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book5 unit3 学案

Unit 3 Life in the future
Period 1
核心单词 1. impression n.印痕;印记;印象;感想 常用结构: have an impression of sth./doing sth. 对(做)某事有印象 Leave / make an impression on sb. 给某人留下印象 make no impression on 对……无影响/效果 give sb.a favorable impression 给某人留下好印象 Under the impression that... 原以为, 误以为 an impression of one’s foot 某人的脚印 Your performance gave me a strong impression. 你的表演给我留下了很深的印象。 What I said made no impression on him. 我的话对他不起作用。 联想拓展 impress v.留下印象 impress sth.on/upon one’s mind 把……牢记在心上 Impress sb. With... 给某人留下......印象 Be impressed by / with /at... 为......所感动 对......有印象 Be impressed on one’s mind 给......留下印象 Impressive adj. 令人印象深刻的 She made a good impression on his mother. I was under the impression that you hadn’t visited the city before, was I right? 单项填空 She spoke very confidently because she wanted to make a great on her employer at the first time. A. Influence B. pressure C. Impression D. Effect 2. take up 从事;占(时间、空间、注意力等);继续 This table takes up too much room. 这张桌子太占地方。 She has taken up a job as a teacher. 她当上老师了。 This chapter takes up where the last one off. 本章继续上一章的内容。 联想拓展 take off 脱掉(衣服等);起飞;打折;作为折扣而减价 take over 接管;获得对……的控制或管理 take apart 拆开;分开后将……分成许多部分 take for 把……视作;误认为

take...for granted 认为……是理所当然 take down 写下;记下 take back 收回(诺言) Take in 接受 吸收 领会 理解 单项填空 ①In Singapore, a southeastern Asian country, the Chinese people the largest percentage of its population, so you can speak Chinese there. (2010· 01· 安徽利辛检测) A. make up B. take up C. hold up D. turn up ②Since the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing has taken a new look everywhere. (2010· 01· 山西四校检测) Up B. on C. over D. Off 3. Previous adj.在前的, 早先的 I had already visited Italy on a previous holiday. Previous to that, we had traveled by car to paris. 4. Surroundings n. 周围的事物; 环境 联想拓展 Surrounding adj.附近的; 周围的 Surround v. 环绕,围住 Be surrounded by / with 被......围着 / 包围 5. Tolerate vt. 忍受;容忍;包容;容许 can’t / couldn’t tolerate sth. / doing sth. 不能容忍...... I can’t tolerate his rudeness. 6. lack v.&n. 缺乏;缺少的东西 注意:lack作名词时,后常接of。lack作动词时,既可作及物动词,也可以作不 及物动词,作不及物动词时,后常接for或in。lack不用于被动语态。 常用结构: lack sth. 缺少某物 lack for sth. 缺少;需要 for/through lack of... 因缺乏…… no lack of... 不缺乏 a/the lack of ... …… 的缺乏 He didn’t go there because he lacked courage. 他没去那里,因为他缺乏勇气。 The plant died for lack of water.植物因缺水而死。 They lacked for nothing.他们无所需求。 联想拓展 lacking adj. 匮乏的;不足的;没有的 be lacking in 缺乏(品质、特点等) She seems to be lacking in common sense. 她似乎缺乏常识。 (1)单项填空

Though money, his parents managed to send him to university. (2010· 01· 陕西宝鸡检测) A. Lacked B. lacking of C. Lacking D. lacked in (2)完成句子 ①因为缺乏兴趣这次旅行被取消了。 The trip was cancelled through . ②他缺乏信心。 He .

