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吉林省吉林市第一中学校高中英语 Unit2 The United Kingdom单元测试 新人教版必修5

Unit 2

The United Kingdom

I. 单项选择 (15 分) 1. The judging committee (评委会) _______ three women and four men. A. is consisted of B. makes up C. consists of D. is make up 2.

He divided the tools __________ the children, who were __________ three groups. A. between; separated from B. among; divided into C. between; divided into D. among; separated from 3. --- Do you smoke? --- No, but I __________. A. was used to B. used to C. am used to D. don’t 4. The _____ boy wondered why fish soon went _____ in hot weather. He went to ask his teacher. A. puzzled; badly B. puzzling; bad C. puzzling; badly D. puzzled; bad 5. Mrs White found her husband surrounded by letters and papers and________ very worried. A. to look B. looked C. looks D. looking 6. A quarrel ________ last Sunday, and he ________ his family. A. was broken out; broke away B. broke out; broke away C. was broke out; broke away from D. broke out; broke away from 7. In dealing with public relations, we should make every effort to prevent the ________ in personality. A. contact B. contrast C. connection D. conflict

8. My interests include football, bowling and surfing the web _____ studying my favorite subjects. A. as well as B. instead of C. less than D. rather than 9. The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ______ as the plane was making a landing. A. seat B. seating C. seated D. to be seating 10. ---Is this the computer you ________last week? ---That’ s________. A. had it repaired; the one B. repaired it; it C. had repaired; it D. had repaired; the one 11. John is _______ London tomorrow and I will ________ at the Beijing Airport. A. leaving for; meet him B. leaving for; see him off C. leaving; see him off D. leaving; say good-bye to him 12. The plan ______ just because people were willing to cooperate (合作). A. broke down B. pulled down C. turned down D. put down 13. The boy said _____ couldn’t he work out the problem but his teacher didn’t know how to do it. A. though B. never C. hardly D. not only 14. ---We are anxious about you. --- ___________.

A. It doesn’t matter B. There is no need to be worried C. No, please don’t D. Yes, that’s kind of you 15. _________ be sent to work there? A. Who do you suggest B. Who do you suggest that should C. Do you suggest who should D. Do you suggest whom should II. 完形填空(30 分) We arrived in S pain for the first time a few weeks ago. I decided to 16 a car because we had sold the one we had in England before 17 home. Yesterday the sales office rang us to say the car was 18 . I had tried out a model like it before, but as I was not yet 19 driving in this city, my wife did not want me to collect it 20 so we went together to 21 it. We paid for the car and 22 the papers. They told us that there was 23 petrol(汽油)to take us to a garage, where we could fill up. The 24 garage to the office was about 100 yards away and we got there 25 . But when I turned into main road I suddenly saw a lot of cars racing 26 me. I got out of 27 as fast as I could by backing into the garage 28 and the man behind 29 me. “It’s such a problem to 30 to drive on the right side, isn’t it?” my wife said. “Yes, if only I had had a few lessons for 31 .” I replied. “You had better go 32 on the way home,” my wife said. “You’d be sorry if you had 33 on the first day, wouldn’t you?” While we were talking, the man behind got out of his car and said in good English,” Would you mind telling me 34 you are thinking of leaving? 35 are you going to sit in your car all day?” 16. A. borrow B. drive C. buy D. choose 17. A. leaving B. making C. returning D. getting 18. A. right B. ready C. fixed D. sold 19. A. sure of B. satisfied with C. interested in D. used to 20. A. on my own B. right away C. in a hurry D. on the way 21. A. receive B. bring C. order D. fetch 22. A. accepted B. wrote C. signed D. copied 23. A. little B. enough C. much D. no 24. A. best B. nearest C. quickest D. cleanest 25. A. lately B. directly C. safely D. slowly 26. A. after B. with C. around D. towards 27. A. their way B. the garage C. their sight D. the car 28. A. at last B. once more C. as usual D. as well 29. A. caught B. cheered C. shouted at D. chatted with 30. A. prepare B. continue C. choose D. remember 31. A. discussion B. adventure C. experiment D. practice 32. A. carefully B. smoothly C. quickly D. differently 33. A. an error B. a problem C. an accident D. a headache 34. A. when B. why C. how D. what 35. A. For B. Or C. But D. So III. 阅读理解 (40 分) 第一节:从四个选项中选出正确答案。

