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Task 2 科技类 The development of technology changes the way people interact with each other. In which way does it change the types of relationship that people make? Does it have positive or negative effect on the development?

分析:其实这个题目基本上首先要文对题的话,基本上是需要回答 ways, 然后就是哪些 Ways 是积极的,哪些是消极的。基本上 body 部分可能就是三个段落。 Ways: 应该是包括 时间改变了,空间也改变了,还有交流的方式也改变了。或者从人这个角度出发: 爱情,因 为技术的介入是怎么改变的; 亲情,因为技术的介入是怎么改变的;友情,因为技术的介入 是怎么改变的;同事关系,因为技术介入是怎么改变的, 陌生人关系,因为技术的介入是 怎么改变的。

Many of my friends have a good romantic relationship with their lovers, after many conversation by QQ; I, focusing on job, have no choice, but to give many calls to my parents who are living in village; it’s common that I, every week, will discuss many problems with my friends, who are learning course in Italy; and my leader, always assign the jobs through Email, and provide better suggestions to me. The improvement of technology has changed the types of relationship sharply. And this essay will examine many details about whether it has positive or negative effects. People will spend less time to establish and maintain the relationship with others. For instance, my brothers, when he misses his girlfriend, just give a call to her---it will spend only couple of minutes. And in the past, the letter I write to my parents will cost at least 5 days to arrive at the hands of theirs, but right now, I just give a call. The conversation between me and my friends in Italy happen almost everyday night. And my leader just writes a email which will spend about five minuets to me. All of these provide evidence that the technology has changed us dramatically. These development, surely, offer much help to us. For instance, in the high school, I could only go to the public telephone to give call to my parents at most twice. And right now, with the help of MSN, it is common that almost every night, we have a conversation about my life and job. But,

the concerns need our special attention. For instance, my nephew always indulges in computer games, which will cost his at least 40 hours a week. It means that he have no enough time to have discussion with me and his parents. In conclusion, it’s no secret that many technologies have bring numerous benefits to us, while we have to be bracing the concerns of it.



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