Period 2
7. Adjustment n. 调整;调节 联想拓展 Make adjustments to 调整;调节 Adjust v. 调整;调节;(使)适应 Adjust to 适应 Adjust oneself to (doing) sth. I soon adjusted to my new work They decided to make adjustments to the plan. 8. Press vi. / vt. 按;压;逼迫 联想拓展 Press sb. to do / into (doing) sth. 催促某人做某事 Press for sth. 不断要求某事 Press sth. on sb. 勉强某人接受某事 Press n. 按压(常用单数);新闻界;报刊(与the连用) Don’t press your opinions on her. 9. sight n. 视力;视觉;看见;光景,奇观;名胜 常用结构: lose sight of 看不见;忘记;失去 catch sight of sth./sb. 看见某物/人 at first sight 初看之下;乍看起来 at (the) sight of 一看见就…… out of sight 看不见 Within / in sight 看得见,在眼前 Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不烦。 Last summer we had seen the sights of Beijing. 去年夏天我们游览了北京的名胜。 Crusoe was frightened at the sight of a man’s footprint. 克鲁索看到一行人的脚印,他非常害怕。 (1)单项填空 For miles around me there was nothing but a desert, without a single plant or tree .

(2010· 01· 陕西商洛检测) A. in sight B. on earth C. at a distance D. in place (2)完成句子 我们失去了许多珍贵的动物。 We several precious animals. 10. Switch n. 开关;转换 vt. 转换 联想拓展 把......转换到...... Switch (from) to... (从......)转向...... Switch (sth.)off 关(电灯 机器等) Switch (sth.)on 开(电灯 机器等) He switched off the light when he left the room. 11. require vt. 需要;要求;命令 常用结构: require that+主语+(should)+动词原形 需要某人做某事 require sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事 require sth.(of sb.) 要求(某人)某事 I will do everything that is required of me. 凡是要求我的事,我都会办到。 The situation requires that I(should)be there. 形势需要我去那里。 require后接宾语从句时,宾语从句必须用should do的虚拟语气,其中should可 以省略。 另外,表示“需要”,且是物作主语时,后接动词 ?ing形式的主动形式表示被动 含义,可以等于不定式被动形式;在这一点上,need和want用法相同。 The house requires mending. =The house requires to be mended. 房屋需要维修。 All cars require servicing regularly. 所有汽车都需要定期检修。 They required him to keep it a secret. 他们要求他对这事保密。 单项填空 ①In competition, women are required some of their exercises music.(2010· 01· 山西平遥检测) A. perform; to B. to perform; to C. performing; with D. to perform; by ②All the people present agreed that the matter required . (2010· 01· 山西太原检测) A. to look into B. being looked into C. to be looked D. looking into 12. assist

vt.&vi. 帮助;援助;参与;出席 常用结构: assist sb. in/with sth. 帮助(某人)某事 assist sb. in doing sth. 帮助(某人)做某事 assist sb. to do sth. 帮助(某人)做某事 assist with 帮助(照料,做);在……上给予帮助 I am willing to assist you whenever there is an opportunity. 有机会我愿随时帮你。 I’m afraid I can’t assist you, you have to go and see the manager. 我恐怕帮不 上忙,你得去找经理。 The headmaster assists with a lot of things when free. 有空时校长会帮忙做很多事。 用assist的相关短语填空 ①The young nurse was very nervous when she in her first operation. ②A team of nurses the doctor performing the operation. ③She employed a woman to her the housework. ④Good glasses will you read.

Period 3
13. sweep up 打扫;横扫 These students are sweeping up dead leaves. 这些学生们正在扫(拢)落叶。 He ran forward and swept her up into his arms. 他跑上前去一把将她抱在怀里。 The whole country was swept up in the excitement. 全国上下都沉浸在兴奋的气氛中。 We’d better sweep up all the bits of broken glass quickly. 我们最好快点把玻璃碴子扫干净。 联想拓展 sweep aside 放/堆到一边; 不予理会 sweep away 扫清;消灭;彻底消除 sweep off 扫清; 吹走; 大量清除 sweep out 扫掉; 清除 sweep over 将……一扫而光; (某种感情)掠过(……的心头) 用sweep up的适当形式填空 ①After the party, the house needed . ②The leaves were into the air by the strong wind. 重点句型 14. This is similar to the “jet lag” you get from flying,... 这就与你乘坐飞机会产生时差反应相似,…… 联想拓展

