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【助力 2014 高考】英语语法小题特训:平行结构、翻译疑问句及其他
1、We kept ringing the bell, but nobody answered, __________? A. didn't they B. did they C. didn't we D. did we 答案: 请注意 everybody 在语法上是个单数概念,后面用单数的动词。如: Is everybody here? everybody 有“全体”的意思。其相应的代词和所有格用 they 和 their. Everybody is here.are they? Everybody must have their own opinion. 同样道理,nobody 其相应的代词和所有格用 they 和 their。 (答案 B) 2. The ability to store knowledge makes computers different from every other machine __________ invented. A. ever B. thus C. as D. which 答案: A 3. __________ has won the first prize in the Website Design Competition will be announced at awarding ceremony this evening. A. Whom B. Whoever C. Whomever D. Who 答案: ever 意思接近“曾经”, 起强调作用。 这里的…from every other machine ever invented=from every other machine that has ever been invented,意思是“到目前为止所发明的任何机器”。 thus 意思是“因而、如此”,as 意思是“因为”。 which 引导一个定语从句。如用 which,应该是:…machine which has ever been invented。不能说: which invented。 (答案 D) 4. The test itself may also make students too nervous to perform well. Especially on their second try, __________ confidence may have prevented the students from thinking __________ to produce correct answer. A. lack of ... clearly enough C. lack ... enough clearly B. lacking of ... clear enough D. lack ... clearly enough

答案: 请注意 lack 的用法: (1)lack vt. 正:I lack experience. 误:I lack of experience. 正:She lacks money right now. 误:She lacks of money right now. (2)lack n. 正:The lack of experience made him lose his lob. 误:The lack experience made him lose his job. 本题后半句的主语是 confidence,谓语动词是 may have prevented。空格是个主语。可以用动名词 lacking confidence, 也可以 用名词 lack of confidence。 选项 B、 排除。 enough 修饰副词时, 能 C 当 只 放在副词的后面,只能说 clearly enough,不能说 enough clearly。“清 晰地思考”只能说 think clearly, 不能说 think clear。 (答案 A) 5. Beer bottles can be recycled, but they need cleaning thoroughly, __________? A. don't they B. mustn't they C. needn't they D. can't they 答案: 句中 but they need cleaning thoroughly 中的 need 是个实义动词。其后 面的反意疑问句要用


don’t。 (答案 A) 6. When the streets are full of melting snow, you can't help __________ your shoes wet. A. but getting B. but to get C. get D. but get 答案: D 7. Christmas is not just for westerners any more. Look around Shanghai, __________ nearly anywhere in China's big cities, __________ you W ill find people celebrating Christmas merrily. A. and... / B. /... and C. or... and D. and... or 答案: 请注意本句的句型:祈使句,and 主语+谓语。如: 正:Think it over,and you can find a way. 误:Think it over,then you can find a way. 本题是:Look around Shanghai…and you will find people…选项 A, D 排除。第一个空格填 or,不能不 填。 (答案 C) 8. __________ we could do but donate those old books to the nearby primary school. A. It was nothing B. There was anything C. There was nothing D. Since there was nothing 答案: C 9. __________ tastes better, the crab or the beef? A. Do you think which B. Which do you think C. Do you think what D. What do you think 答案: B 10. The front door of the house __________, so we had to enter through the back door. A. being painted B. having just been painted C. to be painted D. was being painted 答案: 本句的关键词是连词 so。用了连词,就说明在 so 的前面是个句子(主 语加谓语动词),在 so 的后面也是个句子(主语加谓语动词): 正:The front door of the house was being painted(谓语动词), so(连词) we had to enter through the back door. 注解:so 是连词,前后都应该是个句子。正确。 误:The front door of the house was being painted,we had to enter through the back door. 注解:逗号前后都是个句子,两句句子中间一定要有连词,这里没有连 词,错。 误:The front door of the house being painted,so we had to enter through the back door. 注解:so 是连词,前后都应该是个句子。这里的前半句不是句子,错。 正:The front door of the house (主语 2)being painted,we (主语 1)had to enter through the back door. 注解:这句子没有连词,说明是一个句子。本句的主语是 we,谓语动 词是 had。另外的主语是 the front door of the house,后面跟分词,构 成分词独立结构。 本题只有选项 D 是谓语动词,选项 A、B、C 都是分词和动词不定式。 (答案 D) 11. To know what is good and __________ are two different things. A. doing what is right B. does what is right C. to do what is right D. should do what was right 答案:这是一个主语问题。 本句的主语是两个动词不定式: know what is good 和 to do what is right。 to 当两个动词不定式并列做主语时,如表达 的是两个不同的概念,动词用复数。 (答案 c) 12. A man is either for me or __________. A. against me B. is against me C. he is. against me D. to be against me

