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高中英语必修 1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela
1. quality n. 质量 品质 quantity n. 数量 a quantity of +名词复数/不可数名词 大量的 谓语动词都用单数 large quantities of+名词复数/不可数名词 大量的 谓语动词都用复数 in quantity in large quantities 大量地 A large quantity of air-conditioners ______ ______ ______(sell) since the temperature ______(be) high. Quantities of food (nuts) ______ (be) on the table . It is cheaper to buy goods___________________________________(大量地). 2. willing adj.乐意的 自愿的 unwilling adj.不愿意的 willingly adv. 乐意地 be willing to do sth 乐意做某事 I ________________________(很乐意讨论)the problem . She is a willing worker(志愿工作人员). He did it quite ____________. Where there is a will(n.意志 遗嘱), there is a way. 有志者事竟成。 3. active adj. 积极的 活跃的 actively adv.积极地 be active in…在…方面积极 take an active part in…积极参加… She is an active girl . She ___________________(在…方面积极) school life when she was young . 4. lose heart 丧失勇气/信心 Even though you fail in the exam , ___________________(别泄气). 5. be in trouble 处在困境中 get into trouble 陷入困境 ask for trouble 自寻烦恼 have trouble (in) doing sth 做某事有困难 We should help ____________________________(那些处在困境中的人). He ________________________________________(学英语有困难). 6. fight for… 为争取…而斗争 fight against/with… 为反对…而斗争 fight with… 与…并肩作战 fight (push) one’s way 挤出一条道 Two dogs ______ ______ a bone , and a third dog ran away with it . You will have to ______ ______ difficulties . 7. peace n.和平 peaceful adj. 和平的 平静的 peacefully adv.平静地 安宁地 in peace = peacefully 平静地 安宁地 at peace 处在和平/平静状态 He died______________________(安宁地). The two countries are at peace . The problem was settled and his mind was at peace .

It is a ______ solution . 8. break(go against) the law 违法 keep(obey) the law 守法 by law 按法律 Anyone___________________/________________(违法的)should be punished . =Whoever breaks the law should be punished. 9. advise vt. 劝告 建议 advice n. 建议(不可数名词) a piece of advice 一条建议 advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事 advise doing sth = suggest doing sth 建议做某事 advise(sb) on sth 就…(向…)提出建议 advise + that 从句(用虚拟语气形式:should do should 可省略) What do you advise I ________________(do)about it? Can you advise me which book I _____________ _(buy)? He ______________________(建议她送) the letter by airmail. I advise you not to look down upon(看不起 小看) him. He advised me on how to learn English well . 10.continue to do sth =continue doing sth =go on doing sth =go on with sth 继续做同一件事 go on to do sth (一件事做完了)继续做另一件事 Let’s continue learning the text. = Let’s continue to learn the text. Since you have finished your homework, why not _______________________ (继续读课文)? The weather continues cold and wet. 维持 连系动词+adj./介词短语 做表语 He continues in weak health. 11.fee 入场/会费 手续费 服务费 fare 车船费 旅差费 飞机票价 tip 小费 小建议 We charge (收费)a small ______ for our service . A single fare (单程票价)is 170 dollars. Does your school charge school fees(收学费)? What do you figure out(算出) the car fare? What 's the fare to the city hall? 12.worry about 担忧(动作) be / get worried about 担忧(状态) Don't worry about my illness; what I need is nothing but a few days' rest. So there is nothing to worry about any more. I worry about him. He's always taking unnecessary risks. I am worried about him. He should have been home an hour ago. out of work be out of a job 失业 No goods are produced in the factory , and now all the workers ___________(失业) . 14.accept Vt. 接受 承认 同意 receive Vt. 接到 收到 得到 接待 We were all delighted to ________ your letter. He went to the door to ________ his visitors. He was ________ as a Party member in 2000. I have ______ his invitation card but I will not ________ it . prison 坐牢 be put / thrown in prison 被送进监狱 break prison 越狱 As soon as he landed at the airport , he __________(catch) by the police and put into prison . Tom is in prison for taking drugs. 16.equal adj. 相等的 平等的 合适的 Vt. 等于 比得上 be equal to sth be equal to doing sth 与…相等 胜任 Two plus four is equal to (=equals) six. He doesn't seem equal to meeting our demands. He________________________(胜任干)the job. All men are equal in the eye of law. Few cars can equal (比得上)this kind of cars for speed. 17.educated adj.受过教育的 有教养的 educate V. education n. educator n. She is a highly ________ woman so she will forget the unhappy words _________________(你刚才说的) soon. She was educated in Oxford University in the 1930s. 18.fear n.& V.害怕 担心 fearful adj.害怕的担心的 fearless adj.无畏的大胆的 fearsome 很可怕的 十分吓人的 fear to do sth 害怕做某事 fear for…担心… for fear of +n./doing sth for fear + that 从句 以免 唯恐 He didn’t fear to die. She feared for the little boy when she saw him at the top of the tree. Close the windows for fear of (= in case of)rain. For fear of accidents, the driver drove very slowly. He goes home early everyday for fear that his wife would be angry. She is working hard for fear(that) she should fall behind others. 19.set up 建立 创立 set down 写下 记下 set out(off) 出发 set free 释放 set out to do sth = set about doing sth 着手做某事

Plenty of foreign firms have _____________ factories here. The government has set out to make many needed reforms. He knows how to set about doing these things. as 充当 担任 act as 充当 担任(临时)扮演 serve as 充当 担任 做…用 Tom works as a teacher in that high school . He acted as manager in my absence. He acted as a thief in the film . The big stone can serve as our table . 21.stop …(from )doing sth prevent …(from )doing sth 阻止…做某事 (被动语态中 from 都不省略) keep …from doing sth (from 不能省略) keep sb doing sth 让某人一直做某事 You can’t stop us (from )going if we want to . He _____________________(被阻止) going through the gate by the guard . 22.reward n. 报酬 酬金 Vt. 酬谢 奖赏 award n.奖品 奖金 Vt. 授予 奖给 判给 He will expect some reward after working so hard. How can I reward your kindness? He won the Oscar Award for the best actor. Neither John nor I am to receive the award. Phil was awarded the top prize. The judge awarded him $1000 as damages. for 投票赞成 建议 come to power 当权 上台 be sentenced to…被判处 Who did you vote for? I vote for going out for a walk. The judge sentenced the murderer to death.= __________________________ 句 型 语 法

24.Only +介词短语 / 副词 / 句子 在句首时,后面的句子要部分倒装 Only then did I realize that I was wrong . Only by working hard can you succeed . Only when the war was over was he able to get happily back to school. 只有你能干这件事。_____________________________________ 25.After graduating from university , she got married soon . Brush your teeth before going to bed . 26.定语从句(略)



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