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崇明县 2016 届第二次高考模拟考试试卷 英 语 (考试时间 120 分钟,满分 150 分。请将答案填写在答题纸上) 第Ⅰ卷 (共 103 分) I. Listening Comprehension Section A Directions: In Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two spe

akers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversations and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard. 1. A. In a gallery. B. In a classroom. C. In a bookstore. D. In a museum. 2. A. Boss and employee. B. Father and daughter. C. Teacher and student. D. Shop assistant and customer. 3. A. 5 minutes. B. 8 minutes. C. 10 minutes. D. 15 minutes. 4. A. The shirt is too large. B. The price of the shirt is wrong. C. The shirt is too expensive. D. Other shops don’t sell this shirt. 5. A. Watching TV. B. Parents’ involvement. C. Playing video games. D. Teachers’ substitution. 6. A. A place for a meal. B. Their good friends. C. A tip for choosing food. D. Their plan to eat out. 7. A. She doesn’t know where the manager is. B. She doesn’t know where the man heard the news. C. She doesn’t know where she will be working this month. D. She doesn’t know where she can find the work schedule. 8. A. The time is not convenient. B. Her house is not big enough. C. A few people won’t turn up. D. There won’t be enough food. 9. A. It is rather cool in the lecture hall. B. No one will be able to see what he is wearing. C. The air-conditioner doesn’t work. D. He expects the weather to change later in the day. 10. A. The film cost too much despite its high quality. B. The man didn’t like the film but the woman did. C. The man missed the film because of the woman. D. The man saw the film upon the advice of the woman. Section B Directions: In Section B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.
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Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. 11. A. A special room. C. A comprehension program. 12. A. Experts on English reading. C. Native speakers of English. 13. A. It is designed for different levels. C. It can bring back the childhood. B. A series of textbooks. D. A rewritten masterpiece. B. Beginners of English learning. D. Editors of English textbooks. B. It contains original masterpieces. D. It helps to improve memory.

Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage. 14. A. Work efficiency is what we pursue. B. It’s possible for us to work harder. C. Our brain is our most important tool. D. It’s wise to take a rest if our body needs it. 15. A. To focus on something new. B. To ignore the limitations. C. To refresh the concentration. D. To lengthen the attention. 16. A. Changing jobs from time to time. B. Doing new tasks in different work areas. C. Making a list of all your tasks. D. Eating popcorn while taking a break. Section C Directions: In Section C, you will hear two longer conversations. The conversations will be read twice. After you hear each conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Write your answers on your answer sheet. Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation. Complete the form. Write ONE WORD for each answer. Sunshine Travel Agency Reservation Form a 4-day 17 tour London Lisa Garcia 197-6344-5829 4 (2 18 & 2 children) 19 6th 20

Type of tour: Destination: Name: Telephone: Number of people: Date of departure: Total price:

Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation. Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. What does the woman want the man A report about a thief who got into people’s to read in the newspaper? homes under a false identity and 21 from the homes. How did the thief manage to get into He pretended to be from the electricity board to people’s homes? check the 22 of their appliances. What is the warning from the police? The police warn people not to let anyone in 23 .
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What does the thief look like?

He’s in his thirties and tall with dark hair and 24 .

