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【师说】2017届高考英语一轮复习 Module 5 Ethnic Culture课时作业 外研版选修7

Module 5

Ethnic Culture

一、单元扣点 Ⅰ.根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空 lose bare adjust fold lame inherit assistant?furnish fasten minority 1.The paper must be ________ in half. 2.After the accident, he became ________ in the left leg. 3.The brake of my car doesn't work well. I must have it ________. 4.It is winter now. Almost all the trees are ________. 5.The cows had got out of the field and were ________ in the road. 6.Now that she is in need of help, you may as well lend her ________. 7.Most of the nations want peace, only a ________ want the war to continue. 8.He lives in a room ________ with a desk and several chairs. 9.Have you ________ all the doors and windows? 10.She ________ a little money from her grandfather. 答案 1.folded 2.lame 3.adjusted 4.bare 5.lost 6.assistance 7.minority 8.furnished 9.fastened 10.inherited Ⅱ.完成句子 1.请系好安全带! __________________ your seat belts! 答案 Fasten 2.你要是想赶上那班火车,咱们最好马上动身去火车站。 If you want to catch the train, we'd better __________________ for the station immediately. 答案 set off 3.我们这个城市人口超过一百万。 Our city __________________ more than one million people. 答案 has a population of 4.我们可以看到远处的大海。 We can see the sea __________________. 答案 in the distance 5.她将信对折后放进了口袋里。 She ________ the letter __________________ and put it into her pocket. 答案 folded; in half 二、阅读理解 (2015·天津卷) University Room Regulations Approved and Prohibited Items The following items are approved for use in residential (住宿的) rooms: electric blankets, hair dryers, personal computers, radios, televisions and DVD players. Items that are not allowed in student rooms include: candles, ceiling fans, fireworks, waterbeds, sun lamps and wireless routers. Please note that any prohibited items will be taken away by the Office of Residence Life. Access to Residential Rooms Students are provided with a combination (组合密码) for their room door locks upon check?in. Do not share your room door lock combination with anyone. The Office of Residence Life may change the door lock combination at any time at the expense of the resident if it is found that the student has shared the combination with others. The fee is $ 25 to change a room combination.


Cooking Policy Students living in buildings that have kitchens are only permitted to cook in the kitchen. Students must clean up after cooking. This is not the responsibility of housekeeping staff. Kitchens that are not kept clean may be closed for use. With the exception of using a small microwave oven (微波炉) to heat food, students are not permitted to cook in their rooms. Pet Policy No pets except fish are permitted in student rooms. Students who are found with pets, whether visiting or owned by the student, are subject to an initial fine of $ 100 and a continuing fine of $ 50 a day per pet. Students receive written notice when the fine goes into effect. If, one week from the date of written notice, the pet is not removed, the student is referred to the Student Court. Quiet Hours Residential buildings must maintain an atmosphere that supports the academic mission of the University. Minimum quiet hours in all campus residences are 11:00 pm to 8:00 am Sunday through Thursday. Quiet hours on Friday and Saturday nights are 1: 00 am to 8:00 am. Students who violate quiet hours are subject to a fine of $ 25. 语篇解读 本文介绍了大学住宿制度中的五项规定:允许和禁止的物品、宿舍的密码锁、做 饭的政策、养宠物的政策和保持安静的时间规定。 1.Which of the following items are allowed in student rooms? A. Ceiling fans and waterbeds. B. Wireless routers and radios. C. Hair dryers and candles. D. TVs and electric blankets. 答案与解析 D 考查细节理解。根据第一部分中的“The following items are approved for use in residential( 住宿的 ) rooms: electric blankets, hair dryers, personal computers, radios, televisions and DVD players”可知,在学生宿舍里允许使用电热毯、 电吹风、个人电脑、收音机、电视和 DVD 播放器,故选 D。 2.What if a student is found to have told his combination to others? A. The combination should be changed. B. The Office should be charged. C. He should replace the door lock. D. He should check out of the room. 答案与解析 A 考查细节理解。根据第二部分中的“The Office of Residence Life may change the door lock combination at any time at the expense of the resident if it is found that the student has shared the combination with others”可知,如果发现 学生将组合密码告诉他人,the Office of Residence Life 可以随时更改房门锁的组合密 码,费用将由学生承担,故选 A。 3.What do we know about the cooking policy? A. A microwave oven can be used. B. Cooking in student rooms is permitted. C. A housekeeper is to clean up the kitchen. D. Students are to close kitchen doors after cooking. 答案与解析 A 考查细节理解。根据第三部分中的“With the exception of using a small microwave oven (微波炉) to heat food,students are not permitted to cook in their rooms”可知,除了可以使用小的微波炉来加热食物外,不允许学生在房里做饭,由此可知 选 A。 4.If a student has kept a cat in his room for a week since the warning, he will face ________. A. parent visits B. a fine of $ 100 C. the Student Court D. a written notice

