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高二英语M6U1Reading导学案 学生版


主备人:梁红花 审核人:陈新来


the effect stand-up and other forms of comedy have on people. They have discovered that people who laugh a lot live l

1. Stand up for your health. (欣赏单口喜剧,)促进身心健康! 1) stand up 在这儿是双关语, 一层含义指单口喜剧 (stand-up) 有益健康, 另一层含义指 stand up for 的 本意,即“支持,维护”。 2) stand up for 支持,维护 You must learn _______________________ yourself.(你必须学会自我保护) *突出,显眼

M6 U1 Laughter is good for you Reading [导 010]

1. What is stand-up?_______________________________________________________________________. 2. How might a stand-up comedian decided what jokes to tell? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. How many types of stand-up are mentioned in the text? And how do different stand-up comedians perform? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Why has Billy Crystal become so famous? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Why does laughing help people stay healthy? ___________________________________________________________________________________________

3) 【拓展延伸】 【配一配】*袖手旁观,站在旁边; *代表,象征

Stand by_____________; stand for_____________; stand out_______________ 【选一选】1. I think a person should_______________________what he believes. 2. How can you _________________when those boys are kicking the cat? 3. No matter what happens, we will_______________your side. 4. The tall tower_________________among the low buildings. 2. A stand-up comedian may tease an audience member, or might decided to tell different jokes depending

1 支持,维护_______________________________ 3 直接与……谈话___________________________ 5.很多不同风格的____________________________ 7 喜爱,钟爱______________________________ 9.拌倒____________________________________ 11.奥斯卡奖_______________________________ 13.编造,杜撰,化妆,弥补,组成____________ 2.在舞台上__________________________ ‘ 4 回答, 响应, 对……做出反_______________ 6 拿……来开玩笑______________________ 8.想出,拿出__________________________ 10 后来,过些时候______________________ 12.有做某事的能力____________________ 14.起步,起家__________________________

upon how the audience reacted to his or her previous jokes. tease: 取笑;揶揄;戏弄 1)tease *It is\was naughty of him_______________her. Local dialect.(方言) * Stop_____________him only because he was a little fat. 【拓展延伸】tease sb about sth.取笑某人某事 * The boy ______his father _____his bald head. tease sth.out of sb.哄骗某人说出某事 *I finally managed _______the truth______her.


There are a 1________of different styles of stand-up comedy. Some comedians tell jokes about the way people 2_____or about daily life. Other comedians rely on3______ humour. Their humour may be 4_________ by objects. Another kind of absurd humour is not funny if you are only listening and not watching the comedian’s 5____________. The last kind of comedian does 6___________------he or she will act or speak like a 7____________person so as to make fun of that person. Billy Crystal is one of the stand-up comedians who have become famous as television and film actors later on in life. His 8_________ with all age groups and his ability to 9________ people all over the world prove that stand-up can be enjoyed by everyone. Doctors have been 10_________

2)react to: 对……做出反应;(对食物等)有不良反应,过敏 reaction n. 【译一译】 * How did he react to your plan?__________________________. * People can react badly to certain food additives.(添加剂)_______________________________. 【拓展延伸】react against 反对,反抗 react with 与…….起化学反应 ;发生物理变化 *Many young people________________traditional values. *Iron________water and air to produce rust.(铁锈) *in reaction to He said the changes were __________________ the company’s plan.(他说这些变动是针对公 司的计划而作出的反应) 3.There are a variety of different styles of stand-up comedy. 单口喜剧很多不同的类型。 variety—n. 多种样式;多变性 vary v. various adj. 常用结构: a variety of / varieties of 多种多样的,种类繁多的, 相当于形容词 various 1) There is___ wide _________patterns ____________________.有种类繁多的图案可供选择。

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2) This tool can be used__________________________________.这种工具有多种用途。 3) She took the job____________________________________.她由于种种原因接受了这份工作。 4..Some comedians tell jokes about the way people behave or about daily life. 有些喜剧演员拿人们的行为方式或是日常生活开玩笑。 behave—v. 表现 一般与副词或介词连用 1) The doctor behaved very unprofessionally. ______________________________ 2)他的行为像个真正的绅士。__________________________________________. 【相关拓展】 behave (oneself) 表现得体;有礼貌 3) I want you_____________________while I am away. 我不在家的时候你们要乖乖的。 4) She doesn’t know_____________________ in public. 她在公共场合举止无措。 adv.-behaved 表现得??的 如: well-behaved, badly-behaved 5)______________________ children are really a headache to me. 那些表现得不好的孩子对我来说真头疼。 5 One reason Crystal has become so famous is that he is very quick thinking, and often is able to come upwith new jokes about the people and things around him. 克里斯托如此有名的一个原因是他思维敏捷,他经常能够想出关于周围的人或事的新笑话来。 come up with 想出;拿出 1) She came up with a new idea for increasing sales. _________________________ 2) 你什么时候能拿出这笔钱?__________________________________________? 【相关拓展】 come up 发芽,(太阳)升起;被提及,被讨论 come across (偶然)遇见,发现 come out (太阳,星星或月亮)出现,露出;开花;出版,发行 come about 产生,发生 come to 涉及,谈及;苏醒;总计为;突然被某人想起 1) The bill ___________$30. 3) When is his new novel___________? 5) How did the accident_____________? 2) She _____________some old photographs in a drawer. 4) The subject__________________ in conversation. 6) A good idea____________him suddenly?

【拓展延伸】make for 朝…前进

make out 辨认出,明白,理解 make up for 弥补,补偿 make it 获得成功

(1) I____________three figures moving in the distance. (2) His diligence _________his lack of experience. (3) Arguing doesn’t______________a close friendship. (4) He never really_______as an actor.

.1.The letters_______well against a dark background. A. stand for B. stand by C. stand out D. stand up

2. When the boss wanted to dismiss Bill, the other workers all_______him. A. stood up B. stood for C. stood out D. stood up for

3. More and more students lost interest in his class, which_______him very much. A.teased B. terrified C. frightened D. depressed

4. Today CCTV offers a great_________of programmes to meet the different needs and_______. A.number; habits B. many; interests C. deal; likes D. variety; tastes

5.----Mum. May I play the computer games for a while? -----________! Dad is in the study. A. Help yourself B. It’s up to you C. Go ahead D. Behave yourself

6.----Let’s just play a game or something else. -----Sounds good, but give me a call before you come. Mum might try to______something else for me to do. A. come to B. come about C. come out D. come up with

6. .Instead of telling the joke he had planned, Crystal made up a new one. make up 编造,杜撰;组成;形成,构成;配制;拼制,改制;化妆;弥补,补上;和解 1) The teacher asked us each to make up a story. ______________________________ 2) Six doctors and twelve nurses make up the medical team.______________________ 3).It’s time you made up with your friends. _____________________________

7. Our teacher is very humourous and always keeps us_______with his stories. A. amusing B. to amuse C. amused D. to be amused

8. American Indians_____about five percent of the U.S. population. A. make for B. make up C. make out D. make it

9 ______ is the power of TV that it can make a person suddenly famous. A. This B. That C. So D. Such

4) She never goes out without making herself up first.____________________________ 5) The chemist made up a bottle of medicine.____________________________________ 6) Farming and mining make up most of the country’s industry. ____________________ 7) She made the material up into a dress.___________________ 8) You must make up what you owe before the end of the month. _______________________________

10. Mr.Wang was very happy because he was honored with a(n) ______for excellence in teaching.

A. present

B. gift

C. award

D. reward

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