答案: 介词 for 表示“赞同”,against 表示“反对”。例: I am for this proposal but I am against that one. (答案 A)


13. If a person for two days, he will have no energy for work. A. who does not eat or drink B. who does not eat or who does not drink C. does not eat or drinks D. does not eat or drink 答案: D 14. Who says she is __________? A. richer and is beautiful 答案: D B. richest and beautiful C. rich and beautifully D. rich and beautiful

15. They fought like cats and __________. A. the dogs B. dogs C. like the dogs 答案: B

D. fought like dogs

16. Ms. Bond came to see the island and __________. A. stayed enjoy it B. stays to enjoy the island C. stayed to enjoy herself D. stayed to enjoy it 答案: 本句如不用代词的话,应该是: Ms.Bond came to see the island and stayed to enjoy the island. 选项 A 动词有错。我们只能说 stay to do something 而不说 stay do something。选项 B 时态有错。句 中 Ms.Bond came…说明事情发 生在过去。 (答案 D) 17. Shut up and __________. A. you do your work B. have your work done C. do your work D. to do your work

答案: C 18. By his suffering and __________, he won the world. A. dying B. death C. died D. dead 答案: 这是个平行结构。suffering 意思是“受苦受难”,是个抽象的概念。 dying 是“牺牲生命”,也 是个抽象的概念。本句意思是:由于他的受苦 和牺牲(很多部下),他赢得了世界。当然他自己没有 死。如选 B.By his suffering and death,就变成了“他死了”。既然死了,就不可能赢得 世界。 (答案 A) 19. I came here not because I wanted to make money but __________. A. hoping to teach you English B. hope teaching you English C. I hope to teach you English D. because I hope to teach you English 答案: not because…but because 是个句型,意思是“不是因为……而是因为 ……”。例: She won the game not because she was strong but because the opponent was weak. (答案 D) 20. Martin __________ until he could eat no more. A. ate and eat B. eats and ate C. ate and ate D. ate and was eating 答案: C 21. Matthew is __________ that he can never get properly fitting clothes. A. big and strong 答案: B 22. Ms. Robinson both saw the robbery __________ to the police. A. and reporting it the robbery C. and reported it D. and she reported They went out early and came back late. 本题中的动词 1 是 saw,动词 2 是 reported。 (答案 C) 23. Do you prefer __________? A. to fish to swim B. to fish to swimming C. fishing than to swim D. finishing to swimming B. and reporting B. so big and strong C. so big and strongly D. so big and that strong

答案: 这是一个“主语+动词 1 and 动词 2”的句型,是个平行结构。请注意 谓语动词时态必须一致:


答案: D 24. Ricky sat at home reviewing his lessons while his brothers were outside __________ their games. A. playing B. to play C. play D. played 答案: A 25. They went to __________. A. the doctor's, the chemist and the shoe maker B. the doctor's, the chemist's and the shoe maker C. the doctor's, the chemist's and the shoe maker's D. the doctor, the chemist's and the shoe maker 答案: C 26. To escape detection, the spy __________. A. both changed his name and his address B. both changed his name and where he lives C. changed both his name and address D. changed both his name and changed his address 答案: C 27. Painting in oil is harder than __________. A. water colors B. in water colors C. painting water colors D. painting in water colors 答案: 这是个比较级的平行结构。比较的两部分是:painting in oil 和 painting in water colors,句子 要表达“画油画”比“画水彩”要难。 (答案 D) 28. T.S.Eliot was __________. A. not only famous in Britain but also in Canada B. not famous only in Britain but also in Canada C. famous not only in Britain but also in Canada D. not only famous in Britain but in Canada, too 答案: 这是个“not only…but also”的平行结构。句子的两部分是: T.S.Eliot was famous in Britain. T.S.Eliot was famous in Canada. 其中相同的部分是:T.S.Eliot was famous,不同的部分是国家,所以 not only 和 but also 只放在 国家前。请看同样的例句: He is good at English. He is good at Chinese. 正:He is good at not only English but also Chinese. 误:He is not only good at English but also Chinese. 如果动词不同,就要放在动词的前面。例: He speaks five languages. He plays the piano well. 正:He not only speaks five languages but also plays the piano well. 误:He speaks not only five languages but plays the piano well. (答案 C) 29. John would rather __________. A. work than playing B. work than play


