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上海高二英语词组复习 unit3-4

高二词组复习 unit3-4 Unit Three 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 特别擅长于 炫耀才能 支持 爱好体育 对别人真心地在意 自动被吸引到 一个平易近人的人 感到很轻松 不费力地 be particularly good at show off talents go for sb go in for sports genuinely care about others be automatically drawn to an approachable person feel at ease with ease convey confidence to sb gain confidence from smiling put the burden on do one’s part meanwhile/in the meantime zero in 100 percent on focus on the needs of others add value to learn to give and take light up give a compliment on sb see the positive qualities in others tear sb down draw one’s attention define…as… give an exact definition of reject affection sb is to blame regret to tell/inform regret cheating inform sb of sth remain to be seen be attached to sb by affection or respect one out of every five families long-lasting friendship the high rate of mobility set up a relationship be characterized by in the woods in the wild base…on in reality

10. 传达信心 11. 从微笑中获取自信 12. 给…压力 13. 尽本分 14. 同时 15. 百分百专注于 16. 专注于别人的需要 17. 为…增值 18. 互相迁就 19. 容光焕发 20. 赞扬某人 21. 觉察到别人的好品质 22. 贬低 23. 吸引注意力 24. 给下定义 25. 给出确切定义 26. 拒绝感情 27. 某人应受责备 28. 遗憾地通知 29. 后悔作弊 30. 通知某人某事 31. 有待观察 32. 出于爱或者尊敬依恋某人 33. 五分之一的家庭 34. 持久的友谊 35. 高度的灵活性 36. 缔结一段人际关系 37. 具有…的特征 38. 在树林里 39. 处于野生状态 40. 以…为基础 41. 实际上

42. 依附于 43. 积极/乐观的态度 44. 经济/财政/政治前景 45. 有相似的兴趣和共同的人生观 46. 同样适用于 47. 之间没有强有力的联系 48. 有做某事的强烈愿望 49. 把注意力集中在 50. 插嘴 51. 显得高兴,容光焕发 52. 给他人造成负担 53. 面带微笑 54. 看到别人的优点 55. 依附于 56. 高度的灵活性 57. 持久的友谊 58. 远远不够完善 59. 理论基于实践 60. 定时运动 61. 假装正在做… 62. 直到…才 63. 远方的电视塔 64. 炫耀好身材 65. 椐我所知 66. 我完全同意 67. 推倒危墙 68. 与…有联系 69. 暴露缺点给你的同事

attach to positive/optimistic outlook economic/financial/political outlook have similar interests and a common outlook on life hold true for there is no strong connection between … have a strong wish to do focus on get a word in light up put the burden on wear a smile see positive qualities in others attach to the high rate of mobility long-lasting friendship far from perfect theory is based on practice regular exercise pretend to be doing it is not until…that the distant television tower show off the nice figure as far as I am concerned I can’t agree more. tear down the dangerous wall have an association with expose your weakness to your colleague

70. Furthermore, the more you smile, the morenatural your smile will be. 71. 强调句 It is learning when to talk that is important. Unit 4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 刚从瑞典来 第六代美国人 喜欢对方 顺便 嘲笑某人 与…相当 有嫌疑 无可置疑 为装饰添上点睛之笔 be fresh from Sweden a sixth generation American take to each other in passing laugh at sb be equivalent of under suspicion of/be suspicious of above/beyond suspicion put the finishing touches on the decoration be aware of cast a quick glance at

10. 意识到 11. 很快地瞥了我一眼

12. 惊讶地盯着我看 13. 以…为例 14. 瓦解,崩溃 15. 来来回回 16. 证实了猜疑 17. 挡道 18. 脑损伤 19. 过多 20. 充分地,最大限度地 21. 起点 22. 排队 23. 看到 24. 奥委会 25. 拒绝这样的请求 26. 慢动作 27. 具有历史意义的时刻 背诵内容

stare at me in shock take…as an example fall apart up and down confirm the suspicion in the way brain damage many a to the fullest starting point line up at the sight of the Olympic committee refuse such request slow motion a historic moment

1.光阴飞逝!我认识玛格特已是很久以前的事情了。 How the years have rushed by! It has been a long time since I knew Marget. 2.玛格特那时刚从瑞典来,而我则是第 6 代美国人。她几乎不会讲英语,但不知为什么, 我们竟能互相理解。我们一见面就喜欢上对方。 Marget, just fresh from Sweden, and I, a sixth generation American. She spoke very little English, but somehow we did manage to understand each other. We took to each other instantly. 3.很多事情会随着我们的长大成人而被遗忘, 但我永远忘不了玛格特---第一个爱我所爱,也 是第一个伤害我的人。 The mind loses many things as it matures, but I never lost Marget-my first love and first hurt. 4.我想我是不经意地意识到只有白人才能住在那里。 I suppose it was only in passing that I knew only white people lived there. 3.我的怀疑得到证实,玛格特是白人,而我不是,我内心深处对此非常清楚。 My suspicion was confirmed: Marget was white and I was not. I didn’t know it deep within myself. 6.呼吸这种污染严重的空气相当于每天抽 10 支烟。 Breathing such polluted air is the equivalent if smoking ten cigarettes a day. 7.Jack 得的是脑损伤, 经受了很多艰难挫折。 Jack suffered from brain damage and had endured many an obstacle. 8.它向我们表明:正是有了爱,才有了这个世界的发展。 It showed us all that love is really what makes this small world go around.



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