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高考英语二轮复习疯狂专练十八 模块4 Unit 3 A taste of English humour 学生版

1. 【2017 届北京市东城区高三 5 月综合练习(二模) 】a book in front of your face, you’ll feel the air moving against your face. A. Waved B. Wave C. To wave D. Waving 2. 【2017 届北京市海淀区高三 5 月期末练习(二模) 】In Australia, many road signs are both in English and Chinese,it easier for Chinese tourists to travel. A. making C. make B. made D. makes 3.【2017 届北京市海淀区高三 5 月期末练习 (二模) 】 his love, Chris sent his mom a thank-you note on Mother’s day. A. Expressing C. To express A. to feel C. feel B. feeling D. felt B. Expressed D. Having expressed 4.【2017 届北京市海淀区高三 5 月期末练习(二模) 】If you have any question, pleasefree to contact me at 5. 【2017 届江苏省南京市高三第三次模拟】Laughter produces short-term changes in the function of the hear t and blood circulation,heart rate and oxygen consumption. A. increasing B. to increase C. having increased D. being increased 6. 【2017 届江苏省南通、 扬州、 泰州、 淮安四市高三下学期第三次模拟】 Most of the money for the reconstruction of the quake-stricken town has been allocated by the government, the restfrom the coming charity concerts. A. to be collected C. being collected B. having been collected D. to have been collected 7. 【2017 届天津市河北区高三总复习质量检测(二) 】When it comes toin public, no one can match him. A. speak B. speaking C. being spoken D. be spoken 8. 【2017 届天津市河北区高三总复习质量检测(二) 】which university to attend, the girl asked her teacher for advice. A. Not knowing B. Knowing not C. Not known D. Known not 9.【2017 届天津市十二重点中学高三毕业班联考(二) 】——What do you think of your journey to Yunnan? ——Everything is fantast

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