II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A Directions: After reading the passages below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank. (A) Happiness Is an Attitude The 92-year-old confident and proud lady, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock, with her hair fashionably combed and makeup perfectly applied, (25)_____ _____ she’s legally blind, moved to a nursing home today. Her husband of 70 years recently passed away, (26)_____ (make) the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the hall of the nursing home, she (27)_____ (smile) sweetly when told her room was ready. As she got into the elevator (28)_____ her wheelchair, I provided a description of her tiny room. “I love it,” she started with the enthusiasm of (29)_____ eight-year-old child having just been presented with a new dog. “Mrs. Jones, you haven’t seen the room…just wait.” “That has (30)_____ to do with it,” she replied. “Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. (31)_____ I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged…it’s how I arrange my mind. I already decided to love it. It’s a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the difficulty I have with the parts of my body (32)_____ no longer work or get out of bed and be thankful for the ones working. Each day is a gift, and (33)_____ _____ _____ my eyes open, I’ll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I’ve stored away…just for this time in my life.” (B) Sculptor Builds Dubai’s Soaring Burj Khalifa Skyscraper out of Toothpicks to Bag World Record A sculptor has scaled new heights by building the world’s tallest toothpick (牙签) model. Stanley Hayes Munro, 45, from Syracuse, New York, is a toothpick engineer, who (34)_____ (hook) by toothpick models since he built his first sculpture in school when creating a structure that (35)_____ support the weight of an egg. Now, he has won the world record for the tallest toothpick structure with a sculpture of the Burj Kahlifa, Dubai. For Stanley though, he has always been more concerned with the integrity(完整性) of his work. Stanley said: “I’ve never cared for counting toothpicks, wasting toothpicks, or the number of toothpicks (36)_____ (use) in any construction. But
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an engineering problem you’ve got to create a strong structure is a problem worth (37)_____(solve).” “I made my first toothpick structure in an art class when I was in Grade 5,” he continued. “The assignment was to build something 25 centimeters tall and to have it (38)_____ (hold) the weight of an egg. Mine held my desk and from that point I became interested in it.” “Everybody likes to ask whether my sculptures will collapse when I build them, but they are much (39)_____ (strong) than people think,” he said. “It was not really the height but the shape of the outer walls (40)_____ was the biggest challenge with Burj Khalifa. There wasn’t a flat surface anywhere and I had to individually construct each level,” he said. Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. standard F. terms B. experienced G. power C. potentially D. orderly H. benefit I. compared E. extremely J. noticeable K. scanned

Paying more for a ticket to see a film in 3D is the cause of annoyance of many a cinema-goer’s life. But there may be a(n) 41 to doing so, as a study has claimed that 3D films exercise the brain and improve short-term functioning in a similar way to brain-training tests. The research was led by neuroscientist( 神经科学家 ) Dr Patrick Fagan from Goldsmiths University in London. More than 100 people took part in the experiment, where participants watched Disney film Big Hero 6 in either 42 type or RealD 3D. They also carried out a brain-training-style test before and after seeing a part from the film. The test covered memory, reaction time and cognitive (认知的) function, and the results were later 43 . According to the research, participants 44 a 23 per cent increase in cognitive processing, as well as an 11 percent increase in reaction time. Dr Fagan said that the results showed enough of an improvement in brain function to suggest that 3D could play a part in improving brain 45 in the future. “These findings are more significant than you might think,” he said. “It is a fact that people are living longer and there is a(n) 46 decline in cognitive brain function in old age which can damage future quality of life. There has never been a better time to look at ways to improve brain function. The initial results of this study indicate that 3D films may 47 play a role in slowing this decline.” A second part of the experiment involved those watching the film being fitted with headsets(耳机) that 48 brain activity and this too showed heightened activity when watching 3D. According to the results, participants were seven percent more engaged with
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what they were watching, adding to the argument that 3D movies are more like watching real-life-something. “A seven percent rise in emotional engagement is 49 remarkable. Watching in 3D gives the viewer such an enriched and quality experience, as these results show,” he said. “In evolutionary 50 , the results of both parts of the test certainly make sense. 3D films are more likely to heighten the senses and cause emotional arousal—this, in turn, makes the brain run at quicker speeds,” Dr Fagan added. III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Researchers recently find women likely face work environments that push against the “having it all” mentality, leading to feelings of guilt and depression. Trying to have it all could be bad for your mental health, according to a new study that finds that “supermoms” have higher rates of depression compared with working moms who let things 51 . The research, presented Aug. 20 at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas, finds that working is 52 for mothers’ mental health. But among working mothers, the least depressed are those who don’t expect to 53 work and family life perfectly, said study researcher Katrina Leupp, a graduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle. “The ideal that women can do it all actually 54 the level of depressive symptoms compared to women who were more doubtful about whether or not work and family can be balanced,” Leupp told LiveScience. Leupp analyzed survey 55 from 1,600 married women who participated in a large survey called the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. In 1987, the women answered questions to judge their support of women’s 56 , including whether they agreed with statements such as “Women are much happier if they stay at home and take care of their children.” In 1992 and 1994, the now 40-year-old women answered questions about their symptoms of depression. Like earlier studies, the survey data indicated that women who worked outside the home had fewer symptoms of depression, perhaps because outside work gives women more 57 interaction, more varied activities and a larger income, Leupp said. Among the employed women, though, the cheeriest were those who had indicated in their younger years the least 58 for women balancing career and family. The results held even after controlling for earlier levels of depression. “Somewhat 59 , women who don’t expect to be able to balance work and family have better mental health than those who do,” Leupp said. The study didn’t explain why optimistic (乐观的) views of balancing work and motherhood would 60 later depression. “The reason may come down to 61 and real-world work environments,” Leupp said. “Women who expect to have it all probably come up against 62 that aren’t designed with work-life balance in mind. When they can’t balance everything perfectly, these supermoms are more likely to feel 63 .”
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“I think this research really speaks to a 64 between women’s expectations and the actual structure of the workplace,” Leupp said. “The takeaway for working moms is to temper their optimism about balancing 65 and employment and not to blame themselves if they struggle. Recognize that if it feels difficult, it’s because it is difficult.” 51. A. happen 52. A. good 53. A. protect 54. A. increased 55. A. questions 56. A. pregnancy 57. A. cultural 58. A. support 59. A. deliberately 60. A. result from 61. A. families 62. A. clubs 63. A. excited 64. A. mismatch 65. A. aging B. continue B. ready B. share B. assessed B. responses B. marriage B. social B. tolerance B. aggressively B. relate to B. expectations B. hospitals B. embarrassed B. mistreat B. training C. slide C. hard C. illustrate C. reached C. solutions C. employment C. positive C. concern C. ironically C. hold back C. surroundings C. governments C. thrilled C. misunderstanding C. schooling D. end D. possible D. combine D. influenced D. instruments D. education D. verbal D. respect D. similarly D. call for D. requirements D. workplaces D. frustrated D. misinterpretation D. parenting

Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) The twenty-four horses dash around a racetrack. The thunder of their hooves (蹄) rings in the riders’ ears, nearly drowning out the cheering of the crowd. After three or four minutes of suspense, one horse crosses the finish line first, winning the Melbourne Cup and earning a place in history. The horses that compete in the Melbourne Cup—one of the world’s most famous horseraces—were fated to race. Bred for speed, these horses are the few that were singled out as having potential to become champions. Preparing a racehorse to compete requires a team. A horse’s owner manages the team and decides which races to enter. A trainer determines the racehorse’s diet and exercise. Regular exercise makes a horse less likely to be injured, but overtraining tires the horse. A groomer (动物美容师) cares for the racehorse and reports any problems he discovers to the trainer. And of course, no horserace could be run without a rider. These riders train for long hours and travel constantly from one race to another. They need to make a strategy, adapt to changing conditions and communicate with their horse to guide it to victory.
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Australia’s most famous horserace, the Melbourne Cup, is 3,200 meters of pure excitement. Each year 300 or 400 horses are nominated (提名), but only 24 can run. The competitors are chosen based on a number of factors, but winners of certain races qualify automatically. Each racehorse receives a handicap—a certain weight it must carry to give each horse an equal chance of winning—two months before the race. Originally, horses that seemed likely to win were assigned larger handicaps. But the rules have changed, reducing the handicap for previous winners. The first Melbourne Cup in 1861 drew a crowd of 4,000 spectators, and the race ’s popularity has grown since then. Held on the first Tuesday of November, the cup has become a four-day festival with fine food and entertainment. The Melbourne Cup began during a gold rush as a form of entertainment for the rich. Today it still attracts society’s upper class. They come dressed in their finest to enjoy the event in comfort. But anyway it’s all about the race—the effort of horses and riders, the suspense and the thrill of victory. 66. What can be learned about the horses in the Melbourne Cup? A. They are all winners of a certain race. B. They are raised and trained by joint effort. C. They are chosen from ordinary horses. D. Their fates are determined by their trainers. 67. The racehorses are given handicaps so that _____. A. they will weigh the same B. previous winners are unlikely to win C. the race will be fair enough D. they will be more adaptable to the race 68. It can be learned from the passage that _____. A. the spectators of the Melbourne Cup must dress well B. the Melbourne Cup was intended for wealthy people C. the winner of the Melbourne Cup can earn a large fortune D. the Melbourne Cup is the best-known horserace worldwide 69. The passage can most probably be found in _____. A. a sports journal B. a business newspaper C. an academic paper D. a health magazine ( B) Down County Museum - Open and Free What’s On Contact details The Mall, Downpatrick, County Down, BT30 6AH Telephone: +44 (0) 28 4461 5218 Fax: +44 (0) 28 4461 5590 Email: Opening hours Monday to Friday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Saturdays and Sundays 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm Admission free There is however a charge for some special events and for guided tours.

