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选择填空 1. 265 is ____________. A.two hundreds and sixty – five C.two and sixty – five B.two hundred and sixty – five D.two hundreds sixty five

2. ______ , there will be _______ on the streets, taking part in the celebration. A.October1; millions people B.In October first; millions people D.On October one; million people

C.On October the first; millions of people 3. He has been here for _______. and a half months and a half month 4. The red shoes cost ___________. pound and a half of pound pound and a half 5. This took place in ______. A. a 1030’s B. 1930s and the half months and a half of month and a half pound pound and half a pound

C. the 1930s’

D. the 1930s

6. The hero of the story is an artist in his ______. A. thirtieth B. thirty C. thirty’s D. thirties

7. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced _______ tractors in 1988 as the year before. twice many as 8. This river is _____ that one. three times long as C.three times the length of 9. We arrived in London on _____. A.June seventeen C.The seventeenth of June B.June the seventeen D.seventeenth of June B.the third time as D.three times longer many twice C.twice as many D.twice many

10. We are to take up (开始学习) ______ to day. A.the Eleventh Lesson B.Eleventh Lesson



C.The Lesson Eleven

D.Lesson the Eleven

11. We are going to learn ________ next week. A.Lesson Twelve B.Lesson Twelfth Twelfth 12. _______ were blown down in the storm. A.Score of tree B.Scores of trees C.Score of trees D.Scores of tree C.Twelfth Lesson D.The Lesson

13. He sold _____ of the magazine this afternoon. A.three dozen copy C.three dozen copies B.three dozens copy D.three dozens copies

14. The librarian asked him to return the book _______. one day or two C.within one day or two days 16. Two _____ died of cold last winter. A.hundreds old people C.hundreds old peoples B.hundred old people D.hundred old peoples --“_______” D.There’s a chair B.for one or two days a day or two

17. --“How many chairs are there in the room?” A.Are four B.Are five chairs there

C.There’s one

20. About ______ of the workers in the steel workers are young people. A.third – fifths fifth 21. “The ______ Night” is a well – known play by Shakespeare. A.Twelve B.Twelveth C.Twelfth D.Twelvth B.three – fifths C.three – fives D.three –

22. Oct.1,1989 is ______ anniversary (周年纪念) of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. A.the forth B.the fourtieth C.the fortieth D.fourty

23. One – fourth of an hour is ______. A.25. minutes B.15 minute C.30 minutes D.a quarter

24. Three – fourths of the surface of the earth ______ sea. A. is B. are C.were D. has been

25. About eleven percent of the population in the United States _____ black. A. is B. are C. were D. will be

26. Several ______ ago, our country was covered by thick forestes.

A.million of year years

B.million year

C.millions years

D.millions of

27. There were seven ______ Negroes working on the farm. A.hundreds B.hundred of C.hundreds of D.hundred

28. A new ____ building will be completed soon. A.twenty – storey’s storeyed 29. My grandpa is studying Japanese, though he is ______. his eighty B.over eighty C.more than eighties eighties B.twenty – storeys’ C.twenty – stories D.twenty –

30. Are there seats for us ____? A. the third B. three C. third D. the three

31. I suppose you’ll have to do it a ______ time. A. three B. the third C. third D. three

32. Have you ever been to that ______ book- store? A.a second – hand B.two – hand C.the second – hand D.second – hand

33. Beijing is ____ largest city in China. A. the second B. a second C. second D. the two

34. This is a ____ factory. A.five – hundred – worker C.five – hundreds – workers 35. My son’s birthday is in ______ time. A.three – weeds B.three week’s C.three-week D.three weeks’ B.five – hundred – workers D.five – hundred – worker’s

36. He made a _____ table. A.four leg’s leggs 38. ______ is five times four? A.How many C.What much D.How B.How B.four – leg C.four – legged D.four –

39. If you want to go to the post office, take _______. A.Bus Number the Six Number Bus 40. I’ve seen it _______.

B.Bus Number Six C.Number Six Bus


A.hundred times B.hundreds of time C.hundreds of times 41. 1/18 written in English is ________. – eighteens eighteenths 42. There are ______ students in our class. A.fortieth D.fifty 43. Choose the wrong one: A.a four – hour trip – pound note 44. Choose the wrong one: A.every two days day B.every second days C.every few days B.two five – year plan B.fourty C.fiftieth – eighteenth

D.hundred of times

C.eighteenths – one

C.a four – act play

D.a million

D.every other

45. ______ work has been done to improve the people’s living standard. A.Many deal of 46. We’ve ______ of time to do the work. A. very much B. enough C. great deal D. plenty B.A great many C.A large number of D.A great