A Sailors used to speak of a “jack” when they meant a flag which was set near the bow of a sailing ship. The flag showed the country to which the ship belonged. The Union Jack became the flag of Great Britain. Australia’s flag has the Union Jack in the top left -hand corner together with the stars of the Southern Cross. They have kept this small part of Britain on their flag because their country was first settled by people from Britain. Australia’s flag is the same color as the Union Jack — red, white and blue. The act of joining together is called a “union”. The Union Jack was the name of the flag made when England, Scotland and Ireland joined together to make one country. It all began in 1707, when England and Scotland joined together to become one nation. A flag was made using two crosses — one for the patron saint of each country, which means protector. Many centuries before, the English had taken St. George as their patron saint. His emblem was a red cross on a white background. The Scottish patron saint was St Andrew. In memory of him, they used a white cross on a blue background. This cross was s haped like the letter “X”. The new flag was a mixture of both flags with two sets of crosses. When Ireland joined England and Scotland in 1800, another cross was added. St Parick’s cross of Ireland was red and also shaped like an “X”. All three flags now made up the Union Jack. 36. The Union Jack is the flag of __________. A. the United Nations B. Ireland C. England and Scotland D. Great Britain 37. It is because _______ that Australia has the Union Jack in the top left-hand corner together with the stars of the Southern Cross. A. the Union Jack was named when England, Scotland and Ireland joined together B. people from Britain brought the flag of Great Britain to Australia C. people from Britain settled in Australia first D. the flag of Great Britain is colorful 38. According to the text, which of the following statements is NOT true? A. St. George was the English patron saint. B. The Scottish had taken St. Andrew as their patron saint. C. St. Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland, whose cross was red. D. Ever since 1800, the British have taken Union Jack as their patron saint. B “Soon, you’re going to have to move out!” cried my neighbor upon seeing the largest tomato plant known to mankind, or at least known in my neighborhood. One tiny 9-inch plant, bought for $1.25 in the spring, has already taken over much of my rose bed, covering much of other plants, and is well on its way to the front door. Roses require a good deal of care, and if it weren’t for the pleasure they give, it wouldn’t be worth the work. As it is, I have a garden full of sweet-smelling roses for most of the year. bushes must be pruned(剪枝) in early spring, leaving

ugly woody branches until the new growth appears a few weeks later. It was the space available(可用的) in the garden that led me into planting just one little tomato plant. A big mistake. Soil conditions made just perfect for roses turn out be even more perfect for tomatoes. The daily watering coupled with full sun and regular fertilizing(施肥) have turned the little plant into a tall bush. The cage I placed around it as the plant grew has long since disappeared under the thick leaves. Now the task I face in harvesting the fruit is twofold; First, I have to find the red ones among the leaves, which means I almost have to stand on my head, and once found I have to reach down and under, pick the tomatoes and withdraw(缩回) my full fist without dropping the prize so dearly won. I found two full-blown white roses completely hidden as I picked tomatoes in June. But they were weak and the leaves already yellow for lack of light. Here I am faced with a painful small decision: To tear up a wonderful and productive tomato plant that offers up between ten and twenty ripe sweet tomatoes each day or say goodbye to several expensive and treasured roses. Like Scarlett in

Gone With the Wind, I’ll think about that tomorrow.
39.The writer planted the tomato because _________. cost only $1.25 C.there was room for it in the garden to be covered 40.This year the writer’s roses were __________. moved from the rose bed C.mostly damaged by too much sunlight plant 41. By saying “the prize so dearly won” in paragraph 5, the writer wants to ________. A. show the difficulty in picking the tomatoes the roses her liking for the roses tomatoes 42.In the situation described in the text, one good thing is that ________. A.the roses cost the writer little money B.the writer has a daily harvest of tomatoes C.someone will help the writer make the decision D.the writer can now enjoy both the roses and tomatoes C The United States covers a large part of the North American continent. Its neighbors are Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Although the United States is a big country, it is not the largest in the world. In 1964, its population was over 185 000, 000. When this land first became a nation, after winning its independence(独立) her care for the B. show the hardship of growing B.picked along with the tomatoes D.largely hidden under the tomato B.the soil was just right for it D.the roses’ branches needed