答案与解析 C 考查细节理解。根据第四部分中的“If, one week from the date of written notice, the pet is not removed, the student is referred to the Student Court” 可知,如果学生在接到书面通知后的一星期里没有移走宠物,他将被送交学生法庭处理,故 选 C。 5.When can students enjoy a party in residences? A. 7:00 am, Sunday. B. 7:30 am, Thursday. C. 11:30 pm, Monday. D. 00:30 am, Saturday. 答案与解析 D 考查细节理解。根据最后一部分中的 “Quiet hours on Friday and Saturday nights are 1:00 am to 8:00 am”可知,学生应该在周五和周六的凌晨 1:00 到 8:00 保持安静,由此可知 D 项正确。 三、完形填空 (2016·贵州七校联考) From the time I lined up my dolls on the sofa in playschool, I wanted to be a teacher. “Open your books,” I would __1__ my teddy bear and dolls. Then I would __2__ teach them whatever new things I had just __3__ at school. For me, dream was one thing, and __4__ was quite another. My family was too poor to __5__ my tuition. Finally, with others' help, I attended a state university. However, I __6__ needed more money to pay for my other expenses, so I found a part?time job, __7__ test tubes in the science department. By then I believed that every dirty test tube I washed meant I was one step closer to my __8__. When working as a substitute teacher (代课教师) in the local area, I learned they were planning to __9__ the biology teacher I had substituted for. I was sure the __10__ was meant for me. However, the principal said, “You're too __11__. This last teacher had a lot of discipline problems because of his age. We want someone older—with more __12__.” I cried all the way to work, disappointed and __13__. Suddenly, a stranger who I met by chance asked me what had happened. I told him how much I wanted to __14__ and how upset I was to be __15__ because of my age. Then I also shared some of my thoughts with him. He __16__ me, “Never lose heart. I believe you can make it.” The next morning my phone rang. It was the principal calling to offer me the __17__ position. I was totally __18__ and asked him why. He explained,“You made quite an impression on the chairman of our Board of Directors. He __19__ that you should have this position.” A few weeks later, I stood by the door of my classroom, welcoming my __20__ on their first day of school. When they were settled, I said with a smile, “Open your books.” 1.A. persuade B. calm C. instruct D. congratulate 2.A. angrily B. delightedly C. jealously D. disappointedly 3.A. found B. changed C. undertaken D. learned 4.A. advice B. interest C. schooling D. time 5.A. cover B. ignore C. forget D. plan 6.A. almost B. suddenly C. hardly D. still 7.A. decorating B. cleaning C. collecting D. producing

8.A. house B. job C. dream D. school 9.A. punish B. replace C. praise D. accept 10.A. result B. scholarship C. experiment D. position 11.A. young B. impatient C. busy D. strange 12.A. adventure B. confidence C. experience D. independence 13.A. tired B. comfortable C. nervous D. sorrowful 14.A. travel B. teach C. study D. sing 15.A. called on B. looked after C. turned down D. brought up 16.A. comforted B. ordered C. thanked D. promised 17.A. biology B. math C. English D. Chinese 18.A. selfish B. upset C. anxious D. confused 19.A. recommended B. informed C. complained D. regretted 20.A. parents B. students C. teachers D. friends 答案与解析 语篇解读 “我”的梦想是成为一名教师,家境贫寒的“我”在别人的帮助下完成了学业。 在“我”要做老师却遭到拒绝之后,遇到了一位贵人,他使“我”最终成为一名教师。 1.C “我”把玩具熊和玩偶放在沙发上当学生,“我”当老师,指导它们打开书。根据语 境可知,此处用 instruct“指导”。 2.B “我”会高兴地(delightedly)教它们“我”刚刚在学校学的新内容。 3.D 此处指“我”在学校所学到的新东西。根据空格后的“at school”可知,此处为学 习,故选 learned。 4.C 对“我”来说,梦想是一回事,学校教育是另一回事。根据下文中的“My family was too poor...a state university”可知,此处应选 C 项。advice“建议”;interest“兴 趣”;schooling“学校教育”;time“时间”。 5.A “我”家太穷了而不能支付“我”的学费。cover 此处意为“足以支付,够付”,故 选 A 项。 6.D 然而,“我”依旧需要更多的钱来支付“我”其他的开销,所以“我”找了一份兼职 工作。根据语境可知选 D 项。 7.B 根据下文中的“every dirty test tube I washed”可知,“我”找到的那份兼职工 作是清洗(cleaning)实验用的试管。 8. C 对应上文的梦想, 此处表示这时“我”认为“我”洗的每一个试管都意味着“我”离 梦想更近了一步。 9.B 当“我”做代课教师时,“我”得知学校要找老师代替那位生物老师。根据语境可知 选 B 项。 10. D “我”认为那个位置是为“我”准备的。 根据语境可知, 选 D 项, position“位置”。 11.A 根据下文中的“We want someone older”可知,校长说:“你太年轻了”。故选 A 项。 12.C 我们需要年龄大一些的,有更多经验的老师。选 C 项,experience“经验”。

13.D “我”被校长拒绝了,所以“我”一路哭着,感到失望和悲伤。根据语境可知,选 D 项,sorrowful“悲伤的”。 14.B “我”告诉他“我”多么想教书(teach)。根据语境可知选 B 项。 15.C “我”告诉他因为“我”的年龄就拒绝“我”做老师,“我”有多么的烦恼。turn down“拒绝”,符合语境。 16.A 他安慰“我”:“不要灰心,我相信你能成功”。comfort“安慰”,符合语境。 17.A 根据上文可知,“我”教的是生物,故此处选 biology。 18. D 因为“我”昨天被校长拒绝了, 现在却又被接受了, “我”感到很困惑。 confused“困 惑的”。 19.A 校委会主席推荐“我”做生物老师,根据语境可知选 A 项,recommend“推荐”。 20.B 在开学的第一天,“我”站在教室门口欢迎“我”的学生们(students)。


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