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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修7 unit5

选修 7
Unit 5 Travelling 能力演练
一、语法填空 If the population of the Earth keeps on 1 rate,there will ? 2 (increase)at its present


(event)not be enough resources left to support life

on the planet.By the middle of the 21st century,if present trends continue,we 3 (use)up all the oil that drive our cars,for example.Even

if scientists develop new ways of feeding the human race,the crowded conditions on Earth will make it 4 (necessity)for us to look for

somewhere else.But 5 of the other planets in our solar system are capable of supporting life at present.One possible solution to the problem, ? 6 ,hasrecentlybeen suggested by an American scientist,Professor

Carl Sagan.Sagan believes that 7 the Earth,s resources are completely ? 8 (exhaust),it will be possible to change the atmosphere of Venus create a new world almost as large as Earth itself.Something is

and 9

difficult.Venus is much hotter than the Earth.? 10 ,there is only a tinyamountof water there.? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? What an exciting day it was for Jennifer and Valerie!They had been

friends since Grade Three and had1

many of their high school

experience.Now they were driving together to their final high school event.Today was ? 2 day at Lamar High School. 3 they were

close friends,they were different in many ways.Jennifer was a fairly ? 4 student while Valerie did just enough to get by and was mainly 5 in a good social life.? “Isn,t it ? 6 that we ? re all finished?”said Valerie.“I,m really looking forward to having a good time this summer.”? “? 7 be nice,”Jennifer replied,“I,m afraid I,m going to have to work most of the summer to help pay for my college expenses.”? Jennifer,s parents had only a small ? 8 and she had made up her

mind to have an occupation in which she could afford all the things her 9 could not.? 10 ,came from a fairly well-to-do family.She had little


desire to work hard for 11 she had always taken for granted.? “I really don ? t want to go to college for a while,”she ? 12 .? “My uncle runs a restaurant in the Bahamas and he has 13 me to

spend a year there as a waitress.That should give me plenty of ? 14 for the beach.”? “It seems ? Jennifer.? 1.A.learned B.obtained ? 15 ? ll really be going different ways now,”thought

C.remembered 2.A.exam C.graduation 3.A.If C.Although 4.A.diligent 5.A.specialized C.envied 6.A.certain C.unfortunate 7.A.Can C.Must 8.A.income 9.A.teachers C.friends fact a result 11.A.what C.that ?

D.shared B.sports ? D.working B.Because ? D.When B.polite ? D.favorite B.relieved ? D.interested B.great ? D.annoying B.Shall ? D.Need B.problem ? D.difference B.parents ? D.relatives a way ? D.on the other hand B.whom ? D.these

12.A.admitted C.invited 13.A.helped C.proposed 14.A.peace 15.A.I C.she 三、阅读理解?

B.complained ? D.screamed B.assured ? D.promised ? D.time B.we ? D.they

专题训练( 说明文的阅读( ) 专题训练(八) 说明文的阅读(4) (2010 年 广 州 高 三 英 语 调 研 测 试 )Maurice Sendak , s children , s book,Where the Wild Things Are,published in 1963,has become very successful throughout the years and was made into a movie earlier this year.? The book,s main character is a boy named Max who gets into trouble with his mother and is sent to bed without any supper.Before long,Max,s room magically becomes a forest,and he sails away to a land where monsters live.Max isn,t scared,though,and becomes king of the wild things,but after a while,he begins feeling homesick.Max sails back home and his supper is still hot when he arrives in his bedroom.? Many teachers and professors like this story and use it to help children develop creativity and imagination.Melina Davis,an education

professor,said she likes how the book contains a couple of pages that have only pictures on them.“This allows children to shape the story themselves,” she said.? The book contains a few of larger words that some parents worry may confuse children,but experts say those words help improve children ? s reading skills and challenge them.? Davis said the book is well written which helps kids get involved in the story.“The book talks about what all children go through,like ‘I was naughty but my mommy still loves me’,” Davis said.? The book also encourages children to face their fears.“I think it,s really good to show that Max is friends with the monsters,” Davis said.“Kids can find out monsters aren, always the thing under the bed that, going to t s scare them.I think this is good because it shows that the children can go to scary places but still have a positive experience.”? Since the book has been successful throughout the years,a movie was recently made and many people are excited to see it.Davis said she thinks the movie will be wonderful but it might be a little scary for younger children.“You don,t want bad dreams over a book that,s extremely wonderful,” Davis said.? 根据所读短文,选择最佳答案。? 1.Teachers and professors like the book Where the Wild Things Are because it helps children ___________.?

A.learn to draw their own pictures ? B.understand their own fear ? C.develop more quickly ? D.become more imaginative ? 2.What is the intention of using the larger words in the book?? A.To add to the difficulty while children are reading.? B.To help challenge the children ? s reading skills.? C.To cause the children some confusion.? D.To help children get involved in the story.? 3.Which of the following is TRUE about the book?? A.The character Max is brave enough in the story.? B.Max was sent to the forest as punishment.? C.It is suitable for people of all ages.? D.It is the most popular children ? s book ever published.? 4.What does Davis think of the movie?? A.She thinks children of all ages will love it.? B.She encourages children to see it to fight against their fear.? C.She worries that it might be too frightening for some children.? D.She believes it will be a better choice for children than the book.? 5.What ? s the author ? s purpose in writing the passage?? A.To suggest ways to improve children,s reading.? B.To comment on a famous children,s book.?

C.To encourage children to read scary stories.? D.To introduce a movie based on a children,s book.?

一、? 1.解析:考查短语 keep on doing 的用法。? 答案:increasing 2.解析:There will not be enough resources 的主谓结构是完整的,所 以只能用 event 的副词形式 eventually 作状语。? 答案:eventually 3.解析:时间状语是 by+将来时间,谓语用将来完成时态。? 答案:will have used 4.解析:考查句型 make+it+? adj ?.+for+sb.+to do sth.。? 答案:necessary 5.解析:考查理解和代词。根据意思应该是“其他行星中到目前为 止还没有一个适合生命的生存。 ”none of+复数名词/不可数名词,表 示“……中没有一个。 ”? 答案:none 6. 解析: 考查上下文理解和行文逻辑。 前文说 “没办法” 这里说 “可 , 能的解决方案”所以用“however”表示转折。? 答案:however 7.解析:考查内容理解和从句。这里应该是 “在地球的资源完全枯 竭之前” ,所以用 before。?

答案:before 8.解析:exhaust 是个及物动词, “耗尽,用完” ,这里应该用被动语 态。? 答案:exhausted 9.解析:考虑到行文逻辑,这里表示的是结果,因此,so/therefore 是 最佳措辞。? 答案:so/therefore 10.解析:考查行文逻辑。文章最后两句很明显是解释 something is difficult 这句话。有两件事是困难的,除了 Venus 比地球热得多,另 一难题是那里的水有限,所以这里用 Besides.? 答案:Besides 二、? 1.解析:share 的意思是“共有” 。? 答案:D 2.解析:graduation day 为“毕业日” 。? 答案:C 3.解析:两人“虽然”是朋友,在很多方面却有差异。? 答案:C 4.解析:从下文看,Jennifer 是一个相当用功的学生。? 答案:A 5.解析:be interested in:对……感兴趣。? 答案:D

6.解析:great 表“美妙的”意思。? 答案:B 7.解析:must 表推测。? 答案:C 8.解析:a small income:微薄收入。? 答案:A 9.解析:打工赚钱,买得起父母买不起的东西。? 答案:B 10.解析:on the other hard:另一方面。? 答案:D 11.解析:what 引导宾语从句。? 答案:A 12.解析:admit 表实话实说。? 答案:A 13.解析:她的叔叔已邀她去巴哈马过一年,在他开的饭店里当女招 待。? 答案:C 14.解析:这份工作会给她提供足够的时间在巴哈马群岛的海滩上游 玩。? 答案:D 15.解析:听了 Valerie 的话,Jennifer 心中暗想, “看来我们真的要各

奔前程了” 。? 答案:B 三、? 1.解析:从 Many teachers and professors like this story and use it to help children develop creativity and imagination 得知答案。? 答案:D 2.解析:从第四段可知答案。? 答案:B 3.A ? 4.解析:从 but it might be a little scary for younger children 可知答案。 答案:C 5.B ?



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