C. working than playing D. to work than to play 答案: B 30. A factory supervisor (管理员) must obey orders, __________. A. to train his men and to keep complete records B. train his men and keeping complete records C. training his men and keeping complete records D. train his men and keep complete records 答案: 这是个“主语+动词 1+动词 2+and 动词 3”的句型。例: He left home early.went to the supermarket and came back late. 本题的主语是 a factory supervisor, 动词 1 是 must obey, 动词 2 是 (must)train, 动词 3 是(must)keep。 句中动词 2 和动词 3 省略了 must。 (答案 D) 31. I know __________. A. that you do your work not only efficiently but also that you have a high sense of responsibility B. not only that you do your work efficiently but also that you have a high sense of responsibility C. that you are not only doing your work efficiently but you are having a high sense of responsibility D. that you do not only your work efficiently but also with a high sense of responsibility 答案: B 32. They should have finished it already, __________? A. didn't they B. have they C. shouldn't they D. should they 答案: C 33. You and I did it together, __________? A. didn't you B. did you C. didn't I D. didn't we 答案: D 34. She may do it if she wants to, __________? A. can she 答案: B B. mayn't she C. doesn't she D. shan't she

35. Peter oughtn't to have done it in the first place, __________? A. hasn't he B. hadn't he C. oughtn't he D. ought he 答案: D 36. You must have told Mr. Zhang the secret, __________? A. hadn't you B. have you C. mustn't you D. did you 答案: 这是个 must 表示对过去猜测的反意疑问句。有关 must 的反意疑问 句总结如下: (1)must 表示“必须”。例: ①You must obey your parents,mustn’t you? ②All the students must finish their homework before eight,mustn’t they? (2)must 表示“猜测”。例: ①They have a big house in Shanghai. They must be rich, aren’t they?(其实这时的真正意思是: They are rich.只是有猜测的意思。) ②He must be there now,isn’t he? ③You must have studied Spanish for a long time,didn’t you?(其实 这时的真正意思是:You studied Spanish for a long time.只是有猜测 的意思。) 注意:上面的第③句,本书的校对者美国文教专家 Sarah Lysons 和其他 许多在上海中学国际部任教 的英美文教专家都说,You must have studied Spanish for a long ti’me,haven’t you?也完全可以。 (答 案 D)


37. She's worked here for five years, __________? A. hasn't she B. has she C. isn't she D. is she 答案: A 38. If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be asking, __________? A. didn't I B. did I C. would I D. wouldn't I 答案: 本句有 if 引导的状语从句和主句。反意疑问句到底和从句一致,还是 和主句一致呢? (1)主语从句后的反意疑问句一般和主语一致,此时把主语从句看成 it。例: Whether Mr.Morrison will come to the party depends 0n his wife, doesn’t it? It’s necessary that we should eat more vegetables,isn’t it? (2)带由宾语从句的复合句的反意疑问句和主句的主语一致。例: He said that they were late for Miss Hamilton’s lecture,didn’t he? Linda didn’t realize that her students were making rapid progress,did she? (3)带有定语从句的复合句的反意疑问句和主句的主语一致。例: A meteorologist is a scientist who works on the weather,isn’t he? The students who are studying in Germany now will come back to China soon,won’t they? (4)带有状语从句的复合句的反意疑问句和主句的主语一致。例: If you had been there,she would have been very happy,wouldn’t she? He didn’t go to bed until her mother came,did he? 参照本章第 43,44,46 和 47 句。 (答案 C) 39. I asked her to do me a favor, __________? A. didn't I B. didn't she C. did I D. did she 答案: A 40. I have never had any liking for dogs, __________? A. have I B. haven't I C. do I D. don't I 答案: A 41. You are fond of curry, __________? A. don't you B. do you C. aren't you D. have you 答案: C 42. What beautiful weather, __________? A. is it B. isn't it C. will it D. won't it 答案: B 43. When the teacher speaks, we have to keep quiet, __________? A. don't we B. mustn't we C. haven't we D. do we 答案: A 44. You needn't do that when your husband is here, __________? A. needn't you 答案: B 45. Go and get some milk, __________? A. can't you B. don't you C. won't you D. could you 答案: C 46. You don't mind if I go with you, __________? A. do you B. do I C. don't you D. don't I 答案: A 47. George said no one was going to see the movie, __________? B. need you C. don't you D. do you


