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江苏省2015-2015学年高中英语 Unit2 Sporting events word power教案 牛津译林版必修4

Unit 2 Period 3

Sports events

Compound words&Olympic sports and events

I.Teaching Aims: 1. To enlarge students’ vocabulary by applying the rules of making

compound words; 2. To improve students’ speaking ability. II.Teaching Important and Difficult Point: To master the formation rules of compound words. III. Teaching Approaches: Task-based approaches IV. Teaching Procedures Step 1. Lead-in Ask the students to read the following dialogue: A: Did you know that Liu Xiang was the first Asian to win a gold medal for the men’s 110-metre hurdles in the Olympic Games? B. Yes! Everyone knows that he is a very hard-working athlete. He is a well-trained winner. Let the students study the italicized words and ask them two questions: 1. Do you know the meanings of the words? 2. Do you know how the words are made? Give them a few minutes to think. They may discuss with their partners if necessary. 110-metre(n.)--- 110 (num.), metre (n.) hard-working (adj.)--- hard (adv.), working(v-ing) well-trained (adj.)--- well(adv.), trained (v-ed) Step 2. Presentation 1. Tell students that the above words are called compound words. Ask them to give the definition of a compound word: A compound word is made when two or more than two words are joined together to form a new word. 2. Ask students to think about words that are created in this way. Organize them into groups of three and have a competition. Write all the compound words that students can think of on the blackboard. The winning group is the one that comes up with the most words. Have them study the words on page26 to understand the formation rules of compound adjectives and compound nouns. To form compound adjectives: Formation adj.+n.+-ed adj.+v-ing adv.+v-ing n.+adj. n.+v-ed adj.+ v-ed Compound (adj.) warm-hearted,kind-hearted,warm-blooded, cold-blooded, old-fashioned easy-going,ordinary-looking,long-lasting good-looking,strange-looking hard-working, ,far-reaching,never-ending tax-free, power-free,world-famous, airdropped,air-conditioned,man-made, heart-broken, hand-picked soft-boiled,hard-boiled,well-paid,full-blown, clear-cut

adv.+ v-ed

well-educated, well-paid, well-known,so-called

To form compound nouns: Formation n.+n. n.+ v-ing Compound(n.) handbag, bookmark, website, motherland house-keeping,sightseeing,window-shopping, day-dreaming

Step 3 Consolidation 1. Ask the students to match the words in column A with the ones in column B. A B 1. broad a. room 2. reading b. eyed 3. radio c. cast 4. news d. board 5. blue e. driver 6. bus f. active g.paper 2. Ask the students to complete the letter on page26. Take a guess and then try to fill in the blanks. Step 4 Practice Ask the students to put the following into English: 1. 雨衣 2. 男朋友 3. 书店 4. 地震 5. 金鱼 6. 说英语的 7.握手 8.电影制片人 Part 2: Sporting events Ask students How many different kinds of Olympic events can you name? 【设计说明】通过回顾奥运会的夺牌项目,帮助学生在体育赛事中找到合成词。 Step 1 part A : practice Match each sentence with the sport pictured Let students match sentences with sports. 【设计说明】 图片帮助学生更好的理解其中的含义。 Step 2 part B: Put the Olympic events into the correct categories Classify the words of the sporting events in different categories. 【设计说明】通过词汇的分类内化学生分类记忆词汇的策略 s.


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