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m In the Footsteps of St Patrick 12 November 2015 - 24 April 2016 at Down County Museum The aim of this exhibition is to explore some of the local sites, monuments and archaeological (考古的 ) discoveries which are linked to the early missionary work of St Patrick and his followers, and to his Early Christian heritage (遗产) in County Down. This PEACE III funded display, featuring wonderful photographs, is in English and Polish and is accompanied by a free leaflet, also in both languages. Admission FREE. From Ballyhosset to Bengal 03 February 2016 - 31 December 2016 at Down County Musuem This display features a selection of documents, photographs, medical instruments and uniforms belonging to Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Silcock, which were recently donated to Down County Museum. Admission FREE. 1916 and After 28 April 2016 - 01 May 2016 at Down County Museum This exhibition has been created by Down County Museum and Newry and Mourne Museum to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. The exhibition provides an overview Rising and will explore a selection of themes including how the Rising was reported in local newspapers and its impact on local politics and society. Pre-booking essential. Admission FREE. Essence of Form: The Applied Art Collection of Down County Museum 03 May 2016 - 30 October 2016 at Down County Museum This exhibition displays the applied art collection of Down County Museum. Collected over 25 years, the exhibition includes ceramics (陶瓷制品), textile (纺织的) pieces, silversmithing and jewellery made by artists living and working in County Down. Admission FREE. 70. Which exhibition is related to religion? A. In the Footsteps of St Patrick. B. From Ballyhosset to Bengal. C. 1916 and After. D. Essence of Form. 71. Which exhibition needs to be reserved in advance? A. In the Footsteps of St Patrick. B. From Ballyhosset to Bengal. C. 1916 and After. D. Essence of Form. 72. Mr. Smith, who is interested in the works of art in Down County Museum, can go to visit the museum on ______. A. April 25, 2016. B. April 29, 2016. C. June 18, 2016. D.
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November 3, 2016. 73. It can be learned from the above introduction that _____. A. Admission to Down County Museum is always free. B. Down County Museum is open for a shorter time on weekdays. C. All the exhibitions are held by Down County Museum independently. D. The exhibits in “From Ballyhosset to Bengal” have long belonged to the museum. (C) Fed up with constantly having to recharge or replace batteries in your ever-expanding electronic devices? The solution may be just a few steps away. “Energy harvesting” promises to power countless consumer devices, often with nothing more than your body’s movement or heat. Dozens of companies around the world already offer such products, but many experts believe the market for the technology could explode due to electronic devices being developed for the Internet of Things. “It’s huge,” said Graham Martin, CEO of the EnOcean Alliance, a San Ramon-based group of businesses that promotes wireless energy-harvesting technologies. With the Internet of Things expected to combine billions of devices, “if they are all battery-powered, we’ll have a problem because there’s not enough lithium (锂) in the world,” he added. “So a lot of them will have to use energy harvesting.” Among the most basic forms of the technology is body power. When certain materials are squeezed or stretched, the movement of their atoms creates an electrical charge. Automatic watches have employed the concept for decades, for example, by winding themselves when their user moves their arm. Now, the concept is being considered for a number of other devices. In a contest seeking visionary ideas for wearable technologies, Intel awarded $5,000 for a concept to change the temperature difference between a person’s body and a special piece of clothing they’d wear into electricity for mobile devices. Using sound to power devices is another energy-harvesting variation. Stanford University engineers are testing smart microchips (芯片) that create electricity from ultrasound (超声波) to power implantable (可植入的) devices that can analyze a person’s nervous system or treat their diseases. A textile (纺织品) research association in Spain is proposing to obtain electricity from radio waves that flow around everyone to power sensors sewn into clothes, which can monitor a person’s heartbeat or other vital signs. Research firm IDTechEx has estimated that annual global sales of energy-harvesting products could hit $2.6 billion by 2024, while WinterGreen Research predicts sales of $4.2 billion by 2019. Obtaining stable energy from devices can be complex, however. For one thing, the motion that generates the electricity has to be constant to be useful. Moreover, the amount of power the devices produce depends on the person using them, according to a Columbia