A. did he

B. didn't he

C. were they D. weren't they

答案: B 48. Give me that book, __________? A. can't you B. don't you C. can you 答案: D

D. will you

49. Let's have our lunch now, __________? A. shall we B. will we C. won't we D. don't we 答案: A 50. Alice daren't do it, __________? A. is she B. dare she 答案: B 51. I' m very. patient now, __________? A. isn't I B. don't I 答案: D C. am not I D. aren't I C. does she D. will she

52. Stacie used to live in Green Valley, __________? A. did she B. used she C. didn't she D. should she 答案: C 53. You'd rather be there early, __________? A. hadn't you B. shouldn't you C. wouldn't you 答案: C 54. Everything seems all right, __________? A. doesn't it B. won't it C. hasn't it 答案: A 55. You need the job, __________? A. do you 答案: B B. don't you C. need you D. haven't it D. couldn't you

D. needn't you

56. You' d better come tomorrow, __________? A. didn't you B. couldn't you C. wouldn't you 答案: D 57. Everyone hopes to get promoted, __________?

D. hadn't you

A. doesn't he B. don't they C. hasn't he D. haven't they 答案: 陈述部分的主语是不定代词 everybody,everyone,nobody,no one 等 时,疑问部分常用 they。例: Everyone can send short messages by cell phone,can’t they? Nobody understands why they were late that they? 参照本章第 58 句。 (答案 B) 58. No one is interested in that, __________? A. is he B. isn't he 答案: C C. are they D. aren't they

59. I wish to go home now, __________? A. may I B. would I C. can I D. wish I 答案: 陈述部分的谓语动词是 wish 后的反意疑问句是个特殊的情况,其疑 问部分要用 may+主语。 例: I wish to use your laptop,may I?


其他较复杂的反意疑问句列举如下: (1)陈述部分的主语是 I 后的反意疑问句,疑问部分在正式场合用 “am I not?’’;在非正式的口语中用“aren’t I”。例: I am late。am I not? 也可以说:I am late,aren’t I?请参照本章第 58 句。 (2)陈述部分的谓语动词是 used to 后的反意疑问句, 疑问部分可用 didn’t+主语也可用 usedn’t+主语。 例: She used to swim in winter,didn’t she?/usedn’t she? (3)带有否定前缀的词不能看成否定词,其后面的反意疑问句仍要用 否定形式。例: It is impossible for us to finish this project today,isn’t it? He dislikes jazz music,doesn’t he? (答案’A) 60. Clever boys need never work hard, __________? A. needn't they 答案: D B. do they C. don't they D. need they

61. Nothing is available here, __________? A. is it B. isn't it C. are they D. aren't they 答案: A 62. Everybody wants to see the movie, __________? A. don't they B. do they C. doesn't he D. does he 答案: A 63. He looked quite healthy though he was __________. A. in seventy B. in his seventy C. at seventies D. at the age of seventy 答案: D 64. What impressed me most was that they never __________. A. lost hearts B. lost their heart C. lost heart 答案: C D. lost their hearts

65. To the sea captain's surprise, he found that __________ travel could also be quite pleasant. A. earth B. land C. ground D. plain 答案: B 66. Children at the beginning of last century __________ a lot and __________ themselves greatly even without television. A. used to read ... enjoying B. used to read ... enjoy

C. were used to reading ... enjoy D. were used to reading ... enjoying 答案: B 67. __________ cave the George has discovered in his lifetime is near the Alps. A. The hundredth B. The hundred 答案: A 68. He is expected to make a speech this afternoon, __________? A. is he not B. isn't he C. is not he D. isn't it 答案: B 69. __________, would you be kind enough to come and help me with my lessons this evening? A. By and by B. By this means C. By far D. By the way 答案: D 70. I don't think you've heard of him before, __________? C. Hundredth D. A hundredth


