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Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.

Key phrases: 1. 跟着一起唱

sing along with

2. 能跟着跳舞

dance to 3. 一周长时间的上班 a long week at work
4. 有空闲时间 ha

ve spare time 5. 如果那样的话 in that case 6. 坚持,固守 stick to 7. 有一个快乐的结局 have a happy ending 8.似乎不严重 seem less serious


shut off

10.偶尔,间或 once in a while 11.自己作词 write their own lyrics 12.中国民俗音乐 Chinese folk music 13.感觉到一种强烈的悲伤与痛苦 sense a strong sadness and pain 14.查阅 look up 15.总计 in total 16.中国的民族瑰宝 China’s national treasures 17.在他生前 during his lifetime 18.奇美 strange beautiful 19.结婚 get married 20.不仅…而且… not only … but also


I prefer music that has great lyrics
2. 我喜爱可以随之而唱的音乐。

I love music that I can sing along with

I prefer music that isn’t aloud.

I prefer music that I can dance to.
5.Carmen 喜欢演奏不同种类音乐的音乐家。

Carmen likes musicians who play different kinds of music.
6.Xufei 更喜欢演奏轻柔缓慢歌曲的乐队。

Xu Fei prefers music that has great lyrics


I’ll just listen to this new CD (that) I bought.
2. 我喜欢听让我放松的悦耳的音乐。

I like smooth music that helps me relax.

I’ll ask someone who likes serious movies.

I prefer movies that give me something to think about.

I prefer movies that can cheer me up.

I like to watch movies that are scary.


The piece which was played on the erhu especially moved me.
2. 它是我曾经听过最动人的乐曲之一。

It was one of the most moving pieces of music that I’ve ever heard.


Abing’s Erquan Yingyue is a piece which all the great erhu masters play and praise.

I like to watch different kinds depending on how I feel that day.

prefer sth. to sth. prefer doing sth. to doing sth.

用法 prefer to do sth. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.


Attibutive clause 定语从句

1. It’s a book 2. The book can tell the meanings of words. 3. It’s a book which can tell the meanings of words.

1. It’s a book 2. The book can tell the meanings of words. 3. It’s a book which can tell the meanings of words.


⒈ 先行词:

① 指人的先行词
② 指物的先行词

定 语 从 句 ⒉关系词 “ 三 引导定语的词 要 素”


① 替代前面的先行词 ② 连接主句和定语从句
③ 在定语从句中作句子成分 根据关系词在从句中做的句子成分种类


关系代词 在从句中做主,宾,表,定 (that/which/who/whom/whose) 关系副词 在从句中作状语

⒊ 定语从句


关系词是 物that / which的 区别



①先行词是不定代词如all, little, few, much, anything, everything, nothing, none, no one等 ②先行词被all, every, no, some, little, much, that the only, the very, the right,the last等所修饰时 ③先行词中既有人又有物时

难 点

④先行词前有序数词或形容词最高级修饰时 ⑤当先行词前有who,which等疑问代词时
关系词 是人 that/ who 的区别 who


②先行词被the very, the right, the only修饰

①先行词是one, ones, anybody, all, none, those 等 . ②在 there be 结构中 注意:介词后只能用whom

A guessing game

Guess your classmates

1.He is the boy who is the tallest in our class.

2.She is a girl who is the desk mate of Kong Weiqing. 3.He is a boy who learns English best in our class 。 4.She is a girl who stdies best in our class.

Translate the following English proverbs into Chinese and pick out the attributive clauses.
1. God help those who help themselves . 天助自助者 2. He who laughs last laughs best . 笑到最后,笑得最甜
3. He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man .

4. He who is content (满足) is always happy.


Complete sentences with proper relative pronouns according to the following pictures.

Zhang Jiabo, a four-year-old boy, took part in a roller skating challenge ______ which was held in Shanxi province. The little boy and his 39-year-old father drew much attention recently for which started from their 500 kilometer roller skating trip _______ Henan's Puyang city on March 22 and ended at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing on April 4.

Zhou Libo to perform at New York's Carnegie Hall who Zhou Libo, a Chinese stand-up comedian ________ is famous for his ”Shanghai Style Small Talk", will perform at New York's Carnegie Hall in July.

Chinese, foreigners pick tea leaves in ancient costumes

Chinese and foreigners who _____ wear ancient Chinese costumes pick tea leaves at a garden in Xuebu town, Jintan city of Jiangsu province, April 17, 2016.

Water-sprinkling festival celebrated in Yunnan

People sprinkle water to each other to pray for good fortune during the traditional water-sprinkling festival ______ which is also the New Year festival of the Dai ethnic group.

Royal couple visits the Taj Mahal

Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine ______ who is the Duchess of Cambridge, pose at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, April 16, 2016, at the same site where William's mother the late Princess of Wales Diana took photos in 1992.

Fans hail a legend as Kobe quits

Students paint a picture of Kobe Bryant on the campus of Shenyang Sports University on Thursday, in a tribute to the basketball star who _____ has played his last NBA game.

(2015) 33. ---why don’t you like fishing?--- fishing is a hobby_______ needs much patience, but I’m not patient at all. A. who B. that C. it D. what (2014) 30.“underground” is the only word in the English language ______ begins and ends with the letters “und” A. who B. that C. it D. what (2013)3 2. A friend is someone ______ says, “what! You too! I thought about I was the only one!” A. who B. that C. it D. what (2012) 31. —The men under the tree in red have been abroad. — Yes, they are famous artists. A. who is B. which is C. which are D. that are (2011) 32. Tony, tell me the result of the discussion ______ you had with your dad yesterday. A. what B. which C. when D. who

(2011)33. Friends are those make you smile,always open their hearts to you and encourage you to succeed A which B what C whom D who (2009)31.It’s time to say goodbye to my school. I’ll always remember the people______have helped me. A. who B. what C. which D. where (2008)33. Shaolin Temple ________ lies in the west of Zhengzhou welcomes the visitors both at home and abroad. A. where B. which C. who D. what (2007)37. —Barbara, where do you work? —I work for a company _______ sells cars. A. which B. where C. what D. who (2006)25.一Do you know Hong Zhanhui? 一Yes.He’s the college student has moved Chinese people a lot. A. who B.which C.what D.whom



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