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2017年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 3 A healthy life课时作业

Unit 3 A healthy life
Ⅰ.完形填空 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:爱与帮助 词数:274 时间:16′ As a young girl I remember a very special doctor name Dr.William R.Vincent.I had been to several doctors as a child,but I have a__1__ place in my heart for Dr.Vincent.I was eight years old at the time with a__2__ heart problem and I needed heart surgery.We were poor at that time and my Mom did not have the__3__ to have it done,and without the surgery there was a real good__4__ I would not live to be thirteen years old. Dr.Vincent was a handsome man; he was also very gentle and__5__.I remember being in the hospital I was__6__,so the medical staff called in Dr.Vincent to__7__ me down,and he was able to__8__ me when no one else could.Then the time came for me to have heart surgery.I was absolutely__9__,and again Dr.Vincent__10__ me he would see to it. I had a lot of__11__ and trust in Dr.Vincent; he was the most caring man I had__12__ known.He came to see me after the surgery,which was extremely painful but very__13__.I gave him a hug.I had no family or friends to visit me __14__I was in the hospital__15__ my Mom.I knew I had a__16__ doctor who took the time to help a scared little girl who felt__17__.This was twenty-eight years ago,so wherever you are Dr.Vincent,I want to__18__ you for not only__19__my life,but you helped me__20__ a normal productive(丰富多彩的) life,and for showing me that you truly cared,for that I will be grateful to you. 1.A.special B.usual C.common D.ordinary

答案 A [从下文故事叙述来看,作者一直对 Dr.William R.Vincent 非常感激,所以 尽管看过许多医生,她的心里都存有 Dr.William R.Vincent 的特殊位置。] 2.A.slight B.deserted C.formal D.severe

答案 D [根据下文的 and I needed heart surgery 可知心脏病非常的“严重”。] 3.A.skill C.bravery D.feeling

答案 B [从上文的 We were poor at that time 可知妈妈没有钱为我做手术。]






答案 A [如果不做手术,我将没有“机会”活到 13 岁。] 5.A.cruel C.caring B.excited D.frightened

答案 C [四个选项中只有 caring(充满关心的)能与 gentle 相一致。 下文的 he was the most caring man 也提示了答案。] 6.A.singing B.crying C.laughing D.fighting

答案 B [因为害怕做手术,作者应该是一直不停地哭泣。] 7.A.put B.cut C.wrote D.calm

答案 D [calm down“使??安定下来”; put down“控制; 制止”; cut down“砍倒”; write down“写下”;四个选项中只有 D 项符合句子意思。] 8.A.comfort B.shake C.destroy D.rescue

答案 A [只有 Dr.William R.Vincent 能够安慰我。] 9.A.anxious B.eager C.terrified D.interested

答案 C [根据上面的叙述可知,作者在动手术前非常“害怕” 。] 10.A.reassured C.suffered 答案 A 11.A.advice C.information 答案 B 12.A.never 答案 D 13.A.joyful C.successful 答案 C 14.A.while 答案 A B.feared D.interrupted

[reassure“使安心;使恢复信心”;符合句子意思。] B.confidence D.preparation

[Dr.William R.Vincent 使我得到安慰,因此我又有了信心。] B.still C.even D.ever

[ever“曾经”,Dr.William R.Vincent 是我曾经认识的最富有爱心的人。] B.professional D.unexpected

[通过下文的 I gave him a hug 说明手术非常成功。] B.unless C.until D.though

[while 表示“在??期间”。] terms of D.except for

15.A.instead of favor of


D [except for“除此之外”;instead of“代替”;in terms of“至于;关

于;从??的观点看”;in favor of“支持”。] 16.A.wonderful C.traditional 答案 A 17.A.shy 答案 B B.valuable D.universal

[wonderful“很好的;优秀的”,用于形容 Dr.William R.Vincent。] B.lonely C.satisfied D.respected

[因为上文有 I had no family or friends to visit me 所以我感到很孤独。] B.invite C.thank D.conduct

18.A.recognize 答案 C

[thank sb for sth“因为某事而感谢某人”。] B.saving C.controlling D.admiring

19.A.charging 答案 B 20.A.settle 答案 D Ⅱ.阅读理解

[医生救了作者的命,因此作者要感激这位医生。] B.protect C.provide

[live“过??样的生活” 。]

