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高考常考短语分类归纳·come 类
come about 发生,产生,出现 come across 偶然发现,偶然遇到某人 come after 跟在……后面 come along(with sb.) 快,快来; (与某人)一道来,一起来 come along with 进展;取得成功 come at 达到;了解; 向……扑过来,向……袭击 come away 离开;脱

落 come back 回来,复原,恢复 come by 从旁边走过; (偶然)获得 come between 离间;干预……间的事;妨碍 come down 倒下,(温度,价格)下降,病倒;传下来; come down with 付出;被感染上 come from 来自;生长于 come forward 涌现,主动地响应要求做某事 come for 为什么而来 come in 进来,上市 come in (into) sight /view 出现,看见 come into 进入;获得;被卷入 come into action/fashion 开始行动(流行) come into being 发生,开始存在;形成 come into blossom 开花 come into force /effect 开始生效 come into power/office 上台,掌握政权 come into use 开始使用 come of 是……的后代;是……的结果 come off 脱落;离开;摔下;表现;结果是 come on (演员)出台,跟着来;快点(口),开始,到来,举 行,走吧,一起去 come over 过来,从远处过来,转来 come out 出来,出发,结果; (花)开; (秘密)泄露;出版 come out of 从……出来;由……引起;摆脱 come over 过来;顺便来访;改变观点;逐渐变得;布满;胜

过 come round 绕道而来;顺便来访;苏醒 come through 安然度过;安然度过; (声音经电话等)传来 come to 苏醒,总共,达到,得到谅解 come to a stop /an end 停止/结束 come /get to know 逐渐认识 come to oneself 苏醒过来 come up 种子生长发育;升起;走过来;到场;出芽 come up against 应付;对付(困难,反对等)

come up against problems 遇到问题 come up to 达到;等于

come up to standard 合乎标准 come up with 赶上;胜过 ,提出(建议) come up with a better plan 提出一个更好的计划 come upon(偶然)碰上;攻击 come to life 恢复知觉 come to one’s rescuers 帮助 come to stay 来定居;固定下来 come to terms with 甘心忍受(不愉快的困境) come true 实现

高考常考短语分类归纳·do 类
do away with =get rid of 废除,去掉,取消 do business 做买卖;做生意 do down 胜过;欺骗;说……的坏话 do experiments 做实验 do for 符合……的需要;照料;毁掉 do a good deed 做好事 do good/harm to sb. 给某人带来好处/坏处 do in 杀死某人;使精疲力竭;欺骗 do right 做的好 do some cleaning/shopping/cooking…… 扫 除 / 买 东 西 / 做 饭…… do sb. a/the fovour 帮某人一个忙

do /try one’s best to do sth do out 打扫,收拾


get in 进来;到达;回到家;当选;收集;请来 get into 进入;到达;穿上;陷入(困境等) get in a word 策划 get into trouble 陷入麻烦 get in touch with 与……取得联系 get in one’s way 妨碍某人 get it 懂得 get home 回家 get off 下车,离去,脱掉(衣等) ;摆脱 get on 上车;穿上(衣等) ;继续前进 get on one’s feet 站立起来 get out 出去;走开;逃出;取出; (天气)变得(晴朗等) get out of 下车;脱(衣) ;逐渐抛弃(习惯)等;离开 get out of 从……出来,避免 get out of hand 失控 get over 克服(困难),从病中恢复过来,不接 get ready 就位;预备 get rid of 摆脱,去掉 get sb.into trouble 使某人陷入麻烦 get stuck 遇到困难;陷进去 get through 完成,通过,用完,从人群中通过,接通电话 get /be tired of 对……感到厌烦;对……失去兴趣 get to 到达,抓住问题的要害,本质 get to know (逐渐)认识 get to sleep 入睡;睡着 get together 聚会,联欢;聚集 get up 起床,站立, get with 着手,开始 get broken 破碎了 get caught in 困住了 get changed 换衣服 get drunk 喝醉酒 get excited 兴奋 get hurt 受伤

do the bed/the room/the dishes 铺床/收拾房子/刷碗 have something/nothing to do with……与……有/无关 do up 修理;整理;梳理(头发) ;扣好(女衫等) ;打扮得 漂漂亮亮 do up one’s hair 盘起长发 do well in 在……方面干得好 do with 处理;对付 do wrong 做坏事

高考常考短语分类归纳·get 类
get a laugh 大笑一场 get a sight of 设法得到 get a word in 插话 get about 往来各处; (消息等)传开;着手干(某事) get above oneself 变得自高自大 get across 穿过,讲清楚使人了解,领会 get ahead 进步;胜过 get ahead (of) 有进展,胜过,提前 get after 攻击;责骂 get away (from) 逃掉,离开,摆脱 get along with sth 进展得 get along with sb 相处 get around =spread 传开 get at 到达;抓住;走近;着手干;领会;贿赂 get back 受贿,回来,恢复 get behind 落后,识破 识破 get burnt 烧着 get by 走过;通过;勉强生存 get close to 接近 get down 从……下来,写下来,记下来,病了/使某人不安 get down to 认真处理;着手 get (seize,take,catch ,lay) hold of 抓住,捉住,掌握

get lost 迷路 get married 结婚 get paid 付酬劳 get tired 累了 get used to 习惯于;适应于…… have got 有 have got to (do) 不得不,必须 get married 结婚 get hurt 受伤 get paid 获得酬劳 get lost 迷路 get separated 分开 get tired 累了

go beyond 超出 go down 沿……下去;下去;倒塌;减少,下降 go down on one’s knees 跪下 go for 竭力想取得,喜爱,适用于 go for a walk 去散步 go home 回家 go in for 从事,致力,爱好;追求 go into 研究,调查,进入 go into action 开始行动 go off 爆炸,发射;动身,离开;去世; go off with 拿去;抢走;拐走 go over 检查,审查;复习,重温 go out 外出;熄灭 go out of one’s way 特别费心(做事) go on 继续走下去;继续进行下去; (时间)过去;发生;过 活; (上装等)穿得上

