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模块2 Unit 4 Cyberspace lesson 1 Tomorrow`s World

模块 2 Unit 4 Cyberspace lesson 1 Tomorrow`s World
1. – Are you still busy? -- Yes, I ____ my work, and it won’t take long. A. just finish C. have just finished B. am just finishing D. am just going to finish

2. – What are you going to do this afternoon? -- I am going to the cinema with some friends. The film ____ quite early, so we ____ to the bookstore after that. A. finished; are going C. finishes are going B. finished; go D. finishes; go

3. Let’s keep to the point or we ____ any decisions. A. will never reach C. never reach 4. – What’s that terrible noise? -- The neighbors _____ for a party. A. have prepared C. prepare B. are preparing D. will prepare B. have never reached D. never reached

5. At this time tomorrow _____ over he Atlantic. A. we’re going to fly C. we’ll fly 6. – When will you come to see me, Dad? -- I will go to see you when you ____ the training course. A. will have finished C. are finishing B. will finish D. finish B. we’ll be flying D. we’re to fly

7. I wonder why Jenny ____ us recently. We should have heard from her by now. A. hasn’t written C. won’t write B. doesn’t write D. hadn’t written

8. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology ____ so rapidly. A. is changing C. will have changed B. has changed D. will change

9. In such dry weather, the flowers will have to be watered if they _____. A. have survived C. would survive 10. – You’ve left the light on. -- Oh, I _____ as ill as I do now for a very long time. A. I’ll go B. I’ve gone C. I go D. I’m going B. are to survive D. will survive

11. – Have you heard from Janet recently? -- No, but I _____ her over Christmas. A. saw B. ill be seeing C. have seen D. have been seeing

12. – Alice’s second-hand computer ____ wrong although she used it only once. -- You’d better go to check it. A. went B. has gone C. is going D. had gone

13. – Was Charles still there when you arrived? -- Yes, but he ______ home soon afterwards. A. had gone B. has gone C. is going D. went

14. – Isn’t it hard to drive downtown to work? -- Yes, that’s why I _____ to work by train. A. have been going B. have gone C. was going D. will have gone

15. – Don’t go there alone in such late hours. -- Don’t worry. I _____. A. don’t B. won’t C. didn’t D. haven’t

16. – I _____ to a party, but I’ve got nothing to wear. -- Why don’t you have a dress made for the party? A. was asked B. will ask C. have asked D. have been asked

17. – Do you know if the film _____ on this week? -- No, it ____ in Beijing first. A. has been; shows C. will be; is shown 18. – Look, it ____ again. -- Yeah. This is the fourth snow we ____ the month. A. is snowing; have had C. snow; have B. is raining; will have D. will snow; had B. was; ought to show D. is; should be shown

19. – A good film is on in the cinema, what about going t here? -- If you don’t go there, nor ________ I. A. will B. do C. am D. did

20. Many new workers ____ trained and in half a year they _____ to build a new railway. A. are being; will be sent C. are; will send B. are; will be sending D. will be; will be sent

参考答案 1-5 DCABB 6-10 DACBA 11-15 B ADB 16-20 DCAAA


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