A. have you

B. haven't you

C. do I

D. don't I

答案: A 71. As the __________ guest, Mrs. Fox was given a warm welcome in the hotel. A. thousand B. thousands C. thousandth D. thousandths 答案: C 72. He'd learned how to use this complicated digital photocopy machine before he came to work here, __________? A. didn't he 答案: D B. wouldn't he C. shouldn't he D. hadn't he

73. You can find the answer to the question on __________. A. page seventh 答案: D 74. Please pass me that newspaper, __________ you? A. can B. will C. could D. can't 答案: B 75. She was born on __________, 1972. A. the twenty-three of March C. March the twenty-third 答案: C B. twenty-three of March D. twenty-third of March B. seventh page C. the seven page D. page seven

76. Let' s have a rest, __________? A. let not we B. shall we C. do we D. don't we 答案: B 77. Do you prefer tight clothes to __________ ones? A. lose B. lost C. loose D. toss 答案: C 78. __________ at the Summer Place that you met John? A. Was there B. Was that C. Were you D. Was it 答案: D 79. It was his brother and __________ who helped us repair the computer. A. they B. them C. their D. themselves 答案: A 80. Is it in this house __________ Mr. Smith was born? A. where B. in which C. that D. in that 答案: C 81. Is it our new laboratory __________ the reporter is eager to write __________? A. where ... about B. which ... with 答案: C 82. Is it from the post office __________ we get the evening papers? A. which B. where C. in which D. that 答案: D 83. Was it twenty years ago __________ she left her home town? A. since B. that C. when D. in which 答案: B 84. Don't touch the cover, __________? C. that ... about D. about which ... for


A. will you

B. won't you C. don't you

D. do you

答案: A 85. I don't think the novel is very attractive, __________? A. do I B. don't I C. is it D. isn't it 答案: C 86. He can hardly believe his own eyes, __________? A. can't he B. can he C. does he D. doesn't he 答案: B 87. You had a very good time, __________? A. hadn't you B. had you 答案: C 88. I don't think they can speak Japanese, __________? A. can they B. can't they C. do I D. don't I 答案: 带有宾语从句后的反意疑问句有“主句的人称”问题。当陈述句由第一人称+think/believe/ expect/suppose/imagine 等引导的宾语 从句, 反意疑问句的主语通常和宾语从句的主语一致。 例: I don’t think he can use Photoshop,can he? 其实,像这类句子,一般说来是不会用"do I”来自己问自己的。又如: We believe that they can pass next week’s Math exam,can’t they? 但是,当上述句子的主语是第二或者第三人称时,反意疑问句的主语 通常和主句的主语一致(参照 本章第 38 句二)。例: He didn’t think you could write English poems,did he? You always believe that your son can enter a first-class university, don’t you? (答案 A) 89. --Are you hungry? -- __________. A. Yes. I have just had my lunch B. Yes. I am not hungry C. No. I have just had my lunch 答案: C D. No. I am hungry C. didn't you D. did you

90. It is because he is too young __________ he does not understand it. A. as B. so C. that D. so that 答案: C 91. The __________ temperature of a person is about 37℃. A. moral B. normal 答案: B C. common D. ordinary

92. Mr. Chen is always as cool as a __________. A. banana B. tomato C. fox D. cucumber 答案: D 93. The new transportation law came into __________ on 1st, September, 2004. A. effect B. effective C. affect D. affection 答案: A 94. As soon as the Middle East war broke out in 2003, __________ problem immediately became the most troublesome all over the world. A. money 答案: D B. honor C. atmosphere D. energy

95. Every year I enter for the garden competition too, and I always win a little __________ for the worst garden in the town.


A. prize B. price C. reward

D. award

答案: A 96. 5,389,191 reads __________. A. five million three hundreds and eighty-nine thousands one hundred and ninety-one B. five millions three hundred eight-nine thousand and one hundred and ninety-one C. five million three hundred and eighty-nine thousand one hundred and ninety-one D. five million and three hundred and eighty-nine thousand and one hundred and ninety-one 答案: C 97. Mr. Chen became a father a week ago, so he has a __________ daughter. A. seven-day old B. seven-days-old C. seven days D. seven day 答案: 由数字和名词构成的复合形容词,因为起一个形容词的作用,所以不 能用复数形式。例: 正:a five-year-old child 误:a five-years-old child 正:a 300-page book 误:a 300-pages book 但是,用 of 修饰名词时,仍应该用复数: a boy of five years old,a book of 300 pages。 (答案 A) 98. I don't think the beggar is __________. A. worth being helped B. worth to be helped C. worthy of helping 答案: D D. worthy of being helped

