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? V-ing 用法集锦
1. I prefer __________(travel) by train. 2. I prefer __________(dance) to __________(sing). 3. He kept __________(ask) us to remember Teamwork.. 4. I kept on _______(think) about the match in the afternoon. 5. Please, keep the fire _________(burn). 6. He quickly got up & went on ___________(run). 7. Do you like/love ___________(learn) a foreign language? 8. I don’t feel like _____________(eat). 9. The radio says that it may stop ________(rain) later. 10. The Great Green Wall will stop/prevent/keep the wind from ________(blow) the earth away. 11. After I had finished __________(stud) in the college, I found it very difficult to find work. 12. The children enjoyed __________(play) the violin. 13.The students were very pleased to practise ___________(use) their English with a foreign lady. 14. I look forward to___________(meet) you. 15. What/How about ___________(go) for a walk. 16. Thank you for __________(teach) us so well. 17. It was used for ________(keep) tea hot after it was made. 18. He saw/heard/noticed/found a little boy on his way to school ________(cry) on the ground. 19. She watched her daughter __________(play) the piano. 20. I felt somebody ____________(steal) the woman’s purse. 21. She spent a lot of time in _________(listen) to the tapes. 22. Would you mind ____________(shut) the door? 23. He has begun _____________(read) a new book. 24. I remember _____________(mail) the letters. 25. I’ll never forget ____________(have) about trip alone. 26. Everybody here is busy ______(get) ready for Christmas. 27. He gives up ___________(smoke). 28. Marry had fun _________(speak) English every morning. 29. He has devoted himself to ____________(develop) the grain of this new type of rice. 30. Now Professor Yuan is working on _________ (develop) super hybrid rice. 31. She is good at ________(draw) a picture. 32. They do well in _________(learn) English. 33. She left angrily without _________(say) a word. 34. Tom is talented at ______ (learn) English. 35. He has more success in__________(speak) language. 36. She was successful in________(learn) the language of international business. 37. My parents have succeeded in_______(write) novels. 38. Be nervous about _________(give) a report in front of the class. 39. There is a truck _____(collect) waste paper. 40. My hobby is ____(play) basketball. 41. We have confidence in _____ (learn) English well. 42. We make a contribution to____(protect) our environment. 43.He continued ________(study)his subject, after he graduated from Oxford University


? 句型篇(初三复习)

3. too …to …

1. It is + adj. for /of do 2. find/think/make… it + adj. to do 4. (not) … enough to do 5.系动词+so+adj.+that…; 行为动词+so+adv.+that… such+n.+that… (so+adj.+a/an+n , such+a/an+adj.+n.) 6. not…without…; If not…; …or sb.’ll do; 7. sb. spend (menoy) on sth.; sb. pay (money) for sth. sth. cost sb. (money) It takes sb.(time) to do; sb. spend (time) (in)doing 8. sb.’ll do unless…; If not,…; 9. There be + n. +doing/done/left(剩下) 10. the more,the more 11….is the most …(that) sb. have ever done. 12. more than any other …/any of the other…(同类) more than any …(非同类) 13.It is +the+序数词 + time sb. have done 14. It is + (time) since sb. did; (time) has passed since sb. did; sb. have done(延续动词) for + (time)

15. though/although …,(yet)… 16. so that…/in order that…/in order to do 17. both…and…/neither…nor…/either…or…/ not only…but also…/not…but… 18. nobody/nothing but/except… 19. There is no time for sb. to do 20. A+be+…times +more than +B A+be+…times as+adj.+as+B 21. n.+ with … 22.the more of + 两者 23. one of the most 24.the + 序数词 + most +n. do sth. while (然而) sb. do 26.Take the +序数词+turning on the left/right; Turn left/right at +序数词+ turning/crossing 27.was/were doing when(正在这时) sb.did +as adj. as …/v.+ as adv. as…; as…as possible/sb. can/could not so…as… 29. sb. do sth, doing sth.(伴随状语) 30. n.+ called/named/with the name + n. 31. How I wish I could do…! 32. must be …(一定是)/can’t be…(一定不是) 33. with the help of…/with one’s help 34. It is said/thought/hoped/reported that… 35. not… until… 36. sb. seem (to be) +adj./n. It seems that sb. do 37. have difficulty/trouble (in) doing/with sth. 38. stop/prevent/protect/keep …from doing 39. be used for/as/in/by…; be used to + n./doing used to do 40. prefer+n./doing to +n./doing; prefer to do rather than do 41. instead of… because of; thanks to; as a result of; be worth doing 42. sth. happen to sb. 43…. is far away from … be +距离+away from … 44. It is good/bad manners for sb. to do 45.It is/was+强调部分+that/who+剩余部分 matter+疑问词= 疑问词+ever 47. It is/was not until…that…= not…until… 48. The reason for…is that…= That’s why… about to do when(正在这时) sb. did sth. (刚…正在这时…)




V-ing用法 - 一、作定语时,根据被修饰的名词是动词的-ing 形式动作的执行者还是承受者来确定主动和被动,从而确 定使用现在分词或过去分词。 They seemed to ...

v -ing的用法

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V-ing 用法详解 v-ing 形式概述: v.-ing 形式包括传统语法的现在分词和动...V-ing用法集锦 暂无评价 2页 免费 V-ing做定语和宾语补足语... 2页 免费...


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v-ing用法_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。v-ing用法V-ing 形式用法种种 一. ...三. V-ing 形式作表语 V-ing 形式包括动名词和现在分词,二者都可作表语。...


v-ing用法及练习题 - v-ing 的用法 1. -ing 分词的构成:由动词原形加词尾-ing 构成。-ing 分词同样有时态和语态的变化,通常 有下表几种形式(以 do 为例...


v-ing用法及练习题_司法考试_资格考试/认证_教育专区。v-ing 的用法一. -ing 分词的构成 -ing 分词是由动词原形加词尾-ing 构成。-ing 分词同样有时态和语态...


V-ing 集锦解述 prefer doing sth=prefer to do sth 更喜欢做….. prefer ...使用一键分享,轻松赚取财富值, 了解详情 嵌入播放器: 普通尺寸(450*500pix) ...


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必修四 动名词和现在分词用法解析 Unit 2---Unit 4 语法详解 一、V-ing 形式概念 (1) V-ing 形式包括两种: ① 动名词:具有名词特征,在句子中可作主语,...

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