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unit 1 friendship 课文语法填空

Do you want a friend _______ you could tell everything to or you ? Do you want to tell your friend what you are _______ ______ ? Anne didn’t want to ______ ______( 记下 ) ____ _____ _____( 一系列 ) facts in a diary ______( 正如 ) most people do. She could not be outdoors for a long time grew

_______(疯狂).Because there was a time_______ she could be close to nature. She stayed _______(wake) ______ _______(故 意地) until half past eleven ______ _______ ______(为的是) have a good look at the moon. Once she happened to be upstairs at dusk ________ the window was open. All around held me in their power. It was the first time that she _____ _______(see) the night ______ _____ ______(面对面). But I was sad to look at nature through curtains _______(hang) before ________(dust) windows. It was _____ ________(please) looking through these any longer.

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