from England, it had thirteen states. Each of the states was represented(代表) on the American flag by a star. All these states were in the eastern part of the continent. As the nation grew toward the west, new states were added and new stars appeared on the flag. For a long time, there were 48 stars. In 1959, however, two more stars were added to the flag, representing the new states of Alaska and Hawaii. Indians were the first people of the land which is now the United States. There are still many thousands of Indians now living in all parts of the country. Sometimes it is said that the Indians are “the only real Americans”. Most Americans come from all over the world. Those who came first in greatest numbers to make their homes on the eastern coast of North America were mostly from England. It is for that reason that the language of the United States is English and that its culture and customs are more like those of England than those of any other country in the world. 43. Which of the following is TRUE? A. America is the largest country in the world. B. The population of America is larger than that of any other country in the North American continent. C. America covers most part of the North American continent. D. Mexico is to the north of Canada. 44.The first thirteen states were in the ___ of the United States. A. south B. north C. east D. west 45.Why is English the language of America? A. English is the Indian’s native language. B. Most Americans come from all over the world. C. Most of the people who first settle in America were from England. D. Canada is America’s nearest neighbor. 46.Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A. The States of America. B. The Language of America. C. The United States of America. D. The Culture and Customs of America. D A girl with blue eyes is a blue-eyed girl. A man with long legs is a long-legged man. A woman with white hair is a white-haired woman. Children who have good looks are good-looking children. What do you do when you want to buy clothes? You go to a shop. If you can find clothes that are the right size for you, and if they are ready to wear, you will probably buy them. They are called ready-made clothes. If you can not find clothes that are the right size, you will go to a tailor’s shop. A tailor is a man who makes clothes. He will measure you carefully and will then make clothes for you. Such clothes are called tailor-made clothes. What do we call a man who is dressed badly? We call him a badly-dressed man. A woman who is dressed well is called a well-dressed woman. What do you wear when it rains heavily? You wear a coat that will keep the rain out. Such a coat is called a raincoat. It is made of waterproof cloth—cloth that does not let water pass through. We have a lot of rain in England. If you come to England, bring a raincoat and an umbrella. You will find them useful.

If the floor, walls and ceiling of a room are made so that sound cannot pass through the wall, we say that the room is sound-proof. There are sound-proof rooms in all broadcasting stations. 47.The clothes which you buy from the supermarket are called clothes. A. tailor-made B. ready-made C. hand-made D. mass production 48. If you come to England, bring b oth a raincoat and an umbrella because . A. t here is a lot of rain in England B. there are few umbrellas in the country C. gentlemen usually carry umbrellas with them in England D. walking with an umbrella in hand is popular in England 49. On back of a watch we can often see the word “water-proof”. The word means . A. water won’t get into the watch B. you can put water into the watch C. not putting the watch into water D. you can see the watch clearly in water 50.What do you think is the best title for the article? A. The Forms of Compound Words. B. Compound Words in Everyday Life C. How to Use Compound Words. D. Water-proof Cloth in the Best. 第二节:根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项 为多余选项。 What is your favourite colour? Do you like yellow, orange, red? ___51___. Do you prefer greys and blues? Then you are probably quiet, shy, and you would rather follow than lead. You tend to be pessimist. At least, this is what psychologists tell us, and they should know, because they have been seriously studying the meaning of colour preference, as well as the effect that colours have on human beings. ___52___. If you happen to love brown, you did so, as soon as you opened your eyes, or at least as soon as you could see clearly. ___53___. A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one; and a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day. ___54___. A black bridge over the Thames River, near London, used to be the scene of more suicides(自杀) than any other bridge in the area---until it was repainted green. The number of suicide attempts immediately fell sharply. Perhaps it would have fallen even more if the bridge had been done in pink or baby blue. ___55___. It is an established fact that factory workers work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black or grey. A. On the other hand, black is depressing. B. They tell us, among other facts, that we do not choose our favourite colour as grow up --- we are born with our preference. C. The rooms are painted in different colours as you like. D. If you do, you must be an optimist, a leader, an active person who enjoys life, people and excitement. E. Light and bright colours make people not only happier but more active.

