition are also contributors to all kinds of psychological problems. As a college student myself, (5) I think we should try to be strong and reasonable enough to face the new challenges in our new life, (6)and I sincerely recommend the schools to offer more psychological instructions. 二、The Prevalence of Western Holidays 1?中国传统节日受到冷遇,西方节日却日益升温; 2?形成这种现象的原因; 3?你对这种现象的态度。 The Prevalence of Western Holidays It is noticeable that western holidays are becoming increasingly popular day by day, while Chinese traditional holidays are being somewhat neglected. Old people often complain that Chinese New Year has lost its real meaning. To their astonishment, young people in China who are ignorant about Chinese traditional holidays are crazy about Christmas or Valentine’s Day. There are several possible reasons for this phenomenon. First, western nations, such as the United States and Britain, are powerful and dominant in every aspect. Everything in these countries is assumed to be superior and adored by some modern young people. Second, the prevalence of English as a world language and the development of globalization enable western culture to prevail in China. Overwhelmed by such a trend, Chinese unconsciously get involved in western culture. Last but not least, some Chinese people have blind faith in foreign things while miss our own possessions with contempt. I am critical of this trend. China boasts a brilliant history and splendid traditions. In modern times, Chinese tradition should be preserved and promoted. But it seems that young people no longer treasure the traditions. On the contrary, they turn to pursue enthusiastically a supposedly more modern culture. If this trend is allowed to continue, the priceless heritage of our ancestors will be replaced by western traditions. Nobody expects such a consequence. So let’s join hand in hand to protect Chinese tradition, especially traditional holidays.


三、On Mobile Phone 1. 现在越来越多的人使用了移动电话:在各种公共场合都可以看到。许多大学生也有了移 动电话。 2. 移动电话得到广泛使用的原因:非常有用的通信工具,举例;流行的产品;价格下降。 3. 但是移动电话也可能成为令人讨厌的东西:举例,考试中。 范文 Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile phones. In the street, on a bus, in a restaurant, actually in every other public places, you can hear someone speaking with a mobile phone. Many college students have bought mobile phones, too. The mobile phone is so popular because of many reasons. First of all, it is a very useful communication tool. When you are out and you need to contact someone urgently, a mobile phone will enable you to do this if there is no telephone box nearby. A beeper is not always sufficient for your purposes. Second, it is a fashionable product which many youths want to have. Mobile phone manufacturers have used famous stars as their propagandists. At last, the prices of mobile phones are dropping as a result of the scientific development. Ordinary people can afford a mobile phone now. The mobile phone is getting more and more accepted by the common public. However, the mobile phone can also become a nuisance sometimes. In a classroom when everybody is taking an important exam, the ring of a mobile phone causes almost some kind of sound pollution. Those who have mobile phones should avoid disturbing others in public places. 四、Teaching Reform,

目前学校正在讨论是否应变单一的教学体制为立体式教学――除单一课本授课 外、采用多媒体及网络教学。请写一封信给学校报社说明你对此的看法。内容应 涉及传统教学方法的局限性,立体教学优越性和局限性,二者互为补充。

A letter to the University Newspaper on Changing Teaching System
Dec, 23, 2006 Dear Sirs, I’m sending you this letter to offer my opinions regarding whether we should change traditionally unitary teaching system into a tri-dimensional one, which has recently become a heated issue in your paper. In my view, both traditional teaching and tri-dimensional one have their advantages and disadvantages. While traditional teaching does have such limit as restricting students’ vision, it offers a face-to-face communication between teachers and students that no other teaching can provide. Similarly, while tri-dimensional teaching offers a more convenient way of studying, it will somehow make students more passive simply because they have no opportunity to speak out. Personally I think it would be better to integrate these two teaching methods so as to fully utilize their advantages and avoid their disadvantages. 五、必修课、选修课

1. 中国目前的高校依然以必修课为主,学生必须修完所指定的科目,也有 少量选修课程。

2. 是否应让大学生根据自己的兴趣爱好来自行选择大学中的学习课程。 你的看法。

Should the College Students Choose the Subject by Themselves?
Most courses in universities and colleges today are compulsory; however, there are a few courses that are optional. Despite its small percentage, optional courses have given rise to the question whether college students should choose their courses at their own wills. As far as I am concerned, I think college students should be encouraged to choose courses they are interested in. As the saying goes, “interest is the best teacher”. Students will certainly study more efficiently the subjects they willingly choose than the ones they are forced to choose. What’s more, because the subjects they choose are no longer a burden, they may become more active in the study concerned. So I incline to say that colleges and universities should set up more optional courses for students to choose. 六、Library Usages 假设你是李强,请你就本校图书馆的状况给校长写一封信,反映如下问题: 1. 图书馆内本专业藏书偏旧,不利于学生及时了解国内外新的学术发展。 2. 阅览室灯光太暗、没有空调设备。 3. 新开发的电子借阅系统有待完善 — 许多图书资料都无法使用该系统查到。

