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? Are they cute? ? Do you like them? ? Do you know where they live? ? Discuss it with your partner.

Scenery in Antarctica

Scenery in Antarctica

Animals in Antarctica



Look at the quiz on page 1 and think about it by yourself. After that discuss with your partner.


has more ice
has penguins
the South Pole


has the longest period of total darkness
? ?

has no inhabitants

is protected by an international agreement
? ?

has mountains and volcanoes
the North Pole

the North Pole


has polar bears has pole foxes has no land has more water has many plants






Look through the whole passage and find out the main idea of each para:

Para 1

Plants and animals
The discovery of Antarctica

Para3 Para4 Para 5

Brief introduction of Antarctica
The Antarctic Treaty

A great place for researchers

Careful-reading for more information

Antarctica Name: __________

Para.1 Brief introduction of Antarctica

South Pole Location: around the __________ million square kilometers; Area: 14 ________ largest continent in the world the 5th_______ driest on Earth Climate: coldest and______

the world’s Numbers: 90% of_____________,70% a frozen state ice is covered in____________,98% in_________ the ice cap

Para 2 animals & plants penguins

flying birds



There are different types of penguins,flying birds, seals and whales.

经植物学家考察 发现,南极洲有 850多种植物, 且多数为低等植 物,只有3种开 花植物属于高等 植物。在低等植 物中,地衣有 350多种,苔藓 370多种,藻类 130多种。

Few plants survive there except mosses, algae and lichen.

Para 3 A great place for researchers
1.Why is Antarctica a great place for researchers?

It has become a window on the past, and can give researchers lots of useful information
2. How can they help the researchers? (1)Gases & minerals can tell___________________ the climate in the past (2) Antarctic rocks may contain______________________________ evidence of extra-terrestrial life

Chinese Antarctica scientific explorers on Antarctica

Antarctic rocks are very also very important for research. Most of them are meteorites from outer space.

Para 4 How was Antarctica discovered? Antarctica was the last to be discovered More than 2 continent____________. Greek geographers thousands years ago,______________ believed there was a large land existing in the south. However, it was the late 18th century that a not until______________ British explorer crossed the Antarctic ______ _______ circle. In 1895, a_________ Norwegian become the 1st man to_________ set foot on Antarctica and it was finally_______ reached on 11th December 1911.

Para 5

Why was a treaty(条约) made?

In 1961
to prevent commercial military use the____________and________

Countries _________countries, including_______, 12 Britain France the USA ________and _________.


① to keep it free nuclear test from____________and_______________ radioactive waste ② promote international______________ scientific projects


arguments ③ end__________about who owns the land It became the most…work together for……

Focus on NMET 聚焦高考

Which sentence in the text can replace the following one?
However, because of the long cold winter night lasting as long as 182 days and lack of rain, there aren’t many types of plants that can live there But the long Antarctic winter night, which lasts for 182 days, as well as the extreme cold and lack of rainfall, means that few types of plants can survive there. Tips: 抓住关键词 找清同义短语 揪出不变成分

Translate the sentence
Not until the late 18th century did the British explorer James Cook cross the Antarctic circle, but he never saw land.

直到 18世纪晚期,英国探险家詹姆斯 . __________________________________ __________________________________ 库克才横穿南极圈,但他没能见到 __________________________________ (南极洲)大陆
Tips: 英汉异记心中,上下文别放松



Activity time :
It is said that the ice in Antarctica is melting(融化)because of globe warming. As a student, what should we do?

the Lecture Room(百家讲坛) invite you to give a lecture named “Antarctica: the last continent”. Prepare a speech paper(150words)

Topic: Antarctica: the last continent Time: May 25th Place: Beijing Museum Lecturer: Li Hua




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