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unit 2

(A) Polly Jones lived on a farm.She had lived there all her life,all twelve years of it. Her father,who managed the farm,had just lifted the potato crop.Prices were high;he wanted to sell the crop as quickly as he could. Polly wandered(漫步,徘徊) over the rough(粗糙的) field looking for the smaller potatoes that the pickers had accidentally missed.She found one,then another,then a handful.She was pleased.They were delicious once cooked. Then she caught sight of something else.It looked like a piece of coloured stone.Polly picked it up and thought how pretty it was. She could see a pattern on it:a picture of a fish and a part of a leaf.She scraped(擦去) the soil away around her feet and found that she was standing on what seemed to be a piece of pavement(铺路 石) Stuck to another piece of stone was something small and round like a button. . She realized it was an old coin. The field was busy the next morning though not with potato pickers.In front of the house where the farm machinery usually stood were several cars and a police van.A group of distinguished-looking men and women had appeared the morning after her father's telephone call.The local television station had shown some pictures of the field with Polly pointing to the place where she had found her pavement.It was proving to be of Roman origin and was being described as the most exciting thing that had happened in the area since the end of the Second World War.In those days an American airbase had occupied the site of the potato field. A week later about forty students arrived from the local university.That afternoon a truck with equipment arrived.The excavation(挖掘)was officially under way. Permission had been given and the“dig”, as it was called, expected was to last several months.Polly wondered how the everyday work of the farm would get done with so many strange people around and cars coming and going all day long.All the unusual activity had made the cows and sheep restless.Her father said their cows produced less milk. Still,it was interesting and great fun.They had let her keep the gold coin. From then on,Polly would always walk carefully over potato fields. 1.There were still potatoes in the field because the pickers _____ . A.had left them for Polly on purpose B.thought they were too small C.would pick them later D.had failed to notice them 2.When Polly was looking for potatoes,_____ caught her attention first. A.a part of a leaf old coin C.a piece of pavement D.a button 3.Why did the findings cause great excitement? A. Because the coin was priceless. B. Because an ancient Roman site was discovered. C.Because few old coins had been found since the War. D.Because such old coins had been found in American airbases. 4.How did the“dig”affect the life on the farm? A.It reduced milk production. B.It prevented Polly from attending class. C.It attracted more farmers to the potato fields. D.It brought the farmers wealth overnight. 答案 D C B A

(B) Answer the following questions by using the four job advertisements A—D from a newspaper.(You may read the questions first.) A Restaurant Supervisor Waiting Staff Telephonist(话务员) The ideal candidates 侯选人) must have relevant 有关的, ( ( 相应的) experiences gained in a high quality hotel. Please call Personnel on 071-722-7722,or send your CV to: Regents Park Hilton, Lodge Road,London NW87 JT London REGENTS PARK Hilton B USE YOUR LANGUAGE AND EARN £450—£1200 P.W. We are one of the largest business publishers in Europe and have limited positions for intelligent(有才智的) young people in our London advertisement sales office. Enquiries (询问) from German, Spanish and Eastern European speakers especially welcome. Phone on 0717534300 C BABY SITTER WANTED For a 9 month old. Artistic(艺术的) /Prof household(家庭,家族) Notting Hill,3 days per week. Some hours Flexibility(适应性) required. Knowledge German /French advantage not essential(实质的,根本的) 0712217375 D Planet Hollywood London Join the Stars!Food Servers The biggest and busiest restaurant in London is seeking additional stars for its team of dedicated professionals.If you have experience in high volume restaurants and are looking for a challenge,then come on down for an audition(听 力试听). Interview day is on Friday 6th May from 12 noon to 7p.m. Planet Hollywood is located at 13 Coventry Street,London,W1