F. Life is like a pictu re or a poem, full of different colours. G. Colours do influence our moods---there is no doubt about it IV. 短文改错(满分 10 分) 下面短文中共有10处错误,每句中最多两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改 。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏词符号(∧) ,并在此符号下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分 A few months after returning the US from Germany , I took part in a college course in French. Since I have learned to speak German good in Germany, I thought that it might be interested to begin studying another language. At the first class, the teacher asked us to do a pronunciation exercise, in which he would say one word or two in French, and each student would do their best to copy. When he got to me, he kept having me to say more words, and I finally asked him why. “I find it great funs. It’s the first time I’ve heard an American speak French with a German accent.”he explained it. V.书面表达(25 分) 假如你是某中学学生李华。最近,你班同学正在参加 21 世纪英文报“大家谈”栏目的一个 讨论。本次话题为:“父母有没有必要陪读?” 请你根据下表所列情况给报社写一封信, 客观地介绍讨论的情况。 70%的同学认为: 1. 父母不应该陪读 2. 父母陪读让我们 养成依赖的习惯,不利于我们将来自控能 力的培养,不利于我们培养良好的学习习 惯。 3. 父母陪读影响了他们的工作、学 习和休息。 30%的同学认为: 1. 父母应该陪读 2 . 父母陪读能使我们腾出 更多的专心学习,使我们身体更健康。 3. 父母 陪读能帮助我们确立学习目标,督促我们完成学 习任务,鼓励我们独立解决困难,培养我们养成 良好的学习习惯。

注意:1.信的形式已经为你写好。 2.词数 100 左右。 3.参考词汇: 陪读 accompany sb. studying at school 督促 urge 附加题: I. 单词拼写(10 分) 56. The committee ____________ (由?组成) of ten members. 57. The USA is ____________ (把?分成) into 50 states.. 58. I gave them a ____________ (描述) of my car. 59. He didn’t ____________ (实现,达到) the purpose desired. 60. They married last month but I didn’t attend their ____________ (婚礼). 61. We should do all we can to improve ____________ (关系) between our two countries. 62. The po sition of the house combines quietness and ____________ (方便). 63. The painting comes from his private ____________ (收藏). 64. To our ____________ (高兴), he passed the entrance examination.

65. Can you ____________ (安排) for car to collect them from the airport? II.阅读理解(10 分) One day an ordinary dog appeared in the ticket office at Campiglia, a busy railroad station on Italy's main line. A ticket agent named Elvio greeted the strange dog in a friendly way, so the dog decided to stay. From that day on, the dog became Elvio's shadow and was named Lampo. Lampo kept Elvio Company (陪伴) inside the ticket office. When the weather was warm, he would enjoy himself in the sun on the train platform. When it came time for Elvio to return home on the train at night, Lampo ran after the train for a long way and then sadly gave up and went back to the station. One night as Elvio was riding home on the train, he noticed that La mpo was lying at his feet. Afraid that the conductor would see the dog on the train and shout at him, Elvio pushed Lampo under a seat. Luckily, the conductor did not notice the dog. Lampo came home with Elvio and met his family. Then, after a short visit, Lampo boarded the last train and went back to the station. Lampo quickly learned all of the train schedules (时刻表). He would ride home from work with Elvio every night and then ride back to the station alone. Every morning, Lampo arrived at Elvio's house in time to walk his young daughter, Mivna, to school. The faithful dog would then take another train to travel again to accompany Mivna home from school at 11:30. Soon, Lampo began to take the train all over Italy. Lampo became famous among the men who worked on the railroad, as his journeys became more frequent, complicated and mysterious. No one could explain why he traveled or how he always found the right train back to Campiglia. People decided that Lampo was a unique dog. Some of the railroad officials were against Lampo's illegal travels. They were afraid he would bite a passenger or cause some other problems. Finally, the stationmaster threatened to call the dogcatcher if Elvio didn't get rid of the dog. Elvio decided to put Lampo on a train going as far away as possible. Months went by and Lampo did not come back. Mivna missed him very much and prayed for his return. Finally one day, a sad, very thin, tired Lampo returned to Elvio's office. Everyone, even the stationmaster, was sorry about what had happened. From then on, Lampo was allowed to ride the trains whenever he wanted. After seven years, Lampo grew old, and he began to need Elvio's help to board the train. One day Lampo was seen lying dead on the tracks. A year later, a life sized statue of Lampo was set up at Campiglia station. 66. The first time Lampo took the train, Elvio was ______. A. delighted that he was lucky B. afraid the dog would bite someone C. afraid the conductor would see him and be angry D. excited that Lampo would soon meet his family 67. Lampo's traveling all over Italy caused people to believe that _______. A. he could read the train schedules B. he was famous in the country C. Elvio secretly helped him D. he was a very special dog