A Letter to the University President about the Library Service on the Campus
Dear Mr. President, I am writing to express my concern over the library service on the campus. As a major in English, I find that most of the books in English in the library are outdated. So far, I have not come across a single book published after 1995. As a result, we fail to get the latest information of academic development both at home and abroad. In addition, the light in the reading room is far from bright, which does harm to our eyes. Worse still, there is no air ? conditioning and we are sweating heavily while reading. Last but not least, the newly ? developed electronic information system does not work well and needs further improvement. A great number of books should have been listed in the system. There is no denying that the library has helped us a lot. But it is in urgent need of improvement. When improved, the library is certain to provide much more help with our study. Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Li Qiang 七、大学生就业 1. 大学生失业已经成为严重的社会问题 2. 大学生失业的原因 3. 提出自己对待这个现象的看法和认为的解决途径 My Viewpoint on Unemployment of College Graduates


With the policy of expanding recruitment of higher education and fierce competition of job-hunting market, the unemployment of college graduation is becoming the hot issue of the whole society. The college graduates constantly complain being rejected by some promising company in the job-hunting market. Even most jobs provided in the job-hunting declaredly excluded the graduates, only welcoming the experienced employers. Even worse, entering for the post graduation examination is becoming an approach to escaping the problem of unemployment. Is that really difficult for college graduates to hunt job? In fact, the answer might be “no” . There are three reasons for unemployment of college graduates. The first one is the deficiency of practical vocational skills and academic knowledge. The second is the inappropriately evaluation of his own value in job market. The third is the actually fierce competition resulting from the policy of expanding recruitment of higher education. To successfully compete in the job market as a college graduate, you must work hard to master the academic and vocational skills during you college life. Of course, consciously training your practical skills by taking part-time job will be advisable. 八、 Self-establishing Business 1. 一些人认为高校学生休学创业应该鼓励。 2. 另一些人对休学创业有不同观点。 3. 你有何评论。 Good or Evil of Suspending Study to Establish a Business? ? Some people believe that it is praiseworthy for some students to suspend college studies to launch their own career. Firstly, college students in China need to be bold in their endeavors to explore the outside world. Secondly, the chances of being successful are tremendous, particularly in the currently most fashionable I.T. industry. Thirdly, students who have worked out a promising plan have the possibility of getting venture investment. However, other people harbor opposite points of view. Their reasoning is as follows. Firstly, having a leading position in business does not solely depend on passion and courage. Management skills and mature personality weigh highly to ensure that a venture can survive, but some students don't possess these necessities. Secondly, learning as much as possible when one is young is vital to one's later development. They doubt whether suspending one's study is worthwhile.? In my view, to suspend college study to launch one's own career should be either encouraged or curbed. The ambitious students need to give themselves an objective evaluation before they're determined to be an entrepreneur right now. Certainly, it should not be the best choice of the majority of the students.? 九、作弊 1?当今的校园里出现了各种各样的作弊手段。 2?作弊的原因。 3?怎样杜绝作弊。 How to Deal with Cheating? A large number of students tend to cheat in the exams. Some will copy the answers from their books. Some will talk with each other to share the right answers. Besides, some even write down the information on their palms of hands or on the arms.


There are several causes leading to their cheating. Firstly, some students just play time away and want to get high scores without paying efforts. Secondly, some are under great pressure and they fear to fail the exams. Finally, some are afraid that they will fall behind others in the exams. Once the students are found or caught cheating, the teachers should punish them severely and explain the harm of cheating to them. There are at least two ways to eliminate cheating. In one way, we should explain the harm of cheating to the students. In another way, strict measures should be taken against cheating. As a result, the fair play in the exams can be achieved and students can pay attention to study instead of cheating. 十、迟到现象 1. 大学校园里,迟到,早退,旷课是常见的现象。 2. 保证学生出勤水平对大学教育的重要性。 3. 作为学生应该怎样做。 Attend Your Classes Regularly Nowadays it is a very common phenomenon for some university students to be late for or even be absent from their classes. And still there are some students who slip out of the classroom before the class is over. Class attendance has become a thorny problem to both the students and the teachers. In fact, it is very important for the students to attend their classes regularly. First, it will ensure you to catch up with the teachers in your learning. That is very helpful to you if you want to do a good job in your study. Second, attending classes regularly is a way of showing respect to your teachers, too. Your teachers will feel bad if the students do not attend their classes, which, in return, will affect their teaching and be no good for both the students. Third, attending classes regularly will help to form a good habit of punctuality, which is of great importance for the students to do a good job in the future. Therefore, we university students should form the good habit of attending our classes regularly from now on. And some day we will benefit from it.

