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Unit1 Project To phone or not to phone

王 宗

Step 1 Lead -in

What do you do with mobile phones/cell phone?

give a phone call send text message take

photos play video games surf the Internet listen to the music record a vide watch movie ……




Step 2 Listening
? 1.What is Amish? The Amish is a Christian group

? 2.What are they famous for?
They are famous because they drive carriages instead of cars ,do not use TVs or refrigerators, and do not have personal telephones.

? 3.Why the Amish oppose to have telephones in their homes?

Since the Amish value seeing each other face to face.

Step 2 words
carriage Assume religious oppose circumstance shallow rid take to be true ; make a pretence of lacking depth of intellect or knowledge concerned only with what is obvious having or showing belief in and reverence for a deity a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity be against; express opposition to relieve from

a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses

Write the outline of the passage. Part 1(Para1-2)

Part 2(Para3-6) Part 3(Para7-8)

Step 3 careful reading
1.Is there any religious reasons for the Amish’s rule?
No . In truth ,whenever a new technology is introduced ,the Amish meet and discuss Its advantages and disadvantages

2.Why are the Amish reject cars?

Because they like having tight communities where everyone live closer.

3.How do they deal with strangers? They do not think it is necessary and dislike dealing with strangers.

1.Which is more of a friend, someone you often talk to over the phone or someone you often talk There is something important about being face to face? together and sharing life 2.If you need help ,who can help you better, that can not be found over a telephone someone far away or someone in the room wire. with you?

mobile phone

No matter what the circumstances, theone’s Destroy the peace one has orwhen waste phone rings, everything stops so that the call can precious time

be answered.

text message

relationships build by text messages are quite shallow

4.What does the author suggest at the end of the passage?
May be we should throw all of our phones into dustbin, along with our cars and TVs for good measure Maybe we should get rid of ourselves of modern technology and return to simpler times.

5.What is the tone of the last sentence? A. Hopeful. B. Humorous. C. Depressed.

Step 4 Debate

Mobile phone is necessary in our daily life

Mobile phone is harmful and unnecessary

Make a list of advantages and disadvantages
electronic devices computer Electronic dictionary
household appliances Television

Microwave ovens




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