68. The stationmaster threatened that if Elvio didn't get rid of the dog, _______. A. Elvio would be fired B. Lampo would be put on the train tracks C. the stationmaster would send him away D. a dogcatcher would be called 69. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the story? A. The dog was once sent away by Elvio. B. The dog finally won the stationmaster's heart. C. The dog was faithful to his master. D. The dog died when he was seven years old. 70. The author suggests that a statue of Lampo was set up because _______. A. the stationmaster felt sorry about what had happened B. he had been a friend to travelers C. it would bring good luck to the town D. Elvio offered money to set up the statue

单元测试 Unit 2 The United Kingdom I. 单项选择 1. C。考查短语动词。consist of=be made up of 译为“由?组成” 2. B。考查介词和动词。among 表示三者或三者以上。between 表示两者。divide 表示把 一个整体分成几份。separate 表示把本来独立的东西分开。 3. B。考查与 use 相关的短语。be used to doing 译为“习惯于” ;由于答语中使用了 but, 选用 D 项符合语义,说明以前吸烟,故选 B。 4. D。考查形容词。puzzling 的意思是“令人迷惑不解的、莫名其妙的” ;puzzled 的意思 是“感到迷惑的” ;badly (adv.)的意思是“迫切、非常” ;bad (adj.)的意思是“坏的、 不好的” 。 5. D。考查现在分词作宾语补足语。在 find sb. doing 结构中,sb.是 doing 的逻辑主语, 表示主动关系。而在 find sb. done 结构中,sb. 是 done 的逻辑主语,表示被动关系。 6. D。考查短语动词。break out 是不及物动词,不可用在被动语态中,故排除 A、C 项。 break away 是不及物动词,要接宾语的话必须加上 from , 表示和?脱离关系。 7. D。考查名词辨析。句意:在处理公共关系时,我们应该尽一切努力防止个人冲突的发生。 contact 和 connection 是同义词,意为“联系”。Contrast “对比”; conflict “冲 突” 。因此选 D。 8. A。考查短语介词。句意为:我的兴趣包括足球、保龄球和网上冲浪,还有学习喜欢的 学科。从句意看,应该选用表示并列的词,故选 A 项。instead of “代替”; less than “少于?” rather than “而不是”. 9. C。考查动词。单从结构上讲,remain 后可用现在分词、过去分词或动词不定式作表语, 但是 seat 只能用 seated 作表语,如:Please be seated.(=Please seat yourself.=Sit down, please)。故选 C。 10. C。考查定语从句和代词。解题时,首先要理清结构。you _____ last week 是省略关 系代词的定语从句, 省略的关系代词在定语从句中作宾语, 如果第一个空格中再使用 it, 就属于宾语重复错误。 因此, 首先排除 A、 B 项。 第二个空格中应该使用表示特指的代词, 故选 C。 11. B。考查短语动词。 leave for “动身去某地” ;see sb. off “为某人送行” ;第二 个空填 say goodbye to sb. (向?说再见)也可以。 12. A。考查短语动词。break down “失败,跨掉,克服”; pull down “拆毁(建筑物) ” turn down “调小,拒绝” ;put down “放下,写下” 。 13. D。 考查倒装用法。 依据倒装语序(couldn’t he work)排除 A 项; 由于使用了 couldn’t, 就不能再用 never 或 hardly,故选 D 项。另外 not only 与后文的 but 也一致。 14. B。考查交际用语。句意:?我们都担心你,?没有必要担心。其他选项不符合题意。 15. A。考查句子特殊句型。此句是一种特殊的句型,叫做混合疑问句。它是由两种类型的 疑问句混合而成的。一个是特殊疑问句:Who will(should)be sent to work there? 另 一个是一般疑问句:Do you suggest? 但是,两个疑问句混合之后,特殊疑问句的形式 或语序要发生变化: Who〔do you suggest〕be sent to work there? II. 完形填空 语篇解读: 文章讲述了一对夫妻在国外购买了新车后, 在去取车开回家的过程中的一些经历。 妻子很不放心丈夫独自去取车而且丈夫也不是很熟悉异国他乡的交通规则。 因此, 他们闹出 了一些笑话。 16. C。根据下文中“?paid for the car? ”可知这里应是“购买”故选 C 17. A。根据上下文,他们如今在西班牙。而卖掉他们在英国所拥有的车应该是在离家之前。