99. The matter is difficult __________. A. dealing with B. to be dealt with C. to deal with 答案: C 100. Priscilla was the first person __________ of the idea. A. thought B. thinking C. to think D. thinks 答案: C 101. At last they found a hotel __________. A. to stay B. to live C. to stay in D. to live in 答案: C 102. I didn't know __________ or go home. A. to wait B. if that he should wait C. if to wait

D. to be dealt

D. whether to wait

答案: D 103. I feel it an honor __________ to speak here. A. to ask B. asking C. to be asked D. having asked 答案: C 104. It's pay day, and we are waiting __________. A. for pay B. to be paid C. for paying D. to have paid 答案: 注意,wait 是个不及物动词,wait for 后面当然可以跟名词。选项 A.and we are waiting for pay, 应该说, we are waiting for our pay 或者: we are waiting for our payment。 and and 选项 C. we and are waiting for paying, pay 是个及物动词, 如果是我们付别人, 应该说: and we are waiting for paying others。选项 D.and we are waiting to have paid,肯定错。因为动词不定式的完成时表示不定式的动 作发 生在谓语动词的前面,现在不可能“等着已经被付钱”。选项 C.and we are waiting to be paid 是个省略句,如不省略,应该是:


…and we are waiting in order to be paid. =and in order to be paid,we are waiting. (答案 B) 105. She told me to speak to the little girl kindly __________ her. A. not to be frighten B. so as not to frighten C. in order to not frighten D. for not frightening 答案: B 106. He thought it a great pity __________ me. A. not to be invited B. not to have invited C. to have not been invited D. not to have been invited 答案: B 107. They refuse __________ so little for their hard work. A. to pay B. paying C. to be paid D. pay 答案: C 108. The boy ran away, with his nose __________. A. blood B. bleeding 答案: B C. breaking D. breathing

109. With the villagers __________ the way, our troops got to the position in time. A. leading 13. were leading 答案: A C. led D. being led

110. I do think the road wants __________. A. to widen B. to be widened C. to widening

D. of being widened

答案: B 111. His wife had the front door painted green yesterday, __________ she? A. did B. had C. didn't D. hadn't 答案: C 112. We waited __________ for the bus. A. long time B. a long time C. the long time D. some long time 答案: B 113. If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be asking, __________? A. didn't I B. did I C. would I D. wouldn't I 答案: C 114. I don't suppose anyone will volunteer, __________? A. do I B. don't I C. will they D. won't they 答案: C 115. Fishing is his favorite hobby, and __________. A. he'd like to collect coins as well C. to collect coins is also his hobby B. he feels like collecting coins, too D. collecting coins also gives him great pleasure

答案: 这是一个平行结构的句子。在 and 的前面和后面都有一个句子,其 结构从句法上来说,应 该一致。and 前面的句子的主语是动名词 fishing,所以 and 后面的句子的主语也应该是动名词 collecting coins。如果没有选项 D,其他选项 A、B、C 似乎也可以。 (答案 D) 116. Mrs. Black doesn't believe her son is able to design a digital camera, __________? A. is he B. isn't he C. doesn't he D. does he 答案: D 117. Bill's aim is to inform the viewers that cigarette advertising on TV is illegal, __________?


A. isn't it

B. is it

C. isn't he

D. is he

答案: A 118. The lecture __________, he left his seat so quietly that no one complained that his leaving disturbed the speaker. A. began B. having begun C. beginning D. being beginning 答案: 这是一个分词独立结构的句子。本句主语是 he。谓语动词是 left。 在逗号后没有连词,说 明这是一个句子。所以当前面有了第二个主 语 the lecture 时,就构成了分词独立结构:即在第二个 主语后要跟分词。本句意思是:因为演讲已经开始了,他悄悄地离开了他的座位, 这样没有人会 抱怨他的离开打扰了其他人。 (答案 B) 119. Scarcely had he arrived at the lecture room __________ he realized that the lecture had already begun. A. than B. that C. when D. then 答案: C 120. Physics is the equivalent of __________ used to be called natural philosophy. A. that B. which C. all 答案: D D. what


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