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Version 109 Computer is widely used in education,and some people think teachers are not playing an important role in the classroom . To what extend do you agree?

Computer, as the most powerful tool in the information age, is widely applied in people’s work, study and daily life. A growing number of people think optimistically that computer will replace teachers in the classroom and play the leading role in study. As far as I am concerned, it will not take the place of teachers now and for good.

One of the main reasons is that computer works pursuant to the prescribed programs. It cannot work creatively and solve the queries from students. Suppose a new problem arises in study, computer will be at a loss and unable to explain the questions put forward by students. Although there is good news about the international chess games between computer and human beings, computer will never win because it is only a product of human intelligence.

Another reason is that computer cannot express feelings and emotions in communication. Communication plays an important role not only in constructing personal relations, but also in understanding each other clearly.

Study is not a mere process of acquiring knowledge. It is, more important, an indispensable sector for people to communicate with each other and build interpersonal relations. Without feeling, everybody would become a cold creature and make the world unbearable.

Last but not least, computer cannot take the place of teachers to organize teaching activities and keep good order in the classroom. A good organizer can activate the atmosphere of study, triggering students’ study interest. In addition, study can only proceed in the circumstance of good order. Otherwise, the classroom will become meaningless.

In brief, computer plays a role in students’ study. But it will never take the place of teachers in the classroom, for computer is a tool after all, which has many disadvantages. (290 words)

Version 110 What are the reasons for the loss of a vatiety of language and culture?

Culture diversity is diminishing owing to the immense impact of western culture and the popularity of dominant languages such as English. Many governments and countries are much concerned about it. From my point of view, this phenomenon is caused by the following influential factors.


Firstly, the wide use of English contributes mainly to the issue. Switching on TV, Hollywood movies force into your eyes; turning on the radio, English broadcasting programs echo by your ears; surfing on the Internet, the English information and articles dizzy your eyes. We are surprised to find that English has infiltrated into every aspect of our life. The over-use of English makes other languages, especially those of the minority regions, degraded and disappear from the earth gradually.

Secondly, cultural invasion accounts partly for the disappearance of other cultures. Due to the acceleration of globalization, western culture and life style is accepted by an increasing number of people. For instance, McDonald’s, a popular fast food, is widely welcomed worldwide. In addition, western music, fashion style, entertainment and way of thinking are becoming more and more popular. By contrast, local culture is overlooked and assimilated.

The last factor is that many governments put emphasis on economic development, neglecting the cultural construction and paying little attention to the protection of the endangered cultures and languages.

To change the present situation, personally, I think the government should enhance the awareness of cultural protection, taking effective measures to raise funds for the protection of cultures and languages. Furthermore, the

government should strengthen the education of its history and culture, which can make people learn the merits of their culture and language. Only in this way, can the culture and language be preserved and make our world diversified. (287 words)

Version 111 Which plays the major role in the development of personality of children, nature or nurture?

The development of the personality of children is decided by many factors. There is a heated debate over which factor plays the major role, nature or nurture. As for me, both factors are crucial to the development of children’s personalities.

Genetic science discloses that characters and personalities have close relation with the genetic characteristics of a person. Thanks to the subtle differences of genes, people demonstrate their peculiar characters. For instance, some people are born introvert or extrovert; some people are endowed with the gift of music or painting. Psychologists notice that blood styles also contribute to the differences of people’s temper.

Of course, nature is not the only factor deciding on one’s personalities. Nurture, from my point of view, is more important for the shaping of one’s

characters and personalities. Michael Jackson, the greatest singer in the world, was very shy when he was young. He often hid himself behind someone else when reporters interviewed with him. The nominees of Oscar Award are not born artists. Most of them attribute their success to the study and training. When Einstein was asked by journalists what was the key to success, he answered, “Success comes from ninety nine percent of hard work plus one percent of inspiration”. There is a famous Chinese story about Zhong Yong, a boy who was talented in writing poems but ended up to be a normal person when he grew old, because he never studied. Innumerable examples show that nurture, rather than nature, is the decisive factor influencing people’s personality and success.

In short, nature and nurture are both important to people’s characters and personalities. Nature without nurture makes one a no-man; and nurture without nature is like an ingenious tailor without cloth. (286 words)

Version 112 Some people think that companies should encourage the old people above the age of 55 to retire, so as to give opportunities to the young people. Do you agree?

