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Module 1 Life in the Future-Grammar and function课件 (外研版必修4)


外研版 高一年级(必修4) Module 1


Grammar and Function


The future continuous (将来进行时):
将来进行时由“助动词shall/ will+ be +现在 分词”构成。shall用于第一人称单、复数;



e.g. Our work will end in March. We will/shall be returning to New York. 我们的工作3月结束, 之后我们将回到 纽约。


1) 表示在将来某一时间点或某一时间段 (可能)正在发生的事情。常与特定的时 间状语连用。 e.g. At nine o’clock tonight I will be doing my homework. 2) 表示已经决定或安排好的要发生的动作 或事情;表示按预测将来会发生的事情。 例如:

She will be coming soon. 她会很快来的。 I’ll be meeting him sometime in the future. 将来我一定去见他。 3) 将来进行时常用的时间状语有soon, tomorrow, this evening, on Sunday, by this time tomorrow, in two days, tomorrow evening等。



例如:By this time tomorrow, I’ll be lying on the beach. 明天此时, 我正躺在海滩上呢。

1. By the middle of this century, more people ____________ (live) in cities will be living than in the country. 2. Ten years from now, people will be wearing ______________ (wear) smart clothes. be living will 3. No one ____ ever _______ (live) on Mars.



4. Humans ___________ (live) on another will be living planet five billion years from now. 5. I hope scientists ________ (find) a will find cure for cancer. 6. A Chinese astronaut _________ (reach) will reach Mars by 2050. 注意:用于将来进行时的谓语动词必须 是可延续性动词,短暂性动词则不可, 如上面5,6题。


1. At this time tomorrow ______ over the Atlantic. A. we’re going to B. we’ll be flying C. we’ll flying D. we’re to fly


2. – What do you think our teachers _____ at this time tomorrow? – Having a meeting. A. will be doing B. will do C. are doing D. are going to do


3. By this time tomorrow, I ____ on a beach in Hawaii, enjoying beautiful sunshine. A. am going to lie B. am lying C. will lie D. will be lying


4. By the time you arrive home, I ___, so please don’t make any noise when you come in. A. shall have been sleeping B. shall have slept C. shall sleep D. shall be sleeping


Put the words in order and write questions.
1. be/ in/ What/ future/ will/ the/ the/ world/


What will the world be like in the future?


2. going/ What/ you/ leave/ you/ to/ do/ when/ are/ school? What are you going to do when you leave school? 3. years/ What/ will/ be/ job/ doing/ ten/ you/ in/ time? What will you be doing in ten years’ time?


Function: Talking about the future.
在英语中,表达将要发生的动作或事 有不同的表达方式。如一般将来时、一般 现在时、现在进行时等。它们所表达的意 思有所不同。具体用法如下:


1>“will + 动词原形”结构表示在将来某个 时间要发生的动作或存在的状态,常与 表示将来的时间状语连用。 e.g. They will come back next week. The project will be completed in a month.


2> “be going to+动词原形”结构表示打算 在最近或将来要做的事;或表示根据已 有的迹象推测很可能要发生的事情。 e.g. Look! It’s going to rain. They are going to stay for two days.


3> 一般现在时可以表示按计划或时刻表要 发生的事。这一用法只限于某些瞬间动 词 如 arrive begin, come, finish, get, go, leave, meet, return, sail, spend, start等。 e.g. When does the summer vacation begin? My train leaves at ten o’clock.


4> 现在进行时也可表示最近将要发生的 动作,一般与时间状语连用。此用法只 限于部分动词,如:arrive, begin, come, go, leave, start, stay等。 e.g. The plane is arriving soon. Where are you going tomorrow? We’re visiting friends tonight. I can’t go out tonight, my cousin is coming for dinner.


1. At this time tomorrow _____ for New York.

A. we’re going to fly
B. we’ll be flying

C. we’ll fly
D. we’re to fly


【解析】 时间状语at this time tomorrow提示, 此处

动作; 其余各项仅表示将来某时将做某事。



2. Why don’t you put the meat in the

It will _____ fresh for several days. A. be stayed

B. stay
C. be staying

D. have stayed


【解析】 stay作“保持”解时属系动词,不可用被 动语态,排除A;系动词没有进行时态, 排除C;“will have stayed”强调肉放入冰



3. His mother had thought it would be good for his character to ______ from home and earn some money on his own. A. run away B. take away C. keep away D. get away


【解析】 get away from home离开家。句意为:他 母亲原本认为他离开家自己赚钱对锻炼他 的性格有好处。答案D。


4. He’d like to sleep with the window ___

at night.
A. open wide B. open widely

C. wide open
D. opened wide


此处考查“with + 复合结构”,形容

修饰open, 表示程度。widely往往表示 抽象意义,故答案C。


Choose the best answer
1. At this time next Sunday ____ the
football match on TV.

A. we’re going go watch
B. we’ll be watching C. we’ll watch D. we’re to watch


2. I ____ in the sun on the beach

today next week.
A. will bathe B. am bathing

C. will be bathing
D. bathe


3. What do you think the children ___

when we get home?
A. will be doing B. will do

C. are doing
D. are going to do


4. He _____ here next week.

A. would arrive
B. will arrive

C. was arriving
D. will arrive at


5. During the next hour over 10,440 more babies _____ on the earth. A. have been born B. has been born C. will born D. will be born


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