体裁:议论文 话题:健康

词数:321 时间:7′

Most children have heard their parents at one time or another say “sit up straight!” In the past,this was usually heard at the dinner table as children ate dinner.But these days,it is also heard around another activity—video games. 19-year-old student Nida Jameel says she feels pain in the neck because she plays video games on her smartphone most of the day.She says she uses her smartphone all the time.Ten-year-old Owaish Batliwala,from India,admits he spends three to four hours each day playing games on his smartphone.His mother became concerned when her son started saying that his neck hurt.She said,“My son started having neck problems around June or July.The pain slowly spread to his hand and his back.He plays for hours on the smartphone.This is what has caused the problem.” Sadia Vanjara is a physical therapist.She says the number of young children with chronic pain in their necks,arms and shoulders is on the rise.Dr.Vanjara says the pain is not from aging,accidents or diseases.It is from bad posture,while playing video games. Dr.Vanjara says the best treatments for the pain are daily exercises.“And start

stretching it in all the possible directions that you can.” Correct posture can help prevent pain.Dr.Vanjara teaches children how to hold their smartphones correctly.She tells a patient to hold the smartphone in front of the face.She says that bending the head down to look at the device,strains the neck and creates an unhealthy bend to the back.She advises taking breaks from using a smartphone often.Stand up.Stretch your legs,back,shoulders and arms.And when your work or school work is done,unplug(不插电) and exercise. Sadia Vanjara predicts we will see not only physical but psychological and emotional problems resulting from overuse of smartphones. 21.What is the best title for the passage? A.Children are fond of playing video games on smartphones. B.Playing video games can make children smarter. C.How to play video games on smartphones. D.Playing too many video games causes neck problems. 答案 D [主旨大意题。 本文说明玩太多的手机电子游戏会引起颈部疼痛, 进而引起心

理上和情绪上的问题。故选项 D 可作文章标题。] 22.In order to prove his point of view,the author ________. some examples C.analyzes the causes 答案 A B.makes comparisons D.provides some datas

[推理判断题。 为了说明玩太多的手机电子游戏会引起颈部疼痛这一观点, 作

者列举了 Nida Jameel 和 Owaish Batliwala 因为玩手机电子游戏引起颈部疼痛这两个 例子。故选 A。] 23.Which of the following is correct according to Sadia Vanjara? A.Using a smartphone no more than four hours a day. B.Holding the smartphone just in front of the face. C.Children should not use smartphones to play games. D.Video games on smartphones do harm to children. 答案 B [细节理解题。根据第四段中的 She tells a patient to hold the smartphone

in front of the face.可知选项 B 正确。] 24.It can be inferred from the passage that ________.

A.overuse of smartphones may cause serious problems for children B.measures have been taken to prevent children from using smartphones C.using a smartphone often helps improve children's intelligence D.there are no treatments for the pain caused by playing video games 答案 A [推理判断题。 根据最后一段内容可知, 过度使用手机不但引起身体上的而且

还会引起心理上的和情绪上的问题。由此推断过度使用手机会造成严重的问题。故选 A。] Ⅲ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 I had a very happy childhood because there were a lot of boys and girls my age in my neighborhood.Of course,we played with a lot of traditional __25__ (toy) such as paper dolls,and jump ropes __26__ were made with rubber bands. I __27__ (especial) enjoyed playing with shuttlecocks(毽子).Sometimes we had to spend a lot of time __28__ (practice) in order to be able to play well; however, we had a lot of fun. Shuttlecocks are __29__ (difficulty) to play with skillfully,so whenever we played with __30__,everyone practiced very hard.That's because everyone wanted to be the best player.Actually,it was a competition rather than a game played with a toy. Besides playing with shuttlecocks and __31__ traditional toys,we also played with commercial toys such as Barbie dolls,lego games,robots and electronic toys such as Segas and Nitendos,but they were not as popular as __32__ (tradition) toys. These commercial and electronic toys were not so common because they were expensive at that time.Our parents usually __33__ (give) them to us as birthday gifts or rewards for academic achievement,so we were proud of __34__(possess) them.These kinds of toys are currently very popular and have almost replaced the traditional ones. 答案 [前面有 a lot of,故用所给名词的复数形式。] 26.that/which [空格处缺少定语从句引导词。] 27.especially [用副词形式修饰谓语动词 enjoyed。]

28.practicing [spend time (in) doing sth 是固定短语。] 29.difficult [系动词 are 后面应该用形容词作表语。] 30.them [them 指代句子开头的名词 Shuttlecocks。] 31.other [other 表示“其它的”,符合句意。] 32.traditional [名词 toys 前面需要用形容词修饰。] 33.gave [根据整个句子所用时态判断,此处应该用动词过去式。] 34.possessing [用动词-ing 形式作介词 of 的宾语。] Ⅳ.书面表达 如果你可以随心所欲地度过一天, 你会怎么过?请用英语写一篇短文, 第一段说明你会 邀请谁和你一起度过这一天?为什么?第二段描述你会去哪里?做些什么事?为什么? 注意:1.邀请的人可以是亲朋好友也可以是古今中外的名人; 2.词数 100 左右。

【参考范文】 Living without worrying about the budget is such a wonderful gift for me and I will definitely share the chance with my grandmother,who has devoted herself to raising a family since the age of eighteen.She has taught me so many precious lessons that are never mentioned in my textbooks. Being a green thumb,my grandmother is fond of gardening.As a result,I will take her to Hangzhou Botanic Garden.The diverse kinds of plants and breathtaking scene will certainly impress her.Taking her to a spa and a nice restaurant is also in my plan.After all,she has suffered for the whole life.I sincerely hope she will lead a relaxed,happy life ever after.




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