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Views on social phenomenon
Gu Hongying from SFLS

What is the ice bucket challenge?
? The ice bucket challenge is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of disease ALS and encourage donations to research.

My views on

the ice bucket challenge

What makes a good essay?
? ? ? ? ? Clean in handwriting Coherent in structure Complete in content Correct in language Clear in opinion

Sharing time
? Comment on each other’s essays. ? Underline highlights in each essay. ? Choose the best essay to present.

A good essay
Organization Content Language

Learn to polish your language
? ? ? ? ? Advanced words and expressions Brief topic sentences Correct linking words Diverse sentence patterns Effective participles

? Recently, the ice bucket challenge has sparked a heated debate. Some are for it, while others are against it. From my perspective, I am totally in favor of this unique charity campaign with the following reasons. ? Firstly, it raises individuals’ awareness of ALS patients. With attractive and amusing videos posted by celebrities in different fields, a growing number of netizens begin to focus on the tribe of patients. Meanwhile, by accepting the challenge and donating money, celebrities exert a positive influence on common people. Admittedly, it’s the star effect that counts. ? Secondly, easy access to feeling the pain from ALS patients push participants inclined to give them a helping hand. Soaked in ice water, they may directly experience the process of being frozen. ? Last but not least, I deem, the most effective, is the nominating rule. Three more friends nominated, the charity triples, creating a prevalent and loving circulation where more and more people get involved. ? In a word, the widespread from celebrities to the public, the experience of being frozen as well as the loving circulation, all contribute to such a conducive activity.

? 最近的新闻中常有女大学生在返校途中 被害的报道,女大学生的安全问题令人 堪忧。为何女大学生屡遭侵害,请发表 你的看法。 ? 题目:My views on girl students’ security

For English composition,at first I thought the most important things are all these fancy words and complicated sentences.Then I began to found that the logical points and clear structure seem also indispensable.But finally,I get to know when it comes to a composition,no matter English or Chinese,what count are actually not the outer things but the one deeply inside.More specifically,they are your unique opinions,your comprehensive and exact advice and your sincere emotions.And from my point of view,to achieve these,one has to think more of the small daily things that he/she did,saw,heard,read and experienced.So try to put your reasonable and fresh ideas into the composition to make it impressive and contagious,and maybe one day you’ll find that you have made a big step on your English learning.



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