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School life

Reading strategy
Reading strategy Purposes Methods By looking at the titles, the first and Skimming To get a general last sentences of paragraphs and the idea of what the first and last paragraphs, as well as pictures and charts to guess what the text is about text is about.

Scanning To find certain information in a text quickly

By scanning the text for key words and phrases, dates, numbers, etc.

Read the text quickly and answer the question
How does Wei Hua feel about her life in the UK? She thought it was a very enjoyable and exciting experience.


Main ideas

Wei Hua’s feeling about staying in a British high school for one year. Part2(Para.2-7) Different aspects of school life in the UK
Part3(Para.8) Wei Hua’s hope


(1)___________ life in the UK school

On the first day, all students went to attend assembly The(2)_ (4)__________. During it, the headmaster told us enjoyable about the rules of the school and the best way to _____ earn and (3) (5)_______respect from the school was to work hard achieve exciting and(6)________ high grades. ______ favorite experie My(7)_________ teacher taught us English Literature. nce of heavy Homework was not as(8)_______as what I used to get school in my old school. life in improved My English(9)___________a lot as I used English the UK everyday and spent an hour each day reading English books.

Task-based reading

drop Students can(10)______some subjects if they don’t like them.

Language focus
? 1. Going to a British high school for one year was
a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me . A.)句子的主语: Going to a British high school for one year V-ing形式在句中充当主语 Practice 用括号内动词的正确形式完成下列句子, 并 在后面的括号内写出其成份: coming ? a, His ________ (come) here will be a great help. ( 主语 ) Being praise ? b, ________ (praise) by the class teacher made her very proud. ( 主语 ) ? c, Nobody likes being laughed ________ (laugh) at in public. ( 宾语 ) meeting ? d, I am looking forward to ________ (meet) her. ( ) 宾语

? B.) experience:
1) experience [U]经验 eg.She is a teacher with more than 20 years’ experience in teaching.她是有20年教学经验的老 师。 2) [C] 经历 eg.The car accident was a terrible experience to him. 3) vt 体验 eg. He experienced the greatest hardship for the first time in his life. 4) experienced adj 有经验的 experienced doctor 有经验的医生 5) be experienced in (doing ) sth eg.He is experienced in teaching. 他对教学有经验

Practice:填入experience的适当形式 ? a, It was the first time that he had __________ experienced the sense of beauty. experienced ? b, Our country has __________ great changes in the last thirty years. ? c, They are quite __________ in teaching experienced beginners. ? d, She doesn’t have anyexperience in __________ dealing with children. experience ? f, His later __________ confirmed(证实) its correctness.

? 2. This means I could get up an hour later than usual, as schools in China begin before 8 a.m. 1) mean: 意思是,意味着(…+ n. / doing / clause);有 ……意图,打算,想:(…+ n. / to do ) meant a, I realized what he ________. b, But I won’t wait if it meansdelaying (delay:耽 ________ 搁) more than a week or so. c, I’m sorry, Alison. I didn’t mean ________ (be) to be rude to you. had meant d, I ________ ________ to go on Monday but something unexpected happened.

2)as, since:既然,因为,由于(引导原因状语从句:

指明显的、知道的原因) because: 因为(引导状从、表从:语气强) for: 因为(只放在主句之后,常用于推断出的原因)
as a, Just ________ I don’t complain(抱怨), people think I’m satisfied. b, I think it’s ________ you’re doing too much. because c, He walked slowly because of his bad leg. ________ d, She must have gone out early, ________ she did for not show up at breakfast. e, Since you’ve made up your mind, we hope ______ you’ll do your best.

? 3. This sounded like my school in China. sound: 1) link v. 听起来 + adj. / n. / like + n. / as if + clause *2) vt. 敲响 *3) adj. 健康的,良好的, *4) adj. / adv. 熟(睡)的/地 a, Listen! ______ the music sounds! B A. How sweetly B. How sweet C. What sweet D. What sweetly b, 汉译英:这主意听起来不错。 good The idea sounds ________. It sounds ________ ________ ________. a good idea It sounds ________ ________ ________ ________. like a good idea c, Sound the bell for lunch! ______

? 4. It was a struggle for me to remember all the faces and names. struggle:v.1)奋斗,努力,争取 struggle for sth2)艰 难的行进3)斗争,抗争struggle against/with sb/sth n.1)斗争,奋斗,努力2)难事(用单数) Practice: 说出struggle的词性和含义 a, He struggle against cancer for two years. ( V.斗争 ) b, In the past, this country struggled for independence.( V.争取) c, She won’t give up her children without a struggle. ( n. 努力 ) d, It was a struggle to be ready on time.( n.难事 ) e, I struggled up the hill with heavy bags.(V.艰难地行进 )

? 5. I found that the homework was not as heavy as what I used to get in my old school. used to do: 过去常做(常与but连用,表示现在已不) be used to + n. / doing: 习惯于,习惯做 be used to do / for: 被用来做 a, There ______ ______ ______(be) a forest there, used to be but no trees can be seen now. b, You used to smoke, usedn’t/didn’t _______ you? used to c, ______ you ______ ______ the weather here? Are It’s so changeable. d, After retirement(退休), the old couple are used to walking ______(walk) after supper. produce e, Nowadays lots of waste can be used to ______ (produce) building materials.

? 6. At the end of the term we held a class party and we all had to cook something. at the end (of): 在……末端,尽头;结束时 by the end of: 在……之前,到……为止 in the end: 最后,结果 a, It turned out all right __________. in the end b, Give in your work __________ the lesson. at the end of had been c, By the end of last month, he __________ (be) in China for nearly a year. d, By the time he leaves, he __________ (make) has made many friends here.

? 7. Though it didn’t look like a table when it was finished, I still liked it very much. though, although作连词时,意思为“虽然,尽管” ,不可与but或其他连词连用,但可与still, yet 等表

Practice Although times were changed, ______ Diane was D Diane. A. but B. while C. however D. yet

? 8. I miss Chinese food a lot at lunch. miss: 1)没打中(目标);2)没抓住,没听懂;3)错 过,没搭上;4)丢失;5)想念 用法:…. + n. / doing Practice用miss的正确形式完成下列句子并在括号内写出 miss的意义: missed A The falling rock just ________ my head.没打中) ( B He tried to catch the ball, but ________ it. (没抓住 ) missed missed C I ________ what you said because of the noise outside. ( 没听懂 ) D I don’t want to miss seeing ________ (see) the singer on TV tonight. ( ) 错过 missing E They had been searching for the ________ boy for 3 days. (丢失的 ) F I know how much you miss your mother. (想念 ) ____


? Recite new words on Page 68 ? Finish the exercises ? Preview the next period: Word power


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