故选 A。 18. B。根据文章意思,别人打电话告诉他们只能是他们要购买的车准备好了,可以去提车 了。故选 B 19. D。 初到一个新国家的一个陌生城市, 很自然对于在这个城市里驾车不会很习惯。 故选 D。 20. A。依据下文 “? so we went together ?”, 妻子是不想让他独自去取车。 “on one’s own” “独自”之意。故选 A 21. D。根据上下文,他们夫妻是一起去取回他们购买的车。而“fetch” 正合此意。故选 D。 22. C。一般情况下,购买时顾客须在相关的文件或协议上签字,因此,选答案 C。 23. B。购买新车,卖方只往车里加足够到达加油站的汽油,不会很多。 故选 B。 24. B。里加油不多,只好开往最近的加油站以免中途油箱里汽油耗尽。故选 B。 25. C。虽说车手是在一个陌生的新国家,但距离短,所以安全到达最近的油站没问题。下 文中的 But when I ? 所引出的意外,也映衬出这里应是安全到达。故选 C 26. D。下文“? backing into the garage ?” , 只有当他看到许多车朝他疾驰而来时, 他才会又退回到加油站。故选 D。 27. A。 “in the way, in sb’s way” 意为挡住某人的路,作者看到车正朝他开来,很自 然应该让路。 “get out of sb’s way”有 “让路”之意。故选 A。 28. B。作者已经出了加油站上了公路,但是为了避免与其他车辆相撞,他很自然地又退进 了加油站。故选 B。 29. C。出了油站该上路了,可作者又退回来会让后面的司机很着急,所以后面的司机冲 作者发脾气就很正常了。故选 C。 30. D。看到丈夫如此的车技,妻子只是提醒丈夫要记住靠右行驶以免发生意外。故选 D。 31. D。 “? if only I had had a few lessons ?”可以得知作者是很遗憾事先没有上几 堂训练课,以致险些撞车。故选 D. 32. A。此情此境, 作者妻子只好劝丈夫“你最好回家路上小心驾驶” 。 故选 A。 33.C。妻子提醒丈夫“如果刚买了车第一天就出了事故,你会很遗憾的。而且,句子使 用了虚拟语气。故选 C。 34. A。被挡住的时间长了,后面的司机最关心的是他什么时候离开。故选 A. 35. B。后面的司机见此情景很不解,所以才问这对夫妻。故选 B。 III. 阅读理解 36. D。细节理解题。见首段第三句 “The Union Jack became the flag of Great Britain.” 37. C。细节理解题。首段中间 “They have kept this small part of Britain on their flag because their country was first settled by people from Britain.道明了原 因。 38. D。推理判断题。 由第二段可知 “patron saint”是由人来充当的,由第二段的第三 句 “?the English had taken St. George as their patron saint.”和第五句 “The Scottish patron saint was St Andrew.”可知 A、B 两项正确;由末段第二句 “St Parick’s cross of Ireland was red and also shaped like an “X”.”可知 C 项亦 正确;而由第一段首句和末句可知 “Union Jack”只是英国国旗的名称,不是人名,故 D 项错误。 39. C。 细节理解题。信息句: It was the space available in the garden that led me into planting just one little tomato plant.(为了充分利用花园里的一片空地,我 栽了一棵小小的西红柿苗。)

