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美国中学读书单 原版

Requirements 1. A minimum of 3 books should be read. At least two of these should come from the list. The other book may be the choice of the student with the approval of his/her parents. (Re

member to choose books appropriate for ability and interest level.) 2. Each parent and student should fill out the verification form and sign it, thus verifying that the books have been read. 3. Students should complete a summary of each of the 3 required books read. The summaries and the signed forms should be turned in to his/her reading teacher during the first week of school. See below for the format to be used for the summaries. 4. Each student who successfully completes all the summer reading requirements will receive a reading certificate and a coupon for ice cream. 5. Summaries are not necessary for extra books beyond the three required. 6. Age appropriate books purchased at the Book Fair that have not already been read may be used to fulfill the requirements. Please specify “Book Fair” by the title on the verification

form. Summer Reading List 2010 -- Rising Sixth Grade Classics and Favorites (Unabridged Versions) Alcott Little Women Defoe The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Gibson The Miracle Worker Gilbreath Cheaper by the Dozen *L’Engle A Ring of Endless Light Knight Lassie Come Home *London The Call of the Wild; White Fang Montgomery Anne of Green Gables O’Dell The Black Pearl Steinbeck The Red Pony *Stevenson Treasure Island Twain The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Wells The Time Machine Historic Fiction and Multicultural Fiction Anderson Fever 1793 Bartoletti The Boy Who Dared *Bruchac Code Talker Collier My Brother Sam Is Dead Bloor London Calling

*Cushman Matilda Bone Grey Leonardo’s Shadow Hahn Hear the Wind Blow *Hesse A Time of Angels Hunter Red Thunder Kadohata Kira-kira; Weedflower; Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam Larson Hattie Big Sky Martin Belle Teal Matas Daniel’s Story; Greater Than Angels Meyer Mary, Bloody Mary Miller Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller Naidoo The Other Side of Truth *Napoli Stones in the Water; Fire in the Hills; The King of Mulberry Street Park A Single Shard; Project Mulberry *Paterson Lyddie *Rinaldi Break with Charity: A Story About the Salem Witch Trials; Sarah’s Ground Salisbury Eyes of the Emperor Fantasy, Fantastic Fiction *Almond Heaven Eyes *Collins The Hunger Games

*Cooper The Grey King *DuPrau The City of Ember Gaiman The Graveyard Book Hale Princess Academy *Jacques Redwall (Redwall Series) Law Savvy L’Engle Many Waters Lowry Gossamer Nix Sabriel Philbrick The Last Book in the Universe Pineas The Magic Thief: Book One Skelton Endymion Spring Sorrells Erratum Stead When You Reach Me *Stroud The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1) Wilson 100 Cupboards (and sequels) Yep Dragon Wings Mystery and Adventure Almond Kit’s Wilderness *Avi Crispin: The Cross of Lead *Balliett Chasing Vermeer *Cooney Hush Little Baby

Dowd London-Eye Mystery Funke The Thief Lord; Inkheart (and sequels) George On the Far Side of the Mountain; Tree Castle Island *Hahn Deep and Dark and Dangerous: A Ghost Story *Hobbs Far North Mass Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life Pearsall All Shook Up Salisbury Lord of the Deep Smith Peak; Elephant Run Tarshis Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree Realistic Fiction Abbott Firegirl Bauer Stand Tall Cabot Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls (series) Bloor Tangerine Choldenko Al Capone Does My Shirts Cleaver Where the Lilies Bloom Curtis Elijah of Buxton Cushman The loud Silence of Francine Green Martin A Corner of the Universe Hahn Tallahassee Higgins Hiaasen Hoot; Flush; Scat

Konigsburg The View From Saturday Lord Rules *Lupica Heat; Batboy *Paulsen The Island *Peck A Long Way From Chicago; A Year Down Yonder; A Season of Gifts Spinelli Crash *Taylor A Sailor Returns; Ice Drift *Weaver Striking Out Nonfiction Bachrach Tell Them We Remember Bartoleth Hitler Youth Fleischman Escape: The Story of the Great Houdini Fleming The Lincolns: a Scrapbook Look of Abraham and Mary Freedman Children of the Depression; Washington at Valley Forge Giblin Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth Gold Memories of Anne Frank *Krull Lives of Extraordinary Women: Rulers, Rebels (and What the Neighbors Thought) Martin Yankee Doodle Boy Myers The Greatest: Muhammed Ali

Nelson We Are the Ship:the Story of Negro League Baseball Paulsen Woodsong; My Life in Dog Years; Guts Reiss The Upstairs Room; The Journey Back (sequel to The Upstairs Room) Swanson Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Thimmesh Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon Thomson Three Cups of Tea (young readers edition) *Look for other excellent titles by this author.



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