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高中英语北师大版必修6第18单元what's beauty课件

Unit 18 Beauty

paper-cut art


Audrey Hepburn



Key Words: Describing Beauty astonishing, attractive, awesome, beautiful, brilliant, elegant, goodlooking, handsome, leave me

breathless, lovely, a real masterpiece,
perfect, powerful, pretty, scenic,

superb, superior, a thing of great
beauty, unbelievable

handsome , good-looking , brilliant

attractive pretty lovely good-looking beautiful elegant, graceful,

leaves me breathless unbelievable , scenic , awesome , brilliant

scenic , astonishing , attractive


a real masterpiece


elegant , beautiful, graceful





The four beauties in Chinese ancient time .

Have you ever heard this Chinese poem?——

A beauty should be slim!

In Tang Dynasty, a beauty should

be fat!

Traditions and fashions change with time.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Which of the following idiom is closest to its meaning? A. Beauty is only skin-deep. B. Birds of a feather flock together. C. The eyes of lover are blind. Can you find out any Chinese equivalents to the expression? A. 金玉其外, 败絮其中. B.情人眼里出西施. C.物以类聚, 人以群分.

Some new words in the reading



wool(l)en blanket

wool(l)en glove


Careful reading: Read the text carefully and finish the exercise.
? (Para1) How does the writer explain Margaret Wolfe’s words “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? ? ① There was no consistent view on ______________________________________ ______________________________________ beauty. ? ② Standards of beauty change across ______________________________________ ______________________________________ time and cultural groups
Key sentences

Standards of beauty change

across time and cultural groups.

(Para2) Our ideas of beauty change with time:
in the past now

Women used to wear corsets to achieve a body shape. Men would wear woolen shawls across their shoulders.

It is no longer considered healthy It is not seen as attractive

used tattoos as an addition to costumes to show family relationship It is a form of body art or to mark criminals..

Traditions and fashions adapt with time.

(Para3) Culture influences our ideas of beauty: Example :
? in some countries: ? Young women follow slimming diets to loose ______________________________________ ? extra kilos in preparation for their wedding day. ______________________________________ ? in other cultures: Looking thin for a husband-to-be is not what ? ______________________________________ a man desires at all. ______________________________________ In contemporary society, culture influences the

standards of beauty greatly.

Slim dark


In contemporary society, culture influences the

standards of beauty greatly.

? .(Para4) Why does the writer think that “the human race would die out if we all saw physical beauty in the same way”? ? __________________________________ The writer believes that if we all saw __________________________________ beauty in the same way, we wouldn’t __________________________________ be able to find marriage partners __________________________________ since people all look the same.

? ①Physical beauty must also be accompanied by an attraction to something deeper within a person . To get together 外在美一定要靠内在魅 力来强化 ? ②Judging the appeal of a person’s inner beauty is much more subjective. ? 判断一个人的内在美是否有感染力是颇为主观的, Attraction ? ③It takes more than a casual glance to appreciate and it is much more important than physical beauty. A quick look, not seriously不似随意 The inner beauty is more complicated and 瞥就能欣赏到那样容易.
important than physical beauty.

(Para5) Paraphrase the underline words in the following sentences.

Can you work out the main structure of the whole passage?



Fast reading:
1 2 8 5 6 10

beauty 4 7 9 3 11

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩

physical beauty clothes kindness inner beauty woolen shawls body shape personal qualities corsets Warmth tattoo/ body art a healthy conscience

inner beauty

Physical beauty clothes

personal qualities



woolen shawls

warmth A healthy conscience

body shape

tattoo/ body art

Please use one sentence to summarize the whole text:
We are influenced by our culture , our biology and our time in history to notice physical beauty quickly and easily , but it is inner beauty that requires us to truly see .


Artificial Beauty

Voice your opinion
What do you think of artificial beauty (人造美女)? Is it necessary to become more beautiful by operation? Why?


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