40. D。 细节理解题。信息句: I found two full-blown white roses completely hidden as I picked tomatoes in June, but they were weak and the leaves already yellow for lack of light.(六月摘西红柿的时候, 我看到了两朵完全被覆盖的开着的白色玫瑰。 由于无阳光,他们的叶子已经枯黄,奄奄一息。) 41. A。推理判断题。信息句:the prize so dearly won= the tomatoes that were won in such a dear way “用如此昂贵的方式得到的西红柿”。作者用幽默的说法来说明摘西红柿不 易。 42. B。推理判断题。信息句: To tear up a wonderful and productive tomato plant that offers up between ten and twenty ripe sweet tomatoes each day. 作者每天可以从 这颗旺盛的西红柿苗上摘下 10 到 20 个熟透的甜甜的西红柿,这正是作者不忍拔掉它的 原因。 那些玫瑰既昂贵 (expensive) 由珍贵 (treasured) ,所以 A 不对。 “I’ll think about that tomorrow” 说明“我”求助无门,难以作出决定, 故 C 项是错误的。西 红柿虽然生机勃勃,玫瑰却日渐衰败(weak) ,显然, 两者不可兼得,故 D 项是错误的。 43. B 。推理判断题。文章第一段提到美国不是世界上最大国家,根据 In 1964, its population was over 185 000 000 可以断定选 B。 44. C。细节理解题。文章第二段中第三句话说明了这一事实。 45. C。细节理解题。文章最后两句话说明了为什么美国的语言是英语的原因。 46. C。主旨大意题。C 选项包括了 A、B、D 三个选项的内容。 47. B。细节理解题。从第一段中可以看出,从市场买的衣服叫现成的衣服。 48. A。细节理解题。第三段告诉我们英国经常下雨。 49. A。词义猜测题。从第三段我们可以看出此义。 50. B。主旨大意题。本文讲到的这些复合词都与日常生活有关。 51. D。根据下文问答形式可以看出,选项 D 为正确答案。 52. B。根据上文意义,选项填到此空处可以与上文形成排比句式。 53. G。从空后的“A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one; and a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day.”这句话中可以找出正确答案为选项 G。 54. A。从与上文的关系空后的“A black bridge over the Thames River, near London, used to be the scene of more suicides(自杀) than any other bridge in the area---until it was repainted green.” 这句话中可以找到正确答案选项 G。 55. E。从下文意义可以很容易地推断出 E 为最佳选项。 IV. 短文改错 第 一 行 return 后 加 to 第 二 行 have 一 had good 一 well interested 一 interesting 第三行 对 第四行 one 一 a their 一 his 第五行 去掉 me 后边的 to 第六行 funs 一 fun 第七行 去掉 it V.书面表达 Dear editor, Recently our class have had a heated discussion on whether students should be accompanied by parents studying at school. Opinions are divided on the topic. 70% of my classmates hold the view that there is no need for parents to do so. For one thing, we may fall into the habit of dependence, which will have a negative effect on the development of our self-control ability. For another, it will affect our parents’ work, study and rest. However, 30% of us are in favor of it. In their

opinion, with parents accompanying us, we can spare more time to concentrate on our study and we will become more healthy. Furthermore, parents can help set our study goal and urge us to complete our study tasks. Also we can overcome difficulties on our own. with their encouragement and develop a good habit of studying. Best wishes. 附加题: I. 单词拼写 56. consists 57. divided 58. description 59. accomplish 60. wedding 61. relations 62. convenience 63. collection 64. delight 65. arrange II.阅读理解 66.C。 细节理解题。根据第三段的信息 Afraid that the conductor would see the dog on the train and shout at him, Elvio pushed Lampo under a seat.可知,当 Lampo 第一次 乘火车时,Elvio 害怕列车员发现他的狗会生气。shout at sb.or sth.的意思是冲某人或 某物大声喊叫。 67.D。细节理解题。根据第四段的信息 Lampo became famous among the men who worked on the railroad, as his journeys became more frequent, complicated and mysterious. No one could explain why he traveled or how he always found the right train back to Campiglia. People decided that Lampo was a unique dog.可知,Lampo 是一条很特别的 狗。unique 的意思是“独一无二的”。 68.D。细节理解题。根据第五段中的最后一句话 Finally, the stationmaster threatened to call the dogcatcher if Elvio didn't get rid of the dog.可知,最后,火车站站长 恐吓说,如果 Elvio 不除掉狗,他会叫抓狗的人把狗抓走。 69.D。推理判断题。通读整篇文章,只有选项 D 中所说内容没有在短文中提到。 70.B。 推理判断题。从全文及倒数第二段可知,Lampo 最后成了人们的朋友,无论是车站 员工还是过往的乘客。


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