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必修一 I Vocabulary

Unit 1 Friendship

n./v. 调查,测验 make/conduct a survey “调查”近义词: research/search/investigate-investigation, look into “测试”近义词: quiz, exam, test



add to 增添 Fireworks added to the attraction of the festival night. add…to… 往…添加… She added some salt to the soup. add up (together) 合计 Add up these figures and you will see which is the right answer. add up to 加起来总和是 It is reported that the number of visitors to the exhibition adds up to 15,000 every day. add that 1. The visiting Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with his talks, ____ that he had enjoyed his stay here. A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added 2. His whole income ____ no more than 1000 yuan per month. A. added up to B. added to C. is added up D. added

v. 使不安,搅乱,弄翻 adj. 心烦意乱的(不用于名词前) , (胃等)不舒服, (计划等)搅乱的, 主语为不安因素 The bad news upset him. 近义词:uncomfortable, bother, annoy

vt. 忽视,对…不予理睬 ignorance n. 无知 ignorant adj. 无知的 be ignorant of/about sb./sth. 对某人/某物不知道 be in ignorance of sth 不知道某事 近义词:neglect ignore 和 be ignorant ignore 装作不知道,故意不理睬;be ignorant 不知道,没意识到
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He ignores the doctor ’s advice and goes on smoking. I was ignorant (of the fact) that the boss should be so strict.

have got to=have to
1. have got to 的否定为 haven’t go to,have to 的否定为 don’t have to 2. 表一次性动作,两种可互换;表习惯性动作,尤其句中有 always, often, sometimes 等频 率副词时,则应运用 have to , 而不运用 have got to, 3. I usually have to get up at 6:00am. 4. have to 可用于过去时和完成时结构中,且前面可加情态动词或助动词, have got to 则 不可。 They didn’t have to worry about money. 习题: 1.That’s very kind of you. I wish __ give you so much trouble. A. haven’t to B. don’t have got to C. mustn’t D. didn’t have to 2. I usually __ get up before 5:00 am, to prepare breakfast for my family. A. need B. have to C. have got to D. haven’t to 3. If you can’t finish the work before Friday, you may ___ work on the weekend. A. must B. have to C. have got to D. haven’t to

calm adj.

平静的,沉着的 silent(adj.)- silence(n.)

近义词:still quiet(quite) calm…down 使平静下来

vt. 担忧,涉及 n. 担心,关注,关系 As far as be concerned 就…而言 As far as I am concerned, the water is too cold. be concerned with 与…有关 He was very concerned with her. We are not concerned with that matter be concerned for/about/over 关心 She is concerned about your safety. as concerns=concerning 关于 concern oneself with/in 从事,参与 concern oneself about/for 因为…担忧(关心)某人 练习: 1. As we all know, parents are concerned ____ their children's study, because it is concerned ____their future. A. for; about B. about; for C. about; with D. with; about 2. __ English is concerned, he is first in our class. A. As B. As soon as C. As far as D. Now that
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3. The meeting was concerned ___ reforms and everyone present was concerned __ their own interests. A. with; for B. with; with C. for; about D. about; with

loose 松的
反义词:tight 紧的; firm 坚定的,稳固的; stable 稳定的; steady 平稳的 形近词辨析:lose 遗失,沉溺于,使迷路 be lost in 埋头于,迷失在…之中

lose one’s way 迷路

go through 经历,


近义词:experience 经历,体验; 扩展:live through 度过,经受过 live on…, 以…为生;live with 忍受,与…同居 get through 通过,到达,接通电话 look through 浏览,温习,从…中显露 关于 go 的短语:go over 温习,复习; go into 走进…;go off 爆炸;go out 出去,熄灭;go ahead 继续向前走;go against 违背;go away 走开;go back 回去,回顾;go by 时间流逝, 从旁经过;go down 下降,下沉;go for 为…而去;go in 进入;go on(时间)过去,继续, 持续,发生;go round 绕路; go together 一起去;go up 上升,攀登;go without 没有 1. The police __ the building hoping to catch the thief. A. looked for B. searched for C. found out D. went through 2. A terrible noise __ the house and then we felt it shaking. A. went through B. went into C. looked into D. held into