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University study. It determined that taller people on average provide about 20 percent more power than shorter ones when walking, running or cycling. It’s also unclear how eagerly consumers might welcome energy-harvesting products. While such devices are expected to cost less than battery-powered alternatives when compared over many years, experts say, people may continue buying ones with batteries merely because those would be cheaper in the short term. 74. Which “explode” in the following sentences has the most similar meaning to the word “explode” in Paragraph 2? A. They were clearing up when the second bomb exploded. B. The continued tension could explode into more violence. C. The population exploded to 40,000 during the last tourist season. D. The boss exploded when he heard of the resignation of the secretary. 75. What makes “energy harvesting” necessary according to the passage? A. The waste of lithium in the world. B. The increasing number of electronic devices. C. The development of technology. D. The pollution caused by batteries. 76. It can be learned from the passage that _____. A. energy-harvesting products save money in the long run B. taller people can surely produce a larger amount of power C. automatic watches harvest energy from the users’ body heat D. two ways of harvesting energy are mentioned in the passage 77. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage? A. Energy harvesting: a low-risk technology B. Energy harvesting: a high-profit technology C. Energy harvesting: a problem-free technology D. Energy harvesting: an environment-friendly technology Section C Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. Want to attract and keep top talent? Here’s a suggestion: Make a flexible work schedule part of the deal. A survey this summer of 1,215 U.S. managers and employees across a variety of industries, by EY (formerly Ernst & Young), found those aged 18 to 32 rank flexibility among the perks (特殊待遇) they want most, with 33% saying they wouldn’t work anywhere that didn’t offer it. But it seems those aged 33 to 48 value flextime even more: 38% of them consider it non-negotiable, with men who said so, at 40%, slightly outnumbering women (37%). “Companies first started offering flexible schedules, in the late 80s and the 90s, as a way to recruit (招募) and keep talented women, but it’s gone way beyond that now,”
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observes Karyn Twaronite, an EY partner who came up through the tax side of the business. Noting that both men and women, in all age groups, ranked flextime (弹性工作制) tops among non-cash perks, Twaronite adds, “That result mirrors exactly what we’re seeing here at EY.” The accounting and consulting giant, No. 57 on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For, has had thousands of employees working flexible schedules for years—including, since 2004, six weeks’ of paid leave for new dads. “Flextime may have started out as a women’s issue, but it’s changed into something that people of both sexes have come to expect,” he adds. “I think it’s partly because of the large number of two-career households now, where people have to adapt to two demanding professional schedules instead of just one.” The EY survey suggests that, in the next decade or so, the opportunity for a life outside the office will become an even bigger draw than it already is. Most of those surveyed still work a set schedule, the report notes, but “respondents expect a shift in the coming years to more flexible hours, as 62% currently work standard office hours and only 50% expect to do so in five to ten years.” That doesn’t surprise Twaronite. “Work is changing,” she observes. “The technology to connect anywhere and anytime means that people are expected to be on call 24 hours a day, especially in global companies that operate across different time zones. The other side of that is that employers are adapting to people’s lives outside of work—because they have to be.” (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TEN WORDS.) 78. What is the main finding of the survey? 79. Flextime was originally aimed at _____. 80. The result of the survey is caused by the fact that _____. 81. What makes flextime possible according to Twaronite? 第Ⅱ卷(共 47 分) I. Translation Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets. 1. 出国对于这个高中生来讲根本没有吸引力。(appeal) 2. 尽管我们无法预测将来会发生什么事,但我们可以未雨绸缪。(plan) 3. 这个明年将竣工的游乐园可为当地创造 5 万个新职位。(entertainment) 4. 你们俩若要合作,必须清楚地意识到你们不可能改变对方的个性而应学着相互尊 重。(aware) 5. 不但政府应该制定政策防止进一步污染, 而且每个公民都该责无旁贷地保护环境。
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(Not only) II. Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 每个人的生活都不可能一帆风顺, 都会或多或少遇到一些挫折。 面对生活中的起 起伏伏,你是怎么面对的?请你用英语写一篇文章,谈谈你经历过的一次挫折。你 的文章必须包括以下内容: ? 描述你所经历过的一次挫折; ? 你当时的感受和面对挫折的态度; ? 你的反思。

