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Good afternoon, my dear colleagues. It’s my pleasure to stand here to share my teaching plan with you. Today I will talk about the reading passage learning a foreign Language. I divided my teaching plan into the following 6 parts. Part.1 analysis of the teaching material and students Part.2 teaching objectives Part.3 important and difficult points Part.4 teaching and learning approaches and teaching aids Part.5 teaching procedure Part.6 blackboard design Now I will explain those parts one by one in detailed. Firstly, part one analysis of the teaching material and students. This passage is mainly about the author ’s experience of learning English. It tells readers the whole process of study English from junior middle school to college and then online learning. It is known to us all that teaching is a two-way process, so in designing the teaching plan, we should take students’ study background into consideration. As for senior middle school students, they have learnt enough words and expressions and have developed some reading skills. This passage tells us the way to study English while many students are eager to find out some good ways to study English. So students will be interested in this topic and have their own ideas about this topic. Besides, the language is simple and logical,

though it is a little long for senior middle students. So students can understand the passage in the whole way. But, at the same time, it is a little difficulty for students to grasp the whole passage, because there are some new words and expressions in this passage. This passage is a challenge to students’ reading skills. Then I will analysis the teaching objectives. According to the new curriculum standard, I set three-dimensional objectives. Firstly, knowledge objective is to enable students to learn some new words and expressions in the passage, such as frustrating, intimidate, discipline, reap participate and so on. Secondly, ability objectives: 1). to enable students practice kinds of reading skills, this is, scanning, skimming, and careful reading. 2). to train students’ cooperation ability with others. Thirdly, moral objective is telling students to study a language in a proper mood and by right methods. In addition, it also encourages students to keep on studying English. Part 3 important and difficulty points According to the above analysis, the important points of this lesson are to learn new words and expressions and to train students ’ reading skills. The difficulty points are to understand the main idea of the passage and to read the whole passage.

Part4 teaching and learning approaches I will adopt task-based teaching approach, and students will learn through pair work, individual work and group work activities. Meanwhile, they are encouraged to cooperate with each other and try to explore information by discussion. I will design many kinds of activities for the students to take part in so as to make the students the real master of the class. While I myself as a director and instructor. In addition, I’ll try to create a relaxed atmosphere by speaking and discussing. I will use blackboard and multimedia as my teaching aids. Part5 teaching procedure Then I will talk about the teaching procedure. There are 5 steps. Step1 lead-in Step2 pre-reading Step3 while-reading Step4 post-reading Step5 homework Step one lead-in (3mins) I play a video which shows the importance of English in the daily life. So let students know the necessary of study English. Purpose of design: this step can make students mentally prepare for the lesson and lead the topic of this passage. Step two pre-reading (7mins)

I will ask students to discuss a question. How do you study English in the daily time? I will write down some of their answers in the blackboard and make a summary. Purpose of design: this step can make a relaxing atmosphere for learning. Students can devote their effort to our class. Step three while-reading (25mins) Task one skimming (8mins) (individual work) Read this passage as soon as possible and find out the main idea of each paragraph. Task two scanning (6mins) (pair work) Read this passage and find out the correct answers of the following questions. Task three carefully reading (11mins) (pair work) Purpose of design: this step can train students ’ reading ability and apply different kinds of reading skills. In order to make students know the whole passage well, students read this passage more than one time. Step four post-reading (10mins) group work Discussion and writing Discuss with your partners and write down a passage according to the requirements. Please introduce the experience of your English study and you can give

some advice which is about how to learn English well. And you can write down some puzzles in the English study. Then I will find out some representatives of groups to present their works. Step5 homework Lever A please write the passage titled the experience of my English study Lever B please write a passage about your own idea of English study Step 6 blackboard design On the head of the blackboard, I write down the title of this passage. On the left, I will list the discussion results. On the right, I will write down the main idea of each paragraph. In this way, students can understand the main content of this class.



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