5.How many advertisements are for waiters? A.One.B.Two. C.Three.D.Four. 6.According to advertisement B,we can learn that _____ . A.only German,Spanish and Eastern European speakers are needed B.the job offers £450—£1200 per month C.the job is open to people of all ages may call to get more information about the job 7.In advertisement C,the baby sitter should _____ . A.have 9 months'working experience B.speak German or French C.accept flexible working hours D.come from an artistic household 答案:B D C (C) A characteristic(特征,特性) of American culture that has become almost a tradition(传统,惯例) is to respect the self-made man—the man who has risen to the top through his own efforts, usually beginning by working with his hands.While the leader in business or industry or the college professor occupies a higher social position and commands greater respect in the community than the common labourer or even the skilled factory worker, he may take pains to point out that his father started life in America as a farmer or labourer of some sort. This attitude toward manual(体力的) labour is now still seen in many aspects of American life.One is invited to dinner at a home that is not only comfortably but even luxuriously(豪华地)furnished and in which there is every evidence of the fact that the family has been able to afford foreign travel,expensive hobbies, and college education for the children;yet the hostess probably will cook the dinner herself,will serve it herself and will wash dishes afterward,furthermore the dinner will not consist merely of something quickly and easily assembled from contents various cans and a cake or a pie bought at the nearby bakery.On the contrary,the hostess usually takes pride in careful preparation of special dishes.A professional man may talk about washing the car,digging in his flowerbeds,painting the house.His wife may even help with these things,just as he often helps her with the dishwashing.The son who is away at college may wait on table and wash dishes for his living,or during the summer he may work with a construction gang on a highway in order to pay for his education. 8.From Paragraph 1,we can know that in America _____ . A.people tend to have a high opinion of the self-made man B.people can always rise to the top through their own efforts professors win great respect from common workers D.people feel painful to mention their fathers as labourers 9.According to the passage,the hostess cooks dinner herself mainly because_____ . A.servants in America are hard to get B.she takes pride in what she can do herself C.she can hardly afford servants is easy to prepare a meal with canned food

10.The expression“wait on table”in the second paragraph means“_____ ”. in a furniture shop B.keep accounts for a bar C.wait to lay the table D.serve customers in a restaurant 11.Which of the following may serve as the best title of the passage? A.A Respectable Self-made Family B.American Attitude toward Manual Labour C.Characteristics of American Culture D.The Development of Manual Labour 答案 A B D B (D) Scientists have identified a gene(基因) that plays a role in violence in men ill-treated in childhood.The discovery could explain why some survive(幸 免于) unhappy childhoods and go on to normal lives,while others turn to violence, crime or antisocial behaviour.But it will also restart the argument about the influence of nature and nurture(后天培养)in criminal behaviour. Terrie Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi report in Science today that one common form of a gene in the brain makes men more likely to be violent—but only if they have experienced cruelty (残忍, 残酷) or rejection (拒绝, 遗弃) in childhood. The researchers followed up the life histories of 442 boys born in New Zealand in 1972.Of these,154had been ill-treated in the first 10years,33of them severely. They had either experienced sexual attack, beatings or rejection by mother or stepparents.Of the 154children,55 had a less active variant(变异 体)of a gene called MAOA,which controlled the balance of neurotransmitters (神经传递素)in the brain,and 99had the more active variant. The 55boys were more than twice as likely to have been involved in criminal behaviour than the other ill-treated group.They made up 12%of the total,but were responsible for 44% of all crimes committed among the 442 boys. Prof. Moffitt stressed (强调) a“violence”gene had not been discovered. Boys with the less active form who were not ill-treated during childhood lived perfectly normal lives.“It is very common in the population.One third of us have it,”she said.“So the gene apparently(显然地) doesn't do much of anything,it doesn't cause an obstacle(障碍) in any way,unless we are also ill-treated.” The gene might also indicate(指出,预示) the ability to endure mental stress.The military or the police might examine applicants to see if they have the more active form.But the discovery also raises the view of biology as fate, and the argument that people wit the less active form of the gene could be social risks(社会风险),to be treated with drugs.“This research can easily play into the tendency (倾向) to fit social problems through medical treatment, ”said David King of the UK Gene Alert Group. 12.According to the passage,the less active variant of the gene _____ . A.will totally determine men's personality and behaviour B.always leads to trouble-making feature C.might be responsible for boys' criminal behaviour D.plays no significant role in children's development 13.We can learn from the passage that those men who have stronger ability to endure mental stress usually _____ .

A.have the more active variant of the gene B.have the less active variant of the gene C.had ill-treated childhood D.had no ill-treated childhood 14.According to the passage,which of the following is NOT true? A.One third of the population carry the less active variant. B.Boys with the less active variant will not live normal lives. C.Some people disagree with the concept of“violence”gene(因子,基因). D.The less active variant and ill-treated experience contribute to violence. 15.David King's comment in the last paragraph implies that _____ . A.he agrees with the research findings of the gene MAOA B.he criticizes strongly the possible role of the less active variant C.he considers that the research is of no great importance D.he thinks the findings oversimplify(过分单纯化) the solution(解决方法) to social problems。 答案 C A B D


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