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崇明县 2016 届第二次高考模拟考试 英 语 参考答案及评分标准 第I卷 I. Listening Comprehension(共 30 分。第 1 至 10 小题,每题 1 分;第 11 至 16 小题, 每题 2 分;第 17 至 24 小题,每题 1 分。 ) 1. C 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. D 11. C 12. B 13. A 14. D 15. C 16. B 17. package 18. adults 19. August 20. 2880 21. stole things 22. safety 23. without an appointment /unless expecting them 24. a northern accent 听力 17—24 题评分标准: 1. 17-20 题,每小题 1 分,每一个拼写错误扣 1 分。第 19 题的 August 的首字母没有 大写不得分。 2. 21-24 题,每小题 1 分,每一个拼写错误或冠词错误扣 0.5 分。 II. Grammar and Vocabulary(共 26 分。每小题 1 分。 ) 25. even though/even if 26. making 27. smiled 28. in 30. nothing been hooked 35. could stronger 40. that 41. H 42. A 31. Whether 36. used 32. that/which 37. solving 29. an

33. as/so long as 34. has 38. hold 39.

43. I

44. B

45. G

46. J

47. C

48. K

49. E

50. F

III. Reading Comprehension(共 47 分。第 51 至 65 小题,每题 1 分;第 66 至 77 小 题,每题 2 分;第 78 至 81 小题,每题 2 分。 ) 51. C 52. A 53. D 54. A 55. B 56. C 57. B 58. A 59. C 60. B 61. B 62. D 63. D 64. A 65. D 66. B 67. C 68. B 69. A 70. A 71. C 72. C 73. D 74. C 75. B 76. A 77. D 78. Both men and women ranked flextime tops among non-cash perks. / People rank flexibility among the perks they want most. / People value flextime more. 79. (recruiting and keeping) talented women 80. there are a large number of two-career households now / both sexes in a family have to work professionally now
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81. The technology to connect anywhere and anytime. 第 78 至 81 小题评分标准: 1、内容正确,语法基本正确,得 2 分。 2、内容基本正确,语法正确或虽有错误,但不影响理解,得 1 分。 3、即使语法正确,但是内容错误,得 0 分。 4、答案超过规定字数过多,得 0 分。

