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高中英语知识点大全134: (54)

高中英语知识点大全(27):bring/take/fetch(get)/carry 的区别

1、break 小结 break 一词常用搭配有: (1)break out (战争、火灾、争吵、瘟疫等)爆发 A big fire broke out in the city last week. (2)break away from 脱离 A carriage(车

厢)broke away from the train. (3)break the law 违反法律 Who breaks the law will be punished by the law. (4)break in 破门而入;打断 He broke in to say that he was not interested in what I was talking about. (5) break down 损坏;中断 Her fridge has broken down for a long time. (6) break off 打断;结束;暂停 They were arguing(争论)but broke off when someone came into the room. (7) break into 闯入;侵入 Thieves broke into my house when I was out. break off 该短语动词的意思是“中断说话”,“暂时停止”。如:

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He broke off in the middle of a sentence. break off sth. with sb. 前者意为“(使)折断”,后者意为“与某人突然断绝(关系)”。如: The mast broke off /was broken off when the ship was moving. break out (战争、火灾、疾病、瘟疫等的)爆发 ①The American Civil War broke out in 1861. ②Fire broke out in the neighbour last night. break out in (into)… 忽然(做出)…… break out in laughter 突然放声大笑 break in (强盗等)强行闯入 break into 闯入;打碎(打破)成…… break up 分开,分割 2、bring 短语归纳 bring down(风)刮倒,降低(降落);bring up 养大,呕吐;bring about 带来,引起; bring along 捎来,带来,bring back 归还;bring out 拿出;bring in 赚(钱),带 进,传入;bring on 端上(饭菜),引起(火灾),使……成长; [应用]副词填空 ①He felt terribly ill and brought ______ what he ate. ②Surely the new railway will bring __ many changes in this less developed area. ③Next time you come to China, be sure to bring ______your friends.

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④All the library books must be brought_______ before June20. ⑤Selling newspapers brings ______ enough money for my schooling. ⑥Enough water can bring the rice _______ . Key: ①up ②about ③along ④back ⑤in ⑥on 3、bring/take/fetch(get)/carry ①bring 向着说话人的地方“带来;拿来”。 ②take 由说话人的地方“带走;拿去”。 ③fetch(get)由说话人的地方“去拿来、带来”,指往返双程。 ④carry“携带;搬运;运送”,无方向性。

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