Modern society witnessed remarkable changes over the past decades due to the updating of science and information technology. Many young people

have taken the place of the old ones and gained political and financial power in the world. From my point of view, the proposal is beneficial for both the society and young people. (54 words)

Young people are energetic and vigorous. Most of them have received formal education in university, where they acquired abundant knowledge and experience, which are quite essential to their future career. Young leaders and powers can inject vigor and new hopes to the world, which not only benefits the development of global economy, but also establishes multi-lateral relation between the countries in the world. Compared with young people, old people's knowledge is out-dated, which does not fit in with the development of the current society. Old people react more slowly than young people, who can always make quick judges and prompt decisions. Furthermore, young people are more open-minded than old people who have a tendency of conservation. Therefore, young people can adapt themselves to the changeable world more easily. (128 words)

Nevertheless, I am not to deny the virtues and merits demonstrated on the senior people. Old people accumulated rich social and working experience during their career. They have made great contributions to the development of the society and set up a model for the young to follow. Their wit in dealing with sophisticated problems and complex relations is enlightening to the young people, who should learn modestly from old people. Old

people can also enjoy a peaceful and relaxing life in retirement. (70 words)

To make it brief, old people should offer young guys opportunities to practice their abilities and talents. At the same time, young people should learn from old ones in a humble manner. (284 words)

Version 113 Some people think that university should not provide theoretical knowledge but to give practical training, which benefits the society. Do you agree or disagree?

Modern society needs talents with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. Theoretical knowledge serves for the scientific research, which pushes forward the development of technology; and practical knowledge provides empirical experience and contributes to the social development. From my point of view, both theoretical knowledge and practical courses should be given equal priority in university.

Theoretical courses are the basic subjects to be taught in university in the knowledge-oriented society. The development of computer science illuminates the importance of theoretical knowledge. Modern people witnessed dizzy development of computer technology in the past decade. People are often amazed by computer’s powerful and magical functions.

Without theoretical knowledge, the development of computer science will be impossible and our efforts will be in vain. It is theoretical knowledge that drives the development of technology.

Likewise, university should also teach students practical courses, which make the realization of theories possible. Otherwise, theories would never be testified. Mankind dreamed of flying in the sky as freely as birds long time ago. Without those brave antecessors, the dream would have never come true. Human civilization proceeds along the way of practicing and theorizing. Only by means of practice can theories step out of the shadow of virtual reality and serve people and society. Theory is the basis of technology, in return, makes theory escalated.

To make it simple, theory without practice is like a fertile land bearing nothing; and technology without theory is like a seed without soil. Only when theory and practice merge perfectly, can a theory last long and a technology stands everlasting. To be a versatile man, this is also the case. (272 words)

Version 117 Some people believe that children should learn how to compete, but some other people argue that children should be taught to cooperate. What do

you think?

Competition plays a crucial role in social development, especially in the ever-competitive society. However, competition without cooperation can never lead one to the road to success. As far as I am concerned, competition and cooperation are just like a twin, who liaises close with each other.

Competition is the driving force of social progress. Without competition, human civilization would stand still and even retreat to the barbarian age. Athletic development exemplifies a vivid illustration to us. Sports are highly competitive and that is the reason why sports are beloved by the people in the whole world. Every trial of athletes is a challenge not only to the former record setter, but also to the challenger himself. This is also true to technological development. Competition makes new technology emerge constantly, accelerating the development of human science and new products go into people’s life.

However, competition alone cannot make so many achievements without cooperation, because cooperation can concentrate people’s knowledge and intelligence on one problem and the idea of different people is enlightening to the others. Genetic approach went through rapid progress only in the recent years. There are many countries involved in the research program,

such as USA, Japan, Germany, China and so on. Without cooperation, the development of genetic research will not be so progressive. Take sports as another example. A good football team not only needs competitive competence, but also cooperative spirit. Without cooperation, any team cannot be successful.

To sum up, competition and cooperation are both essential to the society and a person’s success. Without competition, there will be no motivation; and without cooperation, any individual effort will be in vain. (273 words)

Version 119 Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female study in every subject. Do you agree or disagree.

