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m7u1project +m7u2reading默写

Assume indifference/ignorance In fact/in truth/ in effect/ in practice/in reality / as a matter of fact/ actually/ in actual fact Vote on sth Reject using telephone Oppose playing games Have

the chance to see much of him Interrupt the conversation Waste the precious time At the sacrifice of / sacrifice the health for A rope measuring ten meteres long At the chemist’s Father of all doctors Relieve pain Have the potential to reduce the risk of heart attack Learn by trial and error In contemporary society Increase the length of people’s lives Look abnormal Accelerate the approval process Mass production For good measure Try sth out on sth Focus on Prove to be beneficial to mankind



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25-4.29 期中考试复习: 1、从模块 1 复习到模块 5 2、默写模块 1-5 的...13 5.16-5.20 1、学习 M7U1M7U2 7 周末作业: 2、讲解模块 7《同步...


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M7U1 使用“be going to”讲述自己的计划和 即将...M7U2 使用 “be going to”讲述自己的计 划和即将...城市及地理方位等 This is my country / project....

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