German 注意复数为 Germans set down
记下,放下(put down),登记,解释认为,下车(get off) set out 动身出发,着手做 set off 动身出发,引爆 set up 创办、树立、搭起; (found, build, construct, establish) set an example to sb=(set sb an example) 为某人树立了……榜样; set forward 提出,拨快(钟表) set sb free 释放,放走; set sail 扬帆起航;
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set about doing 着手,开始(做) 练习: 1. She __ the VCD player on the table and went out. A. set out B. set up C. set down D. set on 2. Students should form the habit of __ everything important in class. Which of the following can’t be put in the blank? A. putting down B. taking down C. setting down D. tearing down 3. I have __ everything that happened, as I remember it. A. set down B. set up C. set out D. set off

on purpose 故意
with the purpose of doing sth 目的是… for the purpose of 与 with the purpose of 辨析 for the purpose of 目的能否实现不知道; with the purpose of 暗示目的能实现 近义词辨析: aim :从本义“靶子”引申而来,侧重比较具体而明确的目标,但常指短期目标。 goal :指经过考虑和选择,需经坚持不懈的努力奋斗才能达到的最终目标。 purpose : 普通用词, 既指以坚决、 审慎的行动去达到的目的, 又指心中渴望要实际的目标。 end :指心目中怀着的某种目的,强调结果而非过程。较正式用词。 target :指射击的靶,军事攻击目标。引申指被攻击、批评或潮笑的目标。 object :强调个人或需求而决定的目标、目的。 objective 与 object 基本同义, 但语义更广泛, 指具体或很快能达到的目的, 也可指军事目标。 书面用词。 近义短语:by design 故意地 反义短语:by chance, by accident,偶然地

in order to 与 so as to 的区别
1. 都意为“为了” ,in order to 一般用 in order that 加从句来替换,可放句首; so as to 一般用 so that 加从句来替换,不可放在句首。 He got up earlier in order to get to school on time. He got up earlier in order that he could get to school on time. He got up earlier so as to get to school on time. He got up earlier so that he could get to school on time. 2. 当这两个短语后的不定式动词的逻辑主语和句子的主语一致时, “in order to,so as to + 不定式”可以简化为“不定式 to” In order to/To get to school on time, he got up earlier. 3. in order to 作目的状语时,不定式的逻辑主语与句子的主语要一致。 习题: 1. In order to make our city green, ______
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A. it is necessary to have planted more trees B. many trees need to plant C. our city need more trees D. we must plant more trees 2. ___ late in the morning, Bob turned off the alarm clock. A. So as to sleep B. Sleeping C. To sleep D. Having slept


n. 雷;vi.打雷

相关天气词汇: cloudy 多云的,frost 霜,hail 冰雹,mist 雾,fog 浓雾,shower 暴雨, storm, tempest 暴风雨,lightning 闪电,hurricane 飓风,typhoon 台风 , breeze 微风,dew 露水,humidity 潮湿,freeze 冰冻




adv. 整体地




powerful, powerfully, powerless, powerlessly have the power to do sth. / of doing sth. 近义词:energy(n.) 能量—energetic(adj.)精力充沛的,积极的, privilege 特权, right 权力

face to face 面对面地;face-to-face


扩展:facial 面部的;racial 种族的 face (vt.) 面对 heart to heart 坦诚地 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地 back to back 背对背地 hand in hand 手拉手地 arm in arm 臂挽臂地 side by side 并肩地 step by step 逐步地 相关短语: face up 面朝上 face down 正面朝下 face the truth 面对现实 face up to 大胆面向 face with 面对...