47. Squirrels have _____ secret food for the winter. They hide ______ nuts inside trees. A.lots of ; plenty of C.a large amount of ; a great deal of B.a large number of; many D.quantities of ; much

48. You can’t have him go to the party with you. He has ______ things to do. A. good many B. a lot C. many a D. a good many

49. I’ve acquired (获得) ______ knowledge from this reference book. A.much B.many C.a great number of D.lot of

50. He has been waiting for his mother for _______. A. an hour and a half C. one and half an hour B. one and a half hour D. one and half hours




1~5 BCACD 6~10 DCCCA 11~15 ABCDB 16~20 BCACB 21~25 CCDAB 26~30 DDDBB 31~35 CDAAD 36~40 CDABC 41~45 BDBBD 46~50 DADAA

高中英语语法强化训练(冠词) ( ) 1.______recent report stated that the number of Spanish speakers in the U.S .would be higher than the number of English speaker by_____ year 2090. A, the B. A, / C. The ,/ D. The, a ( ) 2.If you go by ______train ,you can have quite a comfortable journey ,but make sure you get _____fast one. A. /, / B./, a C. the, a D./,/ ( ) 3. It is often said that ____teachers have _______very easy life. A /,/ B. /,a C. the,/ D. the, a ( ) 4.I can’t remember when exactly the Robinsons left _____city ,I only remember it was ______ Monday.。 the , the B. a ,the C. a, a D. the, a ( ) 5.If you grow up in ______large family ,you are more likely to develop _____ability to get on well with ______others . A. /,an the B. a, the ,/ C. the ,an ,the D. a, the ,the ( ) 6.Mrs ,Taylor has ___8-year-old daughter who has _____gift for painting –she has won two national prizes. a, a B. an ,the C. an ,a D. th ( )7.Afetr dinner he gave Mr. Richardson ________ride to ________Capital Airport. A .the, a B. a the C. /, a D. /, the ( )8.On May 5,2005,at ___World Table Tennis Championship ,Kong Ling hui and WangHao won the gold medal in men’s with ____score of 4:1. A. a ,a B. / the C. a ,/ D. the ,a ( )9.I knew ______John Lennon ,but not ____famous one.



A. /,a B. a ,the C. /,the D. the, a ( )10.The book tells ____life story of John Smith ,who left _______school and worked for a newspaper at the age of 16. A. the, the B. a , the C. the./ D. a,/ ( )11.When you come here for your holiday next time, don’t go to _____hotel ; I can find you ______bed in my flat. the ,a B. the,/ C. a ,the D. a,/ ( )13.____on-going division between English –speaking Canadians and French-speaking Canadians is _______major concern of the country. The ,/ B. The ,a C. An ,the D. An,/ ( )14.When he left _____college ,he got a job as ______reporter in a newspaper office . A. /, a B /, the C .a the D .the, the ( )15The most important thing about cotton in history is ___part that it played in ____Industrial Revolution. A. /,/ B. the,/ C. the , the D. a ,the ( )16.While he was investigating ways t improve the telescope Newton made _______discovery which completely changed ____ man’s understanding of color. a ,/ B. a ,the C. /, the D. the ,a ( )17.It is ___world of wonders, _____world where anything can happen. A. a. the B. a, a C. the, a D. /,/ ( )18.The Wilsons live in ______A-shaped house near the coast . It is _______17th century cottage. the, / B. an, the C. /, the D. an ,a ( )19.Tom owns ______larger collection of ______books than any other student in our class. the ,/ B. a,/ C. a ,the D. /, the ( )20.For a long time they walked without saying ___word .Jim was the first t break _____silence. A. the, a B. a ,the C. a ,/ D. the,/ ( )21.There was ____time _____I hated t go to school. a ,that B. a ,when C. the ,that D. the ,when ( )22.When you finish reading the book ,you will have ______better understanding of ______life., A. a, the B. the .a C. /,the D.a,/ ( )23.I earn 10dollars ____hours as ____supermarket cashier on Saturday. a, an B. the ,a C. an ,a D . an ,the ( )25.I don’t like talking on ______telephone ; I prefer writing ____letter. a, the B. the./ C. the ,the D. A ,/ ( )26.Jumping out of ____airplane at ten thousand feet is quite _____exciting experience. A. /, the B. /, an C. an. an D. the, the ( )27.One way to understand thousands of new words in gain _____good knowledge of basic word formation. / B the C. a D. one ( )28.The cakes are delicious . He’d like have ______third one because _____second one is


rather too small. a, a B. the .the C. a ,the D. the ,a ( )29.A bullet hit the solider and he was wounded in ____leg. A. a B .one C. the D. his ( )30.The warmth of _____sweater will of course be determined by the sort of ___wool used. the, the B. the ,/ C. /, the D. /,/





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