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Unit 4 Lesson 27 全课时教案3

Unit 4 Lesson 27 全课时教案 3
Step 1: Class opening and Review
1) Greeting 2) Review ① Play “Never Never” to review adverbs of frequency. ② Review the words: umbrella buy rainy snowy.

Step 2: Presentation and practice
1. Teaching “Santa something thing”. 1) Demonstrate “Santa” with your poster showing Santa. Note the capital letter at the beginning of the word. 2) To demonstrate “thing” and “something”. T: (Point to the green objects) This pen is green. This shoe is Green. This apple is green. These things are green. Say it, please, class. C: These things are green. T: Yes! These things are red. What color are these things? These …… C: These things are red. T: (Point to the yellow objects.) What color are these things? C: These things are yellow. T: Very good! I want something blue. Say it, please, class. C: Here is something blue. T: What is it? C: It’s. 3) Practice ① Read row by row. ② Make sentences with “thing and something”. 2. Teaching “the text” 1) Read the text and think over the question: ① do you think Li Ming wants for Christmas? hat

② Discuss in groups. ③ Answer the questions. ④ Listen to the tape. ⑤ Role – play the text.

Step 3: Consolidation
1) Play “I see something.” 2) Play “Santa” to practice “thing and something”

Step 4: Homework
Activity book Exercise book Lesson 27


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