no longer/ not…any longer 不再 no more/not…any more 不再
no longer / not... any longer 修饰表示状态的持续动词(如 wait, live, work 等)。
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Don't wait any longer no more / not... any more 通常修饰表示具体动作的瞬间动词(如 go, stand, visit 等)。 We couldn't stand it any more. 练习: 1. —Will you give this message to Mr White, please? —Sorry, I can't. He ________ . A. doesn't any more work here B. doesn't any longer work here C. doesn't work any more here D. doesn't work here any longer

settle ( vt. )

安居,停留,( vt. ) 解决,安排

近义词:solve 重在得到答案;resolve 重在解决问题;work out

suffer 遭受,忍受,经历


suffer,suffer from/with 遭受,患病 suffer 指一般的损害、痛苦等等,但 suffer from 后接伤痛、疾病等引起的痛苦 suffer the result /heavy losses /injury/pain/defeat suffer from headache/illness/cold and hunger/a bad stomach 练习: 1. __ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river. A. Having suffered B. Suffering C. To suffer D. Suffered

loneliness (n.)孤单,寂寞
alone, lonely 辨析 1)alone 可作副词或形容词;而 lonely 只能作形容词,在句中充当定语或表语。 She watches TV when she is alone. For years Mary lived alone in New York. When his wife died, he was very lonely. 2)alone 表示“(身体上的)独自,孤单”;而 lonely 表示“(感情上的)孤单寂寞”,有时指 “本人的意愿并非如此”,含有不愉快的意思。 I am alone but I am not lonely




近义词:get over/come over 相关短语:recover from 形近词:discover 发现,uncover 发现,揭露;cover 覆盖,包含

get/be tired of 对…厌烦
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tired, wore out, exhausted 词义辨析 tired 可指因体力或脑力消耗太多而需要休息,还可指因长期做某事而失去兴趣 exhausted 表达的疲惫程度最强,指因劳累过度而精疲力竭。 The exhausted engineer fell asleep on the bus. wore out 这个词不太正式,多用于口语。

get along (on) with


1.多用于进行时 2.其后可用 well, badly, nicely 等修饰语 He gets along/on well with his classmates. How are you getting on with your studies?

disagree 不同意


agree 同意


相关短语: agree with 同意,与……一致;(气候,食物)适合. agree to 赞成(提议、安排、计划等 agree on 对……取得一致意见 reach an agreement 达成一致

join in 参加,加入
join, join in, take part in, attend 的辨析 join 多指参加某组织,成为其中的一个成员,宾语通常为 the army/party/team/club I will never forget the day when I joined the Party. take part in 指参加群众性活动、会议、劳动、游行等,往往指参加者持有积极的态度,起 一份作用,in 后要加宾语 We should take an active part in school activities. join in 通常指参加某种活动,如竞赛,娱乐,游戏等,也可不加宾语 Would you join me in a walk? attend 多指参加会议,方式,婚礼,葬礼,典礼及上课,上学,听报告等。 attend one’s lecture/wedding 练习: 1. We’re going to play basketball. Would you like to ___ ? A. join B. join in C. attend D. take part in 2. --Why didn’t you __ my wedding yesterday? -- I was going to, but I had an unexpected guest at the very moment. A. join B. join in C. take part in D. attend


Warming Up

1. not..until 和 untill
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until 一般不放在句首,后面跟时间词连,not until 可放句首,但主句要用倒装. He came back until midnight. Not until midnight did he came back home

2. get sth done
get sb to do 使某人做某事,相当于 have/make sb. do sth. You should get your friends to help you. get sth done 使某事发生 She got her coat washed get sb.doing 使某人持续做某事 He got the car running all the time.

