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The Golden Age of Chinese Poetry课件

The Tang Poems

回乡偶书 贺知章
young and not till I left home _____ old ____do I come back, unchanged My accent is _________,my hair no longer______. black

儿童相见不相识, 笑问客从何处来。

The children don’t ____me, know whom I meet on the way, “where do you____ come ____, from reverend sir?" they smile and say.

The Golden Age of Chinese Poetry


Word Preparation
n. 专家 v. 分享

advance failure suffering romantic take hold of realist

n. 进步
n. 失败者

n. 痛苦 苦难
n. 浪漫主义作家

v. 抓住
n. 现实主义作家

for general ideas

Match the paratraphs with these titles: The Golden Age of Chinese Poetry Para. 1 A great dynasty An exciting culture Technology and progress Tang poetry Du Fu

Para. 2
Para. 3 Para. 4 Para. 5 Para. 6

Li Bai

for detailed information

Part 1(1-4) Task 1 True or False. Task 2 Answer the questions. Part 1(5-6) Task 1 Retelling.

1. The Tang Dynasty covers a bigger area than it is today.
2. The Tang culture greatly influenced many European countries. 3. Thanks to the invention of printing in the Tang Dynasty, scientific knowledge reached a wider audience. 4. In the Tang Dynasty a large number of people were fond of poetry only because they enjoyed reading and writing poems.

Para.1 What is mentioned about The Tang Dynasty apart from the territory(疆域)?

The Tang rulers also controlled the trade rout known as the Silk Road.

Para.2 The Chinese culture and foreign cultures infulenced each other. 1. an example of foreign influence The biggest foreign influence came from Buddhism. 2. an example of Chinese influence Japan and Korea were organized on the Tang model, and Chinese influence extended throughout southeast Asia.

Para.3 Cultural development went hand in hand with technological progress.
1. Seng Yixing measured the sun’s shadow and the altitude of the North Pole; 2. Medical schools were opened; 3. Printing was invented.

Para. 4 In the beauty of its images and the range of topics, Tang poetry was better than everything that had come before it. Why was Tang poetry so great? Because of the beauty of its images and the range of its topics.

Para. 5-6 Please introduce the two poets with the help of the words below. Dufu ? As a young man ,he ---? He enjoyed------? He never---? Thought of ----as ? He was a realist because----Libai The son of ----He was not successful---He began a life of --He wrote many poems---His favorite subjects----He was a romantic----


Fill in the blanks
The Tang Dynasty is one of the greatest dynasties in Chinese history when the Chinese culture and foreign cultures __________ influenced each other . ________ Cultural development went hand in hand with _____________ technological progress and literature which means ______ poetry then. The people who could write good poems were more officials Of many likely to become government _______. poets Li Bai and Du Fu were the greatest. Although their poem styles were quite _______ different , it still didn’t friends If Du prevent them from becoming good ________. Fu was aromantic ______, then Li Bai was a _______ realist .

Structure of the passage
A Great Dynasty Du Fu a realist An Exciting Culture Tang Poetry Li Bai a romantic Technology and Progress

Choose a poet you like, and write a passage about him/her.

Thank you for your attention!

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