十一、兼职 1. 有人认为大学生应作业余兼职。 2. 有人认为大学生兼职有很多弊端。 3. 你的观点。 Taking a Part-Time Job Many college students take part-time jobs in their spare time. Whether it is good or bad is still subject to constant debate.? Some people believe that taking a part\|time job certainly brings about several advantages. To begin with, students can learn how to get along with people and know the society better by taking a part\|time job. Furthermore, to take a part-time job provides the students with a valuable opportunity to put what he has learned from books into practice. Finally, students can make some money, which helps to unload their families' financial burden. ? However, problems may also arise. Firstly, some students spend too much time

doing part\|time jobs while neglecting their studies. Secondly, when taking part-time jobs, the students may be distracted from their studies by the colorful lives in the society. Thirdly, some students may be cheated or hurt by their employers, because they don't know how to protect themselves. ? As for me, I share the view that college students need to step out of the campus and take some part\|time jobs if their schedule permits. After all, it opens them a window to know about the society, which is essential to their maturity. 十二、Internet
1. 因特网在生活中逐渐普及。? 2. 因特网给人们生活带来的影响(好的方面,不好的方面)? 3. 你的观点 Surfing on the Internet? ? Nowadays, Internet is becoming very popular in all walks of life. On the one hand, statistics show that the number of people who apply to have access to Internet doubles every six months. On the other hand, Internet is employed in business, government agencies, and educational sections. Internet brings us a both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are as the following. Firstly, we can communicate with our friends more rapidly and quickly. Secondly, Internet brings us fun. For example, many websites open chatrooms where we can talk with different people and make new friends. Finally, many businessmen are taking so\|called E\|business seriously on the net. The Internet also has its disadvantages, just as a coin has two sides. In the first place, some people may linger too long on the net while neglecting their work or study. In the second place, some columns on the net may have a negative influence on the youth electronic commerce. In my opinion, Internet becomes an integral part of our lives, but it is certainly not everything. Living in the 21st century, we need to make good use of the new tool-Internet, but it is just a tool, not life itself. We should not depend on it too much, nor should we ignore it deliberately.[LM] 十三、English-learning

1) 全民学英语是一件好事,应该鼓励;? 2) 国家、学校、出版业和个人都应该做出自己的贡献;? 3) 英语学习应当以提高日常口语、阅读以及实用写作能力为主。?? It's nice to find a hot discussion about English learning appeared in your newspaper, and I'd like to join in the discussion myself.? It seems that more and more Chinese people begin to learn English today. Men and women, young and old, all attach much importance to English learning. They learn with the hope to create better job opportunities, to read more English materials or to communicate with some English-speakers. Such enthusiasm in China deserves praise and encouragement.? To learn English well is not an easy job. It needs the help from every aspect. Schools and colleges have done quite a lot for English learners. For example, a large number

of English training classes are opened around us, giving us much convenience. But this is far from adequacy for English learners. They want more, more TV programs to watch, more quality books to read, more native-speakers to ask for help. To meet the needs of these learners, our government, media, publishers, individuals as well as schools and colleges should all make their efforts and contribute to English learning in the long term.? For most English learners, the aim of learning is not to do research, but to communicate and obtain information. Therefore they should place more weight on oral English, English reading and practical writing. In my opinion, there is no necessity for them to learn some advanced academic books.? 十四、购书 某城市大学生者购买英语资料的比例图 该城市大学生购买英语资料的年人均投入 时间 年人均投入 90 年代初 60 元 2003 年 170 元

请 1. 上图为某城市 90 年代初和 2003 年大学生者购买英语资料变化图, 描述图表内容。 2. 解释发生以上变化的原因(可涉及对英语的重视程度增加;科技发展使新的学
习产品不断涌现) 。 3. 我的看法。

Annual Expenses on Learning English
The pie charts show us the proportion comparison of English materials purchase made by the college students in X city in the early 90s and in 2003. In 2003 there are more new choices for the students to spend money on, like Internet(10%), CD\VCD(30%), and tapes(20%). In the early 90s there were only tapes(35%) and reference books(67%). At the same time, the other graph shows that the average outgoings on English materials have increased from 60 yuan in the early 90s to 170 yuan in 2003. From these two graphs, we have learned that there are more choices of materials in learning English and students spend more money on English learning. Some reasons can explain this trend. First, many students realize the importance of learning English. English is widely used all over the world. It has become an important international language. Second, since China entered WTO, learning English has become more popular. It is difficult to find a decent job without fluent English communicating skills. Third, as science and technology have been developing so fast, these latest English learning facilities have already been proved far more useful and effective than the books. In my opinion, this growing trend might be different in the future. Nowadays most pupils begin to learn English. One day in the future college students don’t need to spend so much in learning English. Their English will be as fluent as those native speakers. 十五、贷款

1. 现今,在高校通过助学贷款完成学业的学生越来越多。

2. 但是有些学生毕业后没有能力或拒绝按时还贷。 3. 你认为贷款的学生如何对待还贷问题。
On Paying back Student Loans Nowadays,student loans provided by state-owned commercial banks are available to more and more college students. The money may not be much but it is timely support for those who have great difficulty paying their tuition fees. The aim of the student loan policy is to achieve a "win-win" outcome for both college students and commercial banks. However,to our disappointment,the proportion of students who have failed to repay the loans in time is high. For some reason,a number of students are really unable to make timely repayments after graduation. But many other students who are able to repay refuse to pay back the student loans in time. The increase of default payment has caused greater costs and risks to banks. As far as I am concerned,we students should increase our awareness of credit. We should try our best to repay the loans in time. If we are not able to,it is necessary to inform the bank as soon as possible and apply for an extended repayment. Only in this way can everyone involved benefit from the student loans.




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