3. borrow…from 从…借进

lend…to 把…借出

4.while walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. while walking the dog=while you were walking the dog while 或 when 引导的时间状语从句,主从句前后主语一致时,从句主语和 be 动词可省

5. pay for, take, cost, take
spend 的主语必须是人: (1) spend time /money on sth. 在……上花费时间(金钱) 。 I spent two hours on this maths problem. (2) spend time/money (in) doing sth. 花费时间(金钱)做某事。 They spent two years (in) building this bridge. (3) spend money for sth. 花钱买……。 His money was spent for books. cost 的主语是物或某种活动, 还可以表示“值”, sth. costs (sb.) +money/time,某物/做某事花了某人多少钱/时间 A new computer costs a lot of money. 注意:cost 的过去式及过去分词都是 cost,并且不能用于被动句。 take 的用法:It takes sb. +时间+to do sth. 做某事花了某人多少时间。 It took them three years to build this road. pay 的基本用法是: (1) pay for…为…付款 (2) pay (sb.) for 为…付款给某人 I have to pay them 20 pounds for this room each month. (3) pay sb money to do sth 付款让某人做某事 (4) pay money back 还钱 I'll pay it back next week.
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(5) pay off one's money 还清钱。

6.cheat (vt)欺骗; (n.)骗子
相关短语: cheat sb (out) of sth 从某人那里骗取某物 A general builder was prosecuted for cheating an old man out of $2000.(NCE-3-53) cheat sb into doing sth 骗某人做某事 The salesman cheated me into buying a fake. cheat, deceive, trick, fool 辨析 cheat:指用蒙蔽他人的手段取得所需之物,尤多指在赢利的买卖中欺骗人。 deceive:指用虚假外表使人信以为真,或蓄意歪曲事实,或造成错误印象使人上当受骗。 trick:指用阴谋诡计等骗得信任或得到所需之物。 fool:指把别人当傻瓜,愚弄欺骗别人。


burst into…laughter

1. laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 2. What will he look like? What will he be like? How will he look? 3. wonder

(vt.) 想知道,对…有怀疑

1) 后接疑问词等引导的宾语从句 I wonder why James is always late for school. 2)It's a wonder that … 意为“奇怪的是……”。 It's a wonder that she is still alive. 3)It's no wonder that … 意为“难怪……”。如: It's no wonder that they won't come. crazy about 对做某事十分疯狂 be crazy to do sth 疯狂做某事 be crazy for sth 渴望某物 be crazy for sb 迷恋某人 be crazy with 因…而发疯 5.

do with 和 deal with
1) do with 常与 what 连用,且不用于被动语态。
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2) deal with 常与 how 连用,还可作“与…交易”讲,不可用于被动语态。 She knows well how to deal with children. 6. It is(was) the first time that sb. have/had done with 7.It’s no pleasure looking through these any longer 8.make no difference 没有影响,不起作用 indifferent 不重要的,中立的; indifference 不重视,漠不关心 9.have trouble(difficulty, problem) with sth/ in doing sth

1. He __ the babysitter 600 yuan __ looking after his child. A. paid; off B. charged; for C. took; for D. paid; for 2. The old man, who __ the World War II, is Peter ’s grandfather. A. go through B. go out C. come out D. went through 3. Students should __ everything important that their teachers give in class. A. set up B. set out C, set aside D. set down 4. He __ my presence at the meeting, which made me sad. A. ignored B. was ignorant of C. noticed D. found 5. As far as I am __, it is of no importance whether he will go or not. A. cheated B. concerned C. persuaded D. taught 6. What he had said about the incident and done with it __ our trouble. A. added up to B. added to C. added up D. were added to 7. It’s Sunday today. I’m glad I __ go to school. A. haven’t to B. don’t have got to C. haven’t got to D. won’t have got to 8. He was disappointed that his plan did not __. A. go on B. go off C. go through D. go out 9. The old lady is __ talking about her __ in the old days. A. often; suffering B. often; sufferings C. always; suffering D. always; sufferings 10. __ from heart trouble for years, Professor White has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes. A. Suffered B. Suffering C. Having suffered D. Being suffered

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