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6 More reading(language points)

More Reading of Unit 6 1. weigh vi. 重 e.g. How much do you weigh? She weighs 60 kilos. vt. 称……的重量 e.g. He weighed himself on the bathroom scales. She weighed the stone in her hand. weight n.

重量 e.g. It is about 76 kilos in weight. lose/gain/put on weight weighty adj. 严重的;重大的 (weightier, weightiest) e.g. weighty issues/questions/matters

2. common 常见的,普遍的(强调“共有的” ) e.g. common disease/mistake/knowledge /sense/interests/language cf. ordinary 普通的(没有“异常”的突出) e.g. ordinary people/medicine normal 正常的(与“不正常”相对) e.g. normal life; be/ go back to normal usual 常见的(强调以前做过) e.g. usual place/time/ mistake

3. appear vi. 1)出现 e.g. She agreed to come to see me at 6 o’clock, but she hasn’t appeared yet. 2) 显得,看来,似乎 appear + adj./ n./ to do e.g. She didn’t at all appear surprised at the news. He appears a perfectly normal person. She appeared to be in her late thirties. They appeared not to know what was happening. There appears to have been a mistake. It appear(s) /appear(ed) that … eg. It appears that there has been a mistake. It appears unlikely that interest rate will fall further.

It appeared that this was a major problem. appearance n. 外貌,外表;出现 e.g. the physical appearance Don’t judge a person by his appearance. The sudden appearance of the teacher made the students feel anxious.

4. account for 1)是……的说明、原因 e.g. The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd. 2)解释,说明 e.g. How do you account for the show’s success? 3) (数量上,比例上)占 e.g. The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the company’s sales.

5. in contrast to/with 与……形成对照 e.g. His white hair was in contrast to/with his dark skin. (作表语) In contrast to/with your belief that we shall fail, I know we shall succeed. (作 状语) In contrast to/ with his brother, he was always considerate in his treatment of others. (作状语) cf. by contrast 对比起来,与之相比 e.g. The five-star hotel is very tall; by contrast, its neighboring buildings are very low.

6. in /by comparison (with sb./sth.) (与……)相比较 e.g. The second half of the game was dull by comparison with the first. The tallest buildings in London are small in comparison with New York’s skycrapers. By comparison (尤用于句首)比较起来,较之 e.g. By comparison, expenditure on education increased last year. There is no comparison 无法相比,根本不能相提并论 e.g. In terms of price, there is no comparison. (= One thing is much more expensive than the other.) There is no comparison between the two things; they are entirely different.

There is no comparison between frozen and fresh food. compare vt. 比较 compare A with/and B 比较 A 和 B e.g. If you compare his article with/and others’, you will find which is better. It’s interesting to compare their situation and ours. compare A to B 把 A 比作 B e.g. Shakespeare compared the world to a stage. He compared the heart to a pump. Witness compared the noise to thunder.

7. pattern n. 1) 模式;方式 e.g. the changing patterns of behavior/ work/ weather an irregular sleeping pattern The murders all seem to follow a similar pattern. 2) 范例,典范,榜样 e.g. set the pattern for others to follow 3) 图案,花样,式样 e.g. a pattern of diamonds and squares 菱形和正方形构成的图案

8. experience vt. 经历,经受,遭受 experience pain /pleasure /unhappiness e.g. Everyone experiences these problems at some time in their lives. n. /U/ 经验 /C/ 经历 experienced adj. 有经验的 e.g. an experienced teacher be experienced in sth.

9. be aware of + n. be aware that … be aware (of) + wh-clause e.g. He is not aware of his own mistakes. He is aware that he has made a serious mistake. We are not aware (of) where he went yesterday.



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