高考常考短语分类归纳·go 类
go about 走来走去;流通;着手进行;忙于;相处 go abroad 出国 go across 走过,经过 go after 追逐;追捕;追求 go after (a job,a prize)追求(职位) ,争取(奖品) go against 违背;违反 go ahead 前进;先走;着手干;取得进步做吧(口语),走在 前面 go along 前进;进行下去;走开 go all out to do sth 全力以赴去做某事 go all the way 完全同意 go at 扑向;着手处理;售价为 go away 离开;私奔 go back 返回 go back on 违背(诺言等); 毁(约) go back on one’s word 食言,说话不算数 go back to 回到;追溯到 go by(时间)过去;从旁边经过; (时机等)轻易放过;依 照;凭……判断;顺便走访

go on doing sth 继续做 (同一件事) go on to do sth 继续做 (另一件事) go on with 继续进行 go on with one’s work 继续某人的工作 go out 出去; (灯等)熄灭 go out for 拼命想要 go out of 从……里出来;从……减少 go out of one’s mind 变得神志不清 go over 横穿;转向;复习 go round/around 足够分配; (消息)流传 go to bed 去睡觉 go together 相配;恋爱 go too far 太过分了,走太远了 go through 经历,详细检查 go though with 完成某事 on the go 很忙 to go 剩下的,未完成的 go up 上升,增加,建起;(物价等)上涨

go under 下沉,沉没;失败 go well with 伴随,与……协调;与……持同一看法 go with 相配=match=go along with go without 没有…… 也行,将就 go bad 变坏;变酸;腐败 go red 变红 go hungry 挨饿 go wrong 出错;发生故障 go boating 去滑船 go bathing 去淋浴 going camping 宿营 go dancing 去跳舞 go fishing 去钓鱼 go hunting 去打猎 go shooting 去射击 go shopping 去购物 go skating 去滑冰

have a word with sb 与某人谈话 have a few words with sb 与某人谈几句话 have words with sb 与某人吵架 have a quarrel 吵架 have a run 跑步 have a break (间,课间)歇 have a haircut 理一发 have a swim 游泳 have a try 试一试 have a rest 休息(一下) have a class 上课 have a dance 跳舞 have a stomachache 胃疼;肚疼 have a toothache 牙疼 have a cold 感冒 have a fever 发烧 have a holiday 度假 have a day off 请一天假 have a good time 过(玩)得愉快 have a good / high opinion of sb 对某人评价高, 对某人印象好 have an exam 进行测试 have nothing on 并不比什么强 have sth in mind 牢记 have sth on 穿/ 带着什么 have sth done 让某人做某事

高考常考短语分类归纳·have 类
have breakfast/lunch/supper,吃早(午、晚)餐 have tea 喝茶 have sports 进行体育活动 have labor 劳动 have deep affection on 对……有深刻影响 have difficulty in doing sth. 费力(有困难地)做某事 have fun 有趣 have a smoke 抽烟 have a discussion 讨论 have a meeting 开会 have a talk 谈话 have a talk with sb 与某人谈话 have a chat 聊天 have a fight 打仗,斗架 have a walk 步行;散步

高考常考短语分类归纳·keep 类
keep about 继续履行职责 keep after 紧紧追赶;反复提醒 keep at 坚持;不断对……施加压力 keep away 不接近;避开 keep away from 远离…… keep a diary 记日记 keep a record 保持记录

keep a record of 保存成绩;保留……记录 keep a secret 保守秘密 keep an eye on 照料;照管 keep an eye out for sb /sth 留心或注意某人或某事 keep back 留在后面,阻止,忍住,隐瞒 keep down 下降,缩减开支 keep doing 继续,一直做 keep hold of 握住,抓住 keep fit 保持健康;身体好 keep from 避免;忍住 keep in 把……关在里面,闭门不出;留在家里;保守秘密 keep.... in mind 记着,不忘 keep off 避开,远离,让开;使不接近; keep off the grass 不要踏草 keep on (doing) (其后不能接暂短动作的动词)继续(做) , 不停地(做) keep one’s balance 保持平衡 keep one’s feeling in 抑制住对……的感情 keep order 维持秩序 keep out 使其等在外面,不让进入,阻止 keep...out of... 把某人制止在……外 keep seeds 保存种子 keep it up 坚持着做下去 keep up 保持,维持,鼓足勇气;不减弱;坚持下去 keep up with 跟上;熟悉;保持接触 keep watch 注意;提防 keep with 陪伴 keep (stop/prevent )sb from doing 阻止某人做某事 keep sb doing 使某人一直做某事 keep oneself 保守秘密,不告诉别人 keep sth in mind 记着…… keep sth.a secret 对……保密 keep in touch with 和……保持联系 keep sth from sb 把某事瞒着某人

keep together 不分散 keep time 按时,合拍子 keep to 坚持某种习惯,遵循 keep track of 记录;保持联系



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