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高一英语必修1module1 module 2单句改错专项训练


1.THis is an amusing story which makes me feel amuse. amused 2.We respect him with his honesty. for

3.He was such excited that he could hardly say a word.


4.Modern technology is amaze ,isn't it?

5.There was a boring expression on her face. bored 6.My teaching style is similar with that of most other teachers. to

7.As you can see, the number of cars on our roads keep rising these days.
keeps 8.Would you mind move for me next week? moving

9.To stop myself put on too much weight, I eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. putting 10.I'm looking forward to see you again.

11.My father likes playing golf;he's really enthusiastic with it.

12.The book gives some important informations on how to collect stamps. information

13.I feel I'm going to make a progress with her. a 14.I'll do well in the exam with Mrs Chen teaches me. teaching

15.Her method of teach is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High School.
teaching 16.Today we introduced ourself to each other. ourselves

17.My English teacher in Senior High School is a kind and handsome man calls Mr.Wu.

18.I wonder what's your attitude about the problem discussed yesterday. to/towards 19.Mrs Li just smiles, so you don't feel completely stupid.


20. A few students even admit like her.


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