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《金版学案》2016届高考英语北师大版一轮复习课件:Unit 22 Environmental Protection


模块8? Unit 22 Environmental



栏 目 链 接

识记类词汇 植物的 1.botanical(adj.)____________ 顾问

2.consultant(n.)____________ 原则,道德准则 3.principle(n.)____________ 一致的意见 4.consensus(n.)____________ 联邦的 5.federal(adj.)____________ 代替品 6.substitute(n.)____________

飓风 7.hurricane(n.)____________ 灭绝的;绝种的 8.extinct(adj.)____________ 9.fashionable(adj.)____________ 时尚的 大灾难;惨败 10.catastrophe(n.)____________

破旧的,衣衫褴褛的 11.shabby(adj.)____________
多山的 12.mountainous(adj.)____________ 仓库 13.warehouse(n.)____________ 保护区 14.reserve(n.)____________

表达运用类词汇 adopt 1.采纳(vt.)____________ advocate 2.主张,提倡(vt.)____________ flee 3.逃走(vt.)____________ seize 4.依法没收;夺取(vt.)____________ threaten 5.恐吓(vt.)____________ condemn 6.迫使(某人)陷于不幸的境地(vt.)____________ claim 7.声称;断言(vt.)____________

sacrifice 8.牺牲(vt.& vi.& n.)____________ trap 9.使困住(vt.)____________ endanger 10.危及,使遭受危险(vt.)____________ relevant 11.有关的(adj.)____________ habitat 12.栖息地;住处(n.)____________ coincidence 13.巧合(n.)____________ changeable 14.很可能变化的(adj.)____________ potential 15.潜在的,有可能的(adj.)____________

calculate 1.计算,算出(vt.)____________ calculation 计算(n.)____________ calculator 计算器(n.)____________ agriculture 2.农业(n.)____________ agricultural 农业的(adj.)____________ reservation 3.保留;存疑(n.)____________ reserve 保留;储备;预订(vt.)____________

reserve 保护区;储备(n.)____________ threaten 4.威胁(vt.)____________ threat 威胁(n.)____________ 5.多变的(adj.)____________ changeable change 变化(n.& vt.)____________ separation 6.分离,分开(n.)____________ separate 分离,分开(vt.)____________ separated 不同的,各自的(adj.)____________

construct 7.建造(vt.)____________ construction 建造(n.)____________ adopt 8.采用(vt.)____________

adoption 收养;采用(n.)____________
considerate 9.想得周到的;体贴的(adj.)____________

consider 考虑;认为(vt.)____________
consideration 考虑(n.)____________

finance 10.资金(n.)____________
financial 财政的;金融的(adj.)____________

politics 11.政治(活动) (n.)____________ political 政治的(adj.)____________ politician 政治家(n.)____________ sharpen 12.削尖(vt.)____________

sharp 尖的;锐利的(adj.)____________

? 活学活用 用所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子。 1 . He has calculated ________the number many times and the calculation result shows that the ____________ calculator is very quick ____________ and accurate.(calculate) change 2 . It's generally accepted that we can ________ changeable everything ________ .(change) agricultural 3.He says more investment is needed in ____________ research and that will improve agriculture .(agriculture) ____________ the development of

politician is a man who undertakes government and 4.A ________ political power.Nearly in every country , can exercise ________ ____________ is a compulsory subject in their school.(political) politics sharper 5.He is trying to make his knife ________ ,which means sharpened he wants his knife to be ________ .(sharp)

6.Everything taken into consideration __________,he is a considerate ________
man and he always considers ________others instead of himself


adopt many new suggestions to 7.They are trying to ________

speed up the adoption ________ of new technology.(adopt)
constructing a diagram of the bridge under 8.Now he is ___________ construction .(construct) ____________ separated for ten years 9.The war made the twin brothers ________ separation didn't stop them from looking for each and the ________ other.(separate) threat to our existence, 10.Pollution poses a great ________ threaten or damage the quality of life.(threat) which may ________

翻译下列必背短语 1.展望未来 2.采取行动 3.总的来说 ____________ look ahead take action ____________ all in all ____________

break away from 4.摆脱,脱离____________ beyond one's control 5.超出……的控制____________ refer to 6.指,意即____________

answer for 7.负责任____________ carry off 8.掠去,夺走____________ plug one's ears 9.塞住耳朵____________ recover from 10.恢复____________

? 活学活用 根据括号中的解释,从课文中找出恰当的短语完成下列句 子。 add up 1 . Please ________(get the total of some figures) these figures for me. speed up 2.We should ________(make faster) the construction pace. 3 . Children need to learn to relate to ________(get on well

with)other children. referred to 4.All his classmates __________(call sb.jokingly) him as

5.People of all ages are affected,but some groups are more ________(facing dangers). at risk 6 . The billionaire refused to to contribute ___________(do

sth.beneficial for sb.) the refugees. 7 . The success of the company was not

due to ________(because of) one single person. 8 . They have learned that body systems

slow down ___________(become slower) when you sleep.

For instance 9 . ____________(for example) , can you describe

accurately the faces of five good friends?
of 10 . Our customers ordered large quantities __________(a lot

of)products manufactured recently from us.


或使用所给词语的正确形式完成下面短文。 A layer of gases surrounding the Earth traps the

1.________(reflect) energy of the sun and prevents it 2.________ reflected from escaping into space. That is 3.________ makes the Earth warm what enough for people,plants and animals to live on. For decades,

have increased (increase) the amount however,human activities 4._____________
of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and caused the problem of

consequently global warming. Climate change will 5.______________

(consequent) bring about such disasters as flooding,heat waves,
a droughts,diseases,the melting of the polar ice and 6.________ rise in sea levels. So people living in coastal regions will be in it danger. Now 7.________ is time for people to stop polluting the and reduce the release of greenhouse gases environment 8.________ 9.________ they want to continue living on this planet. Not only if should all governments take responsibility for the environment and adopt more effective measures to protect it,but also ordinary

possible (possibility) action people worldwide should take all 10.________
and do whatever they can to save the Earth.


上星期,我们学校在 300 多位学 生中做了一项关于低碳生活的调查。 当被问及他们对这个生活方式的态度 时,约有 83%的学生表示支持。为了 保护有限的资源,他们采取很多措施, 如上学乘坐公共交通工具,在日常生 活中尽可能节约水电,使用对环境无 害、可重复利用或可回收的环保袋, 而不是用塑料袋去购物。然而剩下的 17%的学生认为无所谓,不想


一个人的努力微不足道。但是我觉得当这些单一的努力积累成 一个集体的力量,它将会对真正的改进产生足够的意义。为了 保护地球,我希望有更多的人能过低碳生活。
Last week a survey concerning low-carbon life was ________________________________________