when flying是when you are flying的省略形式。在有些表示时间、条件、方 式或让步的状语从句中,如果谓语包含动词be,从句的主语又和主句的主语一 致,或者主语是it,通常可以把从句中的主语和be动词省略。 When asked where’s the toilet, the waitress showed the way politely to the guest. 当被问及厕所在哪里时,服务员非常有礼貌地给客人带路。 Until finishing the homework, the child was allowed to watch the cartoon film. 直至完成作业,小孩才允许看卡通片。 If necessary, you can call help from the police. 有必要时,你可以向警方求助。 翻译句子 (原创) ①即使被打死,他仍然保守秘密。 ②可能的话,到机场来接我。 ③过马路时,孩子们被要求停下观望,再手牵手通过。 15. ...some chairs rose from under the floor as if by magic. ……一些椅子就像变魔术一样从地板下面升了起来。 注意:from后面有时可接介词短语或where从句。 from under the floor 从地板下面 联想拓展 from behind the door 从门后面 from under the table 从桌子底下 From under the tree the man kept an eye on the sheep. 那个老人从树下留意着他的羊。 单项填空 His head soon appeared out of the window, he saw nothing but trees. (2010· 01· 山西大同检测) Where B. which C. there D. from where 16. The air seemed thin, as though its combination of gases had little oxygen left. 空气似乎很稀薄,好像在混合的气体中剩下的氧气很少。 这是一个主从复合句,the air seemed thin 是主句。主句是系表结构;seem是 连系动词,thin 是形容词,在句中做表语。as though its combination of gases had little oxygen left 是方式状语从句。 As though / if 好像,似乎 完成句子: Mary sounds 玛丽听起来像是患了感冒。 Don’t talk to me 不要把我当做孩子那样对我讲话。

Period 4 grammar
Exercises of 过去分词作状语和定语 sunshine class on pages 37----38


5 using language

1.speed up 加速 My heart is speeding up. 我的心跳在加快。 拓展:speed by 飞驰而过, 掠过 Speed n. 速度 With great speed 快;迅速 At a speed of... 以......的速度 At low / high speed 以很慢/很快的速度 Pick up speed 逐渐加速 He drove at a speed of sixty miles per hour. 2.Instant n. 瞬间;片刻 adj. 立即的;立刻的 拓展: the instant 一......就...... In an instant 立刻 For an instant 一会儿 Instantly adv. 立刻;即刻 He came the instant i called his name. 我刚一叫他的名字,他就来了。 完成句子 I shall be back . 我马上就回来 He corrected his mistake he found it. 他一发现错误马上就做出了改正。 3.Swallow vt. 吞下,咽下,忍受 拓展: Swallow up 吞没,耗尽,吞并, 侵吞 Swallow one’s words 承认说错了话 Swallow n. 燕子 完成句子 He told me i wouldn’t pass the exam but i’m determined to make him . 他对我说我考试不会及格,但是我决心已定让他承认他说错了话。 4.representative n. 代表,典型人物 adj. 典型的,有代表性的 拓展: Represent vt. 代表,代理,声称 / to be 称......是...... 完成句子: Many were there. He himself to be the son of god. 5.inside was an exhibition of the most up-to-date inventions of the 31th century. 太空站里展示了31世纪一些最前沿的发明。 这是一个倒装句,表示方位的副词inside置于句首,句子要用完全倒装。表示时 间、方向或方位的副词或介词短语,像here, there,now,then,up,down,in,out 等 置于句首,且主语为名词,句子用完全倒装。

完成句子: In this chapter the answer to those questions.在这一章中能找到那 些问题的答案。 6.Well, now there’s a system where the waste is disposed of using the principles of the ecology. 现在,我们有一种装置,能利用生态学原理来处理掉 废弃物。 这是一个主从复合句,where在句中引导定语从句,修饰先行词a system。 Where引导定语从句,表示抽象地点,放于 point,stage,occasion,condition,case,situation等名词后面。 完成句子: It’s helpful to put children in a situation all by themselves. 把孩子放在一个自己能完全处理所有事情的环境中是有好处的。

Period 6
学业达标测评 Exercises of sunshine class on pages 40----41

Period 7----10
Exercises of english weekly and sunshine class on pages 31---36


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