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第 II 卷 I. Translation(共 22 分) 1. Going abroad doesn’t appeal to the senior high school student at all. (1+2+1) 2. While/Although/Though we can’t predict what will happen in the future, we can plan ahead. (1+1+1+1) 3. The entertainment park to be completed next year can create 50,000 new jobs for the local area. (2+1+1) 4. If you two want to cooperate, you must be clearly aware that you can’t change the personality of the other but should learn to respect each other. (1+1+3) 5. Not only should the government make policies to prevent further pollution, but also every citizen should take full responsibility for protecting the environment. (1+1+1+2) 翻译评分标准: 1、第 1—3 题,每题 4 分。第 4—5 题,每题 5 分。 2、在每题中,单词拼写、标点符号、大小写错误累计每两处扣 1 分。 3、语法错误每处扣 1 分。每句同类语法错误不重复扣分。 4、译文没有用所给单词,扣 1 分。 II. Guided Writing(共 25 分) 档次 A B C D E 内容 9-10 7-8 5-6 3-4 0-2 语言 9-10 7-8 5-6 3-4 0-2 组织结构 5-4 3 2 1 0

评分标准: 1. 本题总分为 25 分,按 A, B, C, D, E5 个档次给分。 2. 评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来 衡量,确定或调整档次,最后给分。其中,内容和语言两部分相加,得 15 分或 以上者,可考虑加 4-5 分,15 分以上下只能考虑加 0,1,2,3 分。 3. 词数少于 70,总分最多不超过 10 分。 4. 评分时, 应注意的主要内容为: 内容要点、 应用词汇和语法结构的数量和准确性、 上下文的连贯性及语言的得体性。
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5. 拼写与标点符号是语言准确性的一个方面,评分时,应视其对交际的影响程度予 以考虑。英、美拼写和词汇用法均可接受。 6. 如书写较差,以至影响交际,将分数降低一个档次。 7. 内容要点可用不同方式表达,对紧扣主题的适当发挥不予扣分。

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崇明县 2016 届第二次高考模拟考试 英语试卷 听力录音文字 Listening Comprehension Section A Directions: In Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversations and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard. 1. W: Excuse me. I am looking for the novel Harry Potter. M: I’m afraid it’s out of stock. You’ll have to place an order. Q: Where does the conversation most probably take place? 2. M: Pamela, I’m disappointed with your work lately. You’ve been late three times in the past month, and last week you gave shoes of a wrong size to a customer. W: Sorry, Mr. Jacobs. I promise to be more careful. Q: What ’s the most probable relationship between the two speakers? 3. W: How long does it take you to drive to the office? M: Usually about 10 minutes if there is not much traffic. But if I can’t leave before 8 a.m., it takes 5 minutes more. Q: How long does the man probably spend travelling to work by car when there is heavy traffic? 4. M: Oh, take a look at the price of this shirt. W: Gosh, you can get four of them for the amount in other shops. Q: What does the woman mean? 5. W: Sometimes when I’m busy, I let my 26-month-old daughter watch videos. Can this help her language development? M: It probably won’t hurt, but TV and videos are poor substitutes for parents’ involvement. Q: Which is a better way for babies’ language development according to the man? 6. M: I’m looking for a good place to have dinner with friends. Could you recommend a place? W: The best choice is probably Knutsford Terrace. It isn’t too far from here. Q: What are the two speakers mainly talking about? 7. M: Have you heard the news? The manager posted this month’s work schedule. W: He did? Where? Q: What does the woman mean? 8. M: Helen’s going to have a birthday party on Friday evening. She’s invited a lot of people. If everyone turns up, there will be a squeeze in her house. W: But a few people said they couldn’t go, so I think it should be OK. Q: What might be a problem for Helen’s birthday party according to the man? 9. W: That’s an awfully heavy sweater for a day like today. M: Well, I’m going to be at a lecture in the hall for most of this morning. And you know what the air conditioning is like in there. Q: What does the man imply? 10. W: Well, you are back from the cinema. How did you like the film?
高三英语 共 10 页 第 17 页

