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“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”的用法归纳 一.由两部分构成:疑问词和动词不定式 (wh-+to do) 。 疑问词部分包括疑问代词 who, whom, what, which 和 whose 以及疑问副词 when, where 和 how。此外,连接词“whether”也适用.它 主要 具有以下几种功能:
⑴当主语,如: ● When to hold the meeting has not yet been decided. ● Where to live is a problem. ⑵当宾语,常接在 forget, find out, discuss, decide, tell, teach, know, learn, wonder, remember 等动词之后作宾语如: ● We must know what to say at a meeting. ● He could not tell whom to trust. ● Do you know how to play bridge? ⑶当表语,如: ● The problem is where to find the financial aid. ● The question is who to elect. ⑷当名词同位语,如: ● Tom had no idea which book to read first. ● The question whether to confess troubled the girl.

⑸用于宾语补足语,双重宾语。 某些动词后可接 “sb.+ 疑问词 + 不定式” 构成的双重宾语, 这类动词常用的有 advise, ask, show, teach, tell 等如: ● I can tell you where to get this book. ● I ask her how to learn English. ● He will advise you what to do. ● Will you show me how to use the machine?
(6) 作介词宾语:某些介词后面可接"疑问词+不定式"作宾语,这类介词常用的有 about, as, from, in, of, on, with 等。例如:

He has no idea of how to answer this question. 他不知道怎样回答这个问题。 Della had only $1.87 with which to buy Jim a present. 德拉仅有$1.87 为来吉姆买一件礼 物。(which 是关系代词) You have a number of topics from which to choose. 你有很多题目可以选择。(which 是关 系代词)

二“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”这种结构可以把复合句转为简 单句。 如: I don’t know what I’ll do next. = I don’t know what to do next. The doctor told him when he should take the medicine. = The doctor told him when to take the medicine. 同样,因为“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”这种结构相当于一个 名词性从句,所以可用同等成分的从句代替,从而把简单句转 换为复合句。改写时只需在疑问词后加上适当的主语,并把不 定式改为适当的形式的谓语即可。如:

Which to choose is important. = Which we should choose is important. The question is where to go. = The question is where we should go. 三、“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”这种结构可构成独立问句。如: What to do? 怎么办? How to get rid of the trouble? 如何摆脱困境?

按照英语语法的习惯,疑问副词 why 后不直接跟动词不定式,如: 误:I don’t know why to choose that dictionary. 正:I don’t know why you must choose that dictionary. 但它可以接不带 to 的动词不定式,即动词原形,构成 why do sth./ why not do sth. 肯定形式是表示某动作是不必要的或没有意义的,而否定形 式是表示向某人提建议和表达看法,相当于祈使句。 Today is Sunday. Why not go out to relax yourself? Why pay more at other shops? We have the best value.

1.I have no idea when _D__ her the bad news. A. will tell B. telling C. tell D. to tell

2. —Will you please show me how to do the role-play exercise? —Sure. Now let me tell you _D___ first. A. which to do C. when to do B. how to do D. what to do

3. I need your help because I don’t know _A___. A. how to do it B. how to do

C. what to do it

D. what should I do

4.—How are you feeling here? —It’s quite hot. I don’t know __C__ to go or stay. A. how C. whether B. when D. where

5.— I don’t know __B__ to do with this maths problem. It’s too hard. — You can ask your classmates or teachers for help. A. which B. how C. what D. when
6. — Millie, could you give me some advice? I don’t know ____. — Why don’t you wear this red shirt? A. when to wear B. what to wear C. how to wear D. where to wear 7. I’m going on a field trip but I haven’t decided__________. A. what to doB. to do what C. where to go D. to go where 8 —This physics problem is too difficult. Can you show me ________, Wang Lin? —Sure. A. what to work it out B. what to work out it C. how to work it out D. how to work out it 9. Excuse me. Would you please tell me ________ buy a digital camera? A. what to B. where to C. what I can D. where can I 10. There isn't any difference between the two. I really don't know ________. A. where to choose B. which to choose C. to choose what D. to choose which

用“疑问词+不定式”改写下列句子。 1.How we should do it was discussed last night. __________ was discussed last night. 2. I didn’t know where I should go. I didn’t know ____________. 3. The difficulty was how we should cross the river. The difficulty was ____________ . 根据汉语补全下列英语译文。 1. 何时动身还不知道。 ____________ is unknown. 2. 我忘了该怎么办。 I forgot___________. 3. 我可以告诉你哪里可以买到此书。 I can tell you_________. 4. Yao Ming 未决定下一步做什么。 Yao Ming hasn’t decide ____________ next. 5.She has decided ____________. (到哪儿工作。) 6.Bill Gates knew ____________ (怎样帮助) children. 7.I can’t decide ____________ (是否踢足球) or do homework. 8. Paul knows ____________ (跟谁谈) for help. 9.You should decide ____________ (做哪个) first. 10.Simon just forgot ____________ (什么时间接) his friend.

仁爱版英语九年级上册 Unit3 Topic3 测试题
第二部分 基础知识运用 (55 分) Ⅰ.单项选择。(10 分) ( )1.—This physics problem is too difficult. Can you show me _____, Wang Li? —Sure. A.what to work it out B.what to work out it to work it out to work out it ( )2.It is important _____ the piano well. A.of him to play B.for him to play C.of him playing D.for him to playing ( )3.—Sorry, I can’t follow you. I beg your pardon? —_____ A.You are welcome. B.That’s all right. C.Not at all. D.No problem. ( )4.The old farmer felt like _____ a big house very much. get B.get C.getting ( )5.She _____ walk at night. How brave she is! A.dare to B.dares to C.dare not D.doesn’t dare to ( )6.I will go to my doctor for _____ on healthy diet (饮食). advice B.some advices C.any advice D.some pieces of advice


)7.It’s my honor _____ to give a talk here. invite be invited C.inviting D.invite ( )8.I usually go to the movies with my parents, but _____ alone. A.some times B.sometime times time ( )9.If you want to learn English well, it’s useful to _____ before class and _____ after class.; preview B.preview; review; to preview D.preview; to review ( )10.Listening, speaking and reading are all important _____ writing. A.beside B.besides C.except D.expect 第三部分 写作 (25 分) Ⅰ.词汇。(10 分) (A)根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。 1.I am very w_____ in English, so I’m going to work hard at it. 2.The plans have been under d_____. 3.My English teacher told us many good m_____ to study. 4.I’m sorry, I can’t follow you. Can you r_____ that? 5.What a nice story! Can you r_____ it in English? (B)根据句意及汉语提示完成句子。 6.They ________ ________ ________(坚持弹奏) the music late yesterday night. 7.Please ________ ________ ________ ________(深呼吸) and relax yourself before you give a speech in class. 8.We can learn from ________ ________(犯错误). 9.He is so excited that he can’t say ________ ________(完整的话). 10.In order to ________ ________ (练习语法), I keep a diary. Ⅱ.句型转换。(5 分) 11.Every year the farmers plant many trees on those hills.(改为被动语态) Many trees _______ _______ on those hills _______ the farmers every year. 12.I don’t know what I should do with the broken bike.(同义句转换) I don’t know what _______ _______ _______ the broken bike. 13.Don’t give up learning English, it’s helpful to you.(同义句转换) Don’t _______ _______ English, it’s helpful to you. 14.The children had a good time in Disneyland.(同义句转换) The children _______ _______ in Disneyland. 15.Jane would like to eat some fish.(同义句转换) Jane _______ _______ _______ some fish.



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