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Unit 18



Unit 18

US country music star Taylor Swift has broken all the rules on her way to stardom.

She became the first person in history to get a
No.1 country music hit before the age of 18.She has won four Grammy awards and her overall(总共的)worldwide album sales stand at more than 20 million.

Unit 18

Now Swift has broken yet another rule.She has been crowned(加冕)Billboard(《公告牌》)

magazine’s Woman of the Year and will receive
her award on December 2 in New York.The 21year- singerold songwriter is the youngest artist to receive the honor. “At the young age of 21,Taylor has already made a major(主要的)impact on music and has

Unit 18

been an amazing role model for aspiring(有抱负 的)artists and young women everywhere,”

said Bill Werde,Billboard’s editorial director.
Unlike many pop singers,especially those who do not write their own material,Swift is good at turning her ideas into beautiful lyrics. “Beneath(在??下面)Taylor Swift’s not- girl, anot- ayet- woman sweetness lurks(潜伏)a very

Unit 18

skillful songwriting technique(技巧),” writes Leah Greenblatt for Entertainment

Songwriting,as the countryand- singer pop explains,is“how I deal with problems.It’s how I cope with(处理)issues.I tend to write about things that really impact me most.”

Unit 18

“For the audience too young to have experienced

real passion or heartbreak,Swift’s songs are like
a potential road map.Her lyrics,like her peppy(活 泼的) betweensong chats,promise things will work out OK,”commented Dorian Lynskey of the Guardian.

Now Swift is getting ready to go further.Her last
album,Speak Now,came out last October.

Unit 18

According to a recent interview with The New Yorker magazine,Swift has so far

written about 10 songs for her 2012
album.Swift has said that the new album is about feelings of growing up and becoming an adult. “They’re sad,if I’m being honest,” Swift told The New Yorker.“They’re about

Unit 18

my heartbreaks and my moving on.But more importantly,they are about achieving satisfaction.You’re not always going to be ridiculously(荒谬地)happy as you grow up.”

Unit 18


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Unit 18



Unit 18




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