M: It was well worth the ticket. But for your recommendation, I would have missed it. Q: What can we learn from the conversation? Section B Directions: In Section B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. All the beautiful fairy tales and masterpieces that you have encountered during your childhood remain as warm memories in your adulthood. This time, let’s enjoy the world of masterpieces through English. When you enjoy reading, your ability to understand English will also rapidly improve. This series of Reading Room are a special comprehension program, designed to improve reading comprehension for beginners whose command of English is not satisfactory, or who are elementary, middle, and high school students. With this program, you can enjoy reading masterpieces in English with fun and efficiency. This carefully planned program is composed of 5 levels. The texts are rewritten according to the levels of the readers by an expert editorial staff of native speakers, on the basis of standard American English. Therefore, it will be of great help even for the students who want to learn English. With this program’s level-by-level system, you are able to read famous texts in English and enjoy the true pleasure of the world ’s language. Please engage yourself in the fun of reading English through Reading Room. (Now listen again, please) Questions: 11. What is Reading Room mentioned in the passage? 12. Who may find Reading Room most useful? 13. Which of the following is TRUE about Reading Room? Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage. Have you ever felt sleepy while working? If so, maybe your body or brain is trying to tell you it’s time for a break. Instead of ignoring such signals, maybe it’s time you should try working smarter, not harder. First, take breaks or even naps. Your brain is your most important tool when it comes to work, but it does have limitations. In fact, your brain can only remain focused for about 90 minutes at a time. That’s why it’s important to take 15-minute breaks every hour and a half to restore your attention. Better yet, if your company allows it, take a 20-minute nap once during the work day. Research suggests that napping helps you think more clearly and memorize things better. Second, stay mobile and work in blocks. Enterpriser and author Joel Runyon urges workers to try his “workstation popcorn” method. First, break down your office to-do list into clear tasks. Throughout the workday try moving to a different work area for each new task. That way you’re staying active and giving your mind a natural break between tasks. With a refreshed sense of focus, you’ll be working smarter than ever! (Now listen again, please)
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Questions: 14. What does the speaker mainly want to tell us? 15. What’s the purpose of taking breaks every hour and a half? 16. What is a feature of Joel Runyon’s “workstation popcorn” method? Section C Directions: In Section C, you will hear two longer conversations. Each conversation will be read twice. After you hear the conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Write your answers on your answer sheet. Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation. M: Good morning. Sunshine Travel Agency. Can I help you? W: Good morning. I’d like to ask about the 4-day package tour from Newcastle to London. M: Sure. What ’s your question? W: I read your leaflet. The trip starts off every Thursday, right? Can I join the trip on July 30th? M: Let me check. July 30th is the coming Thursday. I’m afraid it ’s full. It ’s summer holiday now. Many people travel to London. W: Oh! How about the Thursday after? M: Yes, there’re still places on August 6th. How many people are going? W: My husband and our two children will go with me. Is there any discount for children under 12? M: Sorry, the price for children is the same. 720 pounds each person is already cheaper than other agencies. W: It ’s OK. I’d like to book it. M: Great! Tell me your name and your telephone number, please. W: Lisa Garcia and my telephone number is 197-6344-5829. M: OK. Be sure to pay for it either online or at our agency at least 5 days before departure. W: Well, I see. Thank you! (Now listen again, please) Complete the form. Write ONE WORD for each answer. Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation. W: Gosh! Have you seen this Richard? M: Seeing what? W: In the paper, it says there’s a man going round pretending he’s from the electricity board. He’s been calling at people’s homes, saying he’s come to check that their appliances are safe. Then while they are not looking, he steals their money, handbags, whatever and makes off with them. M: But you know Jane, it’s partly their own fault. You should never let anyone like that in unless you are expecting them. W: It’s all very well to say that, but someone comes to the door and says electricity or gas, and you automatically think they are ok, especially if they flash a card to you. M: Does this man have an ID then?
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W: Yes, that ’s just it! It seems he used to work for the electricity board. So the police are warning people, especially senior citizens not to admit anyone unless they have an appointment. M: But what does he look like? Surely they must have a description. W: Oh, yes, they have. Let’s see. In his thirties, tall, dark hair, and a northern accent. M: Well, we should all pay special attention to such a man. (Now listen again, please) Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

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