University, a place disseminating knowledge and illuminating people’s mind, renders people opportunities to further their study and cultivate their capabilities. Some people propose that university should enroll equal number of male and female students in every subject. From my point of view, this is not only impractical, but also unfeasible.

On the one hand, different students have their own research interest and study focus, which decide on their career and success. If university enroll equal number of male and female students regardless their interest, the

students will lose their motivation and aspiration of study. If a talented writer is forced to study mathematics, for instance, he will not become a good mathematician, nor an excellent writer. In this sense, university should consider students’ study interest instead of pursuing equal number of males and females in one subject.

On the other hand, different subjects have their own characteristics. For example, histories make men wise; poets, witty; mathematics, subtle; natural philosophy, deep; moral, grave; logic and rhetoric, able to contend. It is common that most students in science and engineering are males, while the majority of students in nursing and education are females. Some jobs, such as navigating a boat, plying a plane and working in extreme circumstances, are more suitable for males, for males have higher ability to endure hardship. Likewise, some positions become females only, such as, nurses, baby-sitters, secretaries, assistants, textile workers and so on. If university enrollment ignores the differences in sex, a person cannot perform properly in their position.

In conclusion, it is not a good idea for university to enroll equal number of male and female students, because the characteristics of subjects differ from each other and students have their right to choose the subject they are interested in. (293 words)


Version 120 What are the purposes of places such as museums and how should they be funded?

Museums illuminate the culture, history and arts of the world. Every country and government spare no effort or money to enrich the collection of museums to cater for different tastes or needs of people, for the benefit of the present and future generations. There are bounteous museums all over the world.

The British Museum, which is maybe the largest one in the world, provides visitors with all-round knowledge about the world culture and arts. The visitors to the museum are all overwhelmed by the magnificence of the culture and history of mankind. If one wants to know about the development of human science and industry, he can have a tour to The Museum of Science and Industry located in Chicago, the United States, where a detailed scientific progress is presented vividly. You cannot miss every achievement human beings have made in history and you are sure to be shocked by the civilization of our forefathers created. If one wants to have a browse of the important events in the past, American Museum of Photography is the best choice. It abounds in precious historical pictures and gives visitors unforgettable memory. Apart from the state-owned museums, there are also innumerable private museums whose purpose is to

exhibit their cherished collection and popularize knowledge.

With a view to giving people updated information and rendering them a more detailed overview, many countries invest a great deal of money in the foundation of museums, because museums disseminate human knowledge and culture, which are more significant for the development of the young generation. Besides, entrepreneurs and individuals should also lay a fund for the improvement and rebuild of museums. The prosperity of human culture is not only the responsibility of the government, but also the responsibility of every individual and organization. (295 words)

Version 121 Some people think visitors to others countries should imitate local customs and behaviors. Some people disagree; they think the host country should welcome culture difference. What is your opinion?

Cultural diversity is a very fascinating phenomenon in every country. People from different countries and cultural backgrounds not only show the charms of their own cultures, but also make the world culture diversified and prosperous. However, culture difference sometimes causes much trouble for people to get equal career opportunities and inconvenience to their work and life.


First of all, the visitors’ compliance with local culture shows respect to the host country and people and maintains a good order in the local society. Take traffic regulations as an example. In some countries like Britain, pedestrians and drivers must walk or drive on the left side of the road. The case is just the opposite in China or some others countries where people must abide by the rule to walk on the right side. If people neglect the difference, the traffic will be in chaos. Besides the differences of rules and regulations, the laws in every country also keep different. Therefore, the visitors should be fully aware of the details of host country’s laws, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes and trouble. Furthermore, the visitors to other countries can have exotic experience of different cultures, enlarging their knowledge and widening their horizons. Culture diversity makes our world colorful. Better understanding of foreign cultures also contributes a great deal to the exchange of different cultures.

Nevertheless, we should also endeavor to keep our own culture and customs. Due to the popularity of English, people around the world use it in their work or everyday life. Consequently, some cultures in the minority regions or undeveloped countries are disappearing from the earth. Western culture is causing unprecedented erosion of the cultural diversity as well as the languages. Therefore, every government should be alerted to conserve the flourishing of its culture.


To sum up, the differences between cultures should be preserved and carefully maintained. Meanwhile, visitors in foreign countries should comply with the local culture and custom, so as to be identified by the host country. (330 words)




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