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高中英语《Unit2 Healthy eating 第三课时》导学案 新人教版必修3



BOOK3 Unit2 Healthy eating (Using language)
Come and eat here(2) Previewing Scan the text and find the useful phrases, then underline them in yo

ur book. (1) breast of chicken cooked with garlic __________________ (2) heavy food (3) 侦查 ______________________ ________________________

(4) 对……有益 ________________________ (5)谋生 _______________________ (6) body-building or energy-giving food___________________ (7) 感到恶心_________________________ (8) 厌倦,厌烦___________________________ (9) 不久之后 ____________________________ (10) 增加体重 __________________________ (11) cut down ___________________________ (12) in debt __________________________ Researching in class Step1.Lead-In (1) Ask Ss to learn the following proverbs and translate them into Chinese. ① You are what you eat. ___________________________. ② An apple a day keeps the doctor away. _________________. ③ First wealth is health. ________________________. ④ Want to be healthy? Do please treat yourself a nice breakfast. _____________________________. ⑤ Water is the king of food.__________________________. (2) What do you think Wang Peng will do to win his customers back? And how do you think the story will end? Step2.Reading & Listening & Thinking 1. Fast reading (True or false) (1) Wang Peng’s smile left him because he felt ill.( (2) Yong Hui thought Wang Pe ng spied on her menu.( ) ) )

(3) Yong Hui didn’t like the food in Wang Peng’s restaurant. ( ( )

(4) Wang Peng would miss his dumplings and fatty pork even if in his own restaurant. (5)Wang Peng put on more weight and Young Hui became thinner. ( (6)Wang Peng and Young Hui quarrelled in the end. ( 2. Intensive reading ) )

Read carefully and finish the following tasks. 1. Why did Wang Peng go to Yong Hui’s restaurant? He wanted to________. A. know where his customers had gone B. spy on the slim lady Yong Hui C. have lunch with Li Chang D. have something special 2. Wang Peng found the following EXCEPT _______ in Yong Hui’s restaurant. A. There were only raw vegetables, meat and water. B. There were a lot of customers. C. The prices here were higher. D. The only drink here is water. 3. What’s wrong with Yong Hui’s menu? The following statements are right EXCEPT _______. A. The food here was too limited. B. It didn’t give enough energy-giving food. C. The food on the menu was more delicious. D. It offered slimming food only. 4. Which of the following is TRUE ac cording to the passage? A. Wang Peng’s customers often became fat after eating in his restaurant. B. Wang Peng provided a balanced diet. C. Yong Hui could make people thin in 2 weeks by giving them a good diet. D. Wang Peng’s menu gave people food containing enough fibre. 5. After leaving Yong Hui’s restaurant, Wang Peng thought the following EXCEPT ______. A. he wanted to know the secrets of Yong Hui B. he should go to a library C. his food has many advantages D. his restaurant should be improved Answer the following questions. (1) How did Yong Hui feel when she came to Wang’s restaurant? Why? (2) What did they find after their chat? (3) Why was their cooperation a success? Step3 Discussing 1.Ask Ss to discuss and complete the following form. The food in the new menu 1.raw vegetables with hamburgers Result 1. cut down the fat

2. 3.

2. 3.

2. What can we learn from the passage? Step4 Presenting The Ss present the results of the discussing and raise any question. Step5 Evaluating Step6 Testing Retell the text by filling the following blanks: The next day, his rest aurant was full of people again. He did not look forward to being 1______. Suddenly Yong Hui walked in. She 2 _________ him. She thought he came to her restaurant only to 3_______ her and her menu. Wang Peng invited her to try a meal in his restaurant. They 4_________ the ice cream. And they had a good time. After that, they 5________their menus and 6________a balanced menu 7________ food full of energy and fiber. At last, they 8___________ and lived happily. Practising Choose the best answer. 1. Jenny was looking for a seat when, luckily, a man _____ and left. (四川 2010) A. took up B. got up C. shut up D. set up 2. Look at the pride on Tom’s face. He _____ to have been praised by the manager just now. (重庆 2011) A. seemed B. seems C. had seemed D. is seeming 3. To make members of a team perform better, the trainer first of all has to know their _____ and weaknesses. (湖北 2006) A. strengths B. benefits C. techniques D. values 4.—Shall we have our picnic tomorrow? —_____ it doesn’t rain. (山东 2009) A. Until B. While C. Once D. If 5.Viewers continue to watch TV _____ they complain about the quality of the programming. (上海 2011 春) A. even though B. as if C. as long as D. unless 6. — Would you like some more fried chicken? — _____ It would make me gain weight. A. Why not? B. Good idea. C. No, thanks. D. What for? 7. Studies show that _____ good health depends on _____ balanced diet and plenty of rest and exercise. A. 不填; a B. the; a C. the; 不填 D. 不填; 不填 8. I hope to have a car of my own so that I _____ compete with others for space on crowded buses.

A. mustn’t A. Turn down C. Take down

B. can’t C. oughtn’t to B. Cut down D. Slow down

D. don’t have to

9. _____ on foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar if you want to lose weight.

10. —Do you like the mutton? —To be honest, the mutton didn’t taste good — it _____ for too long. A. roasted C. has been roasted B. was being roasted D. had been roasted


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