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外研版高中英语必修五Module 5 reading A Life in Sport 课件



the prince of gymnasts

How much do you know about Li Ning?

Word study
gold medal silver medal bronze medal


Word study




“Anything is possible” (一切皆有可能)

slogan logo



A person ,company, or thing that competes Bill Gates with another in sports, (比尔.盖茨) business,etc.

Jobs (乔布斯)

Microsoft is a global giant.

Fast reading Match the main idea with each paragraph.

Para. 1
Para. 2

A.why did he succeed in business? B.Li Ning was a great sportsman. C.Li Ning’s dream of opening a school for gymnasts came true.

Para. 3
Para. 4

Para. 5

D.Li Ning's products are very successful.
E.Li Ning bagan a new career.

When he retired at the age of 26, he In 1982, 1984, he he won won 6 3 out gold of medals 7 gold medals at the In 1999, he was among the list of the Say something related to the numbers. had won 106Championship. gold medals. at Olympics the World greatest sportsmen of the 20th century. As a sportsman
1984 1999







In 1988, he didn’t perform well in the

Seoul Olympics.

Answer the question

As a businessman

Why did Li Ning start a sportswear company?

He didn’t forget his sporting background and wanted to compete with global giants.

List 3 reasons of popularity

Why Li Ning sportswear was popular? As a businessman 1. The right time

2. Attractive designs
3. Lower prices

True or False

As a sold every minute. businessman
Para 4

①Six Li Ning products are

②Li Ning clothes are worn
by the national teams of France and Italy. Spain


As a businessman

① What was his goal when

he just retired? Was it realized? His dream was to open a school for gymnasts and his dream came true in 1991. ②What has he been doing since 1991? He has been helping young people to achieve their sporting ambitions.


A Life in Sport

Li Ning was called the prince of gymnasts. But he retired because he did not perform __________well in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. A year later, Li Ning began a new _________---as career a businessman and launched ________ a new brand of sportswear. He was successful but his goal __________ was not to make money. Since 1991, he has continued to help young people to __________ their sporting ambitions ________. In 1999, achieve he was named one of the greatest sportsmen in the world. Meanwhile, his company has also grown _____________. internationally He believes that as long as you make efforts, anything is possible.

Post-reading (group work:disscuss) ★ What can we learn from Li Ning?

1.Hard work leads to success. 2.We should have confidence(自信心) in ourselves. 3.What we care about can’t only be money

What is true about Li Ning’s advertising slogan “Anything is possible”? A. The retirement of a sportsman is not the end of his life of career. B. If you are willing to, you also can be a successful man like Li Ning. C. We can succeed in anything if we are determined enough. D. We are living in such a changeable world that nothing is impossible to happen.

What is the sports personality?
Failure is not terrible.
As long as we do it with confidence, we’ll succeed in anything. Don’t forget:

Anything is possible!
Make the change!! THE WORLD IS MINE!!!

Excellent ☆ ☆ ☆
Good ☆ ☆ Satisfactory ☆ Needs improvement

1. Review what we have learnt

2. What can you learn from Li


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