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外研社 高一英语 必修一 Module 6 cultural corner课件

Module 6
Cultural Corner

What do we mainly use mobile phones for?
Text messages
Listen to music


taking photographs

Search information Search information Listen to music

Chat online playing games Chat online

Watch movies

Guess: What are the meaning of these words below:
“cll” “nt” “hm”“nw”“hapi new yr” “bt” “sori”?

New words to learn shorten sideways
vt. adv.

[? ??:tn]


?saidweiz 横着地, 斜着地


Cultural Corner
短信息 引号 表情符号
n. /I’ m?utik?n/

n . [ ?va ??l ]


text message inverted commas emoticon

Fast -reading

Can you divide the text into two parts?
Part 1 The first three paragraphs The left paragraphs

Main meaning
Text messages

Part 2


How do we shorten the words?
We can take out “unimportant” letters in the words (usually vowels) and use numbers instead of words(2=to,3=free,4=for,h8=hate, etc.).

Read the passage and answer the questions.

1. How can we make the text messages cheaper?

2. What are the emoticons ?

1.How can we make the text messages cheaper?

1]By shortening the words that you use. 2]Avoid using punctuation like inverted commas.

What are the emoticons ?

Emoticons are a series of symbols to show how they feel.

:-) :-( :-< :-v ︱-∣ :O 8- ∣ \-O

sad really sad shouting asleep shocked surprised


Whr hv U bn ? Iv bn wtng hrs fr a cll.

Where have you been? I’ve been waiting hours for a call.
Do U wnt 2 g 2 th cnma tnite?

Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?
I gt a txt mssge frm my frnd. Shes hvng a prty on Strdy. Do U wnt 2 cm?

I got a text message from my friend. She is having a party on Saturday. Do you want to come?

Guess :

{Broaden horizon}
Why not give me a call? I have been waiting for a long time.I’m so sad.

“Why nt gv me a cll? Iv bn wtng fr a lng tme. I’m so sd.”

1. 4ever 2. B4 3. B t w . 4. J a m. 5. S U L 6. Gd lk. 7. Gld 2 s U. 8. I L U. 9. I dt knw. 10. Lng tme n s.


forever before By the way. Just a minute. See you later. Good luck. Glad to see you . I love you. I don’t know. Long time no see.

? What is the attitude of our school to the use of mobile phones? Talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

?Convenient ?Family numbers can communicate with them ?For urgent use

?Affect study ?Cause a sense of fault competition ?Too expensive for students ?May be used in exam


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