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Book2 Unit4教案

课题:Unit 4 Wildlife Protection 学科: 英语 一、 教材分析
本课为人教版高中英语必修二第四单元阅读部分。本单元的中心话题是“野生动物保 护” 。涉及的内容包括濒临灭绝的野生动物的生存现状;我们要学会如何保护野生动物以及 我们要从已经灭绝的的动物中吸取哪些经验教训从而促进我们保护野生动物的意识。阅读 (

Reading)部分描述了 Daisy 在梦中经历的一次奇妙的飞毯旅行。通过 Daisy 和藏羚羊、非 洲象、 猴子的对话, 学生进一步意识到野生动物的生存环境日益恶化以及保护野生动物的行 动刻不容缓。



二、 教学目标
Teaching Aims: (教学目标) Knowledge aims: (知识目标) a. help Ss to understand and master the words and expressions b. Let the students know some basic information about the endangered animals and wildlife situati on and protection. Ability aims: (能力目标 ) a. Encourage Ss to think and express their attitude towards the wildlife and the wildlife protection. b. Enhance Ss’ reading ability and develop Ss’ ability and skills of guessing words and reading co mprehension. Emotional aims: (情感目标 ) a. Help Ss understand the importance of the wildlife protection and make them be more active in t he helping wildlife. b. Develop Ss’ sense of cooperative learning.

三、 教学重点
a. To train the reading comprehension to the whole passage b. To improve Ss’ ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

四、 教学难点
Enhance the students reading skills in the passage.

五、 教学准备
blackboard, books, and other normal teaching tools.

六、 教学过程 1、 导学案

.Please translate the following sentences using the words or phrases in brackets.

⑴有多少工人可能失业?(in danger of) ⑵他戴着太阳镜以保护眼睛不受阳光的刺激。(protect…from…) ⑶根据我们的记录,你已经缺席六次了。(according to) ⑷听说我已经通过了考试,我轻松的笑了。(in relief) ⑸你应该特别注意你的发音(pronunciation)。(pay attention to)



Step1 Lead-in (3m) Task: Group Work Show some familiar pictures to draw the students’ attentions to the wildlife(fox, elephant, kangaro o, tiger, panda, bear, whales, golden monkey, Asian elephant, famingo and so on), and bring the q uestion: Do you think what wildlife are? Encourage Ss to discuss with each other and then solve th e question together. Step2: Warming up & pre-reading (6m) Task 1: Show the pictures again and ask Ss to guess which animals are in danger. If the student answer is r ight, give the beautiful pictures as reward. And then make the Ss have a talking: Why are they end angered? Suggested answers: (1) People killed the endangered animals simply to satisfy their desire to eat. (2) People kill animals for their fur, which can be made into beautiful and expensive fur coat. (3) People didn’t protect the nature. They destroyed it willfully.



Fast reading
The whole passage can be divided into three parts. Please read the passage quickly and choose the best answer for the main idea of each part. Part Part1(paragraph Part2(Paragraph Part3(Paragraph ) ) ) Main idea

A. What can we get from wildlife protection? B. Why we need wildlife protect? C. A good example of wildlife protection.

Careful reading
1. Fill in the blanks with proper words according to the text. The first stop Purpose: to see some 1. ______________

Place: 2. ______ Animal: 3. ______________ Situation: being hunted for the wool beneath its stomach and numbers are 4. _______________ rapidly. The second stop Purpose: to go to a place with wildlife 5. __ ____ Place: Zimbabwe Animal: African 6. ___ ___ Situation: used to be hunted while now being protected by farmers making money from 7. _______ The third stop Purpose: to go to a place where the WWF is involved Place: 8. ____ Animal: 9. ____ Situation: The monkey can use the millipede insect to protect itself from 10. _____. 2. Read the text carefully again and answer the following questions. Task1. Why were a lot of antelope being killed? ( ) A. Because the wool beneath their stomachs was too thick. B. Because people didn’t like the wool beneath their stomachs. C. Because people wanted the wool beneath their stomachs. D. Because they were suffering from a serious illness. Task2. Why are elephant numbers increasing in Zimbabwe now?

Task3. How does the government of Zimbabwe help protect wild animals?

Task4. Why did the monkey rub its body using a millipede insect?

Task5. Why was Daisy not able to make her new drug?

Task6. Which sentence in the text is closest in meaning to the following one? Daisy was relaxed and began to laugh suddenly.



One day, Daisy _________a strange dream. She flew in a wonderful _______to ______with an __ ________in Tibet. The antelope told her they were hunted because of their ____which can be used to make ________like hers. In three years they may all be______. Later, she ______to Zimbabwe where she talked with an ______ and got to know the farmers there no longer ______them. That’s because the ______

? decided to help and the farmers finally made a lot of_______. At last she ______at the thick rain _ ______where a monkey told her “ No rain forest, no _______and no______.” Although finally eve rything was_____, she had _______so much.(suggested answers: dreamed, chair, talk, antelope, fu r, sweaters, gone, flew, elephant, hunted, government, money, arrived, forest, drugs, gone, learned)



1. Please finish Exersise1, 2 and3 on Page 28 in your textbook. 2. Write a passage to introduce the situation of the endangered wildlife and how to protect them, using the following words and expressions and the solutions mentioned in the above discussion. habitat die out protect…from… in danger of hunt harm decrease reserve



本节课是人教版高中英语必修二第四单元野生动植物保护的阅读课。 本节课的成功之处有以下几点: 1.教学目标把握准确,知识与技能,过程与方法与情感态度价值观目标得到了有效实施; 2.教学难点突破得力,学生积极讨论并主动回答问题; 3.教学程序设计优化,符合学生阅读习惯,由难到易; 4.课堂评价处理巧妙。课上采用多种方式对学生课堂行为进行评价,整堂课上始终保持 高昂的学习热情,整节课让学生沉浸在成功的喜悦之中。 不足之处仍然存在:时间分布不是很得当。本节课感觉前松后紧,教师语言过于琐碎,